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StealthINTERCEPT Overview


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Advanced Threat Protection for your business.

StealthINTERCEPT is a real-time monitoring and enforcement solution capable of integrating with SIEM that provides policy-based security enforcement to protect an organization’s critical business assets from attackers both within and outside the organization.

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StealthINTERCEPT Overview

  1. 1. STEALTHbits Technologies, Inc. StealthINTERCEPT®
  2. 2. StealthINTERCEPT® THE MISSING LINK FOR ADVANCED DATA SECURITY Organizations are faced with the constant challenge of ensuring that only the right people have access to the right assets at the right time 1 The challenges presented by cloud, mobile and sophisticated attackers demand a new approach to security2 STEALTHbits’ integrated portfolio has new capabilities to help organizations secure data and Active Directory as a new perimeter 3 Three Takeaways
  3. 3.  Native logging kills performance  Important events easily missed  Many events not supported at all  Events inconsistent across platforms and versions  Connecting business impact to events near impossible  Before and after values supported badly or not at all  No guarantee that critical events are being logged  No centralized command and control for logging  No dependence on native logging  Supports all activity, on all platforms, with all details, all the time  Intelligent analysis allows you to be laser-focused on what’s important  Get alerted on what matters in real-time  Prevent critical changes that impact your business  Centralized command and control achieved The Benefits of Real-Time Interception
  4. 4. StealthINTERCEPT® THE MISSING LINK FOR ADVANCED DATA SECURITY Prevent Report Audit ! Alert Top Use Cases  Suspicious Behavior Detection  Account Protection  Group Protection  IT Asset Protection  Information Protection SIEM (w/ context) !
  5. 5. StealthINTERCEPT® THE MISSING LINK FOR ADVANCED DATA SECURITY  Prevent Advanced Threats o Determine brute force attacks and block them before the damage is done o Alert on suspicious activity to critical data  Enhance Your Administrative Model o Prevent administrators from accessing restricted data o Extend native security capabilities  Protect Your Critical Business Assets o Monitor and prevent changes to critical Group Policies and OUs o Alert and block improper access to critical files Advanced Threat Detection Enhanced Administrative Model Critical Business Asset Protection Active Directory Exchange File Shares Servers SharePointDesktops StealthINTERCEPT®
  6. 6. StealthINTERCEPT® THE MISSING LINK FOR ADVANCED DATA SECURITY Top Reports Group Membership Changes Security Policy Enforcement Changes – GPO’s Horizontal Movement of Accounts Privileged Group Modifications Domain Controller & Server Physical Access Detection Security Changes on Folders and Files Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Breaches SIEM Integration
  7. 7. StealthINTERCEPT® THE MISSING LINK FOR ADVANCED DATA SECURITY  Attend a Demo o Next Steps  Request a Trial o  Learn More o  Ask Us a Question o