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Unique features of steam life


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Unique features of steam life

  1. 1. Unique Features of Steam
  2. 2.  Unique fold up design Easy to set up Easy & convenient to use Occupy little space You can watch TV or read magazines as you enjoy the amazing spa.
  3. 3. Directions for use Assemble the Steam Life Cabin according to the diagrams attached. Connect steam pipe to the steamer pot. Fill the Steamer Pot compartment with tap water up to the indicated maximum water level. You could add a few drops of essential oils at this stage. Easy & convenient to use
  4. 4.  Connect the Steamer Pots main plug into a convenient socket. Set the timer to 15 minutes or as comfortable to you. The Steamer Pot will start producing sufficient steam for a steam bath after about 5-10 minutes. Most people choose to take a steam bath for around 10-15 minutes. Place a suitable plastic chair inside the Steam Life Cabin. Sit down and enjoy your steam bath. After use always wipe the inside of the cabin with a dry cloth. Do not put away damp
  5. 5. Caution Don’t immerse the Steamer Pot. It is not a Medical Device. In case you have any health complications, you should consult a doctor before using SteamLife SteamLife pack contains following items : Steamer Pot Steam Cabin Steam Pipe Instruction Manual
  6. 6. Specifications Commodity : Portable Steam bath Voltage : A0220/230 V(50/60Hz) Power : 750 Watts. (Approx) Capacity of Water : 1.5 L. max. Time-setting : 60 min. max.
  7. 7. Contact us Address : 7, Navratna, Asra Colony Road, Datta Pada, Borivali (East), Mumbai - 400066. INDIA. Tel : +91-22-28703900 Fax +91-22-28700935 Website :- Email:- Contact :- Mr. Ajay Joglekar , Mobile 09323255455
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