Mature, Episode 4: Neal's Coworkers


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Mature, Episode 4: Neal's Coworkers

  1. 1. Mature "Neal's Coworkers" Written by Bryan Kett episode 004
  2. 2. Mature "Neal's Coworkers" 1. INT. BAR - EVENING NEAL, BRENT, and ZACH enter a bustling bar and survey their surroundings. NEAL I really don’t need this, you guys. BRENT Nonsense. Blow off some steam. I’ll grab some drinks. Brent exits. ZACH Fresh air, or, you know, stale, beerfilled air. It’s good for what ails you. (beat) Oh my God, “ails you”? “Beer”? Ales and beer? That’s amazing. Brent returns holding two beers. BRENT They’ve got a pretty wide selection. ZACH No worries, this is fine. Zach takes one of the two beers Brent is holding. Brent glares at him. ZACH (CONT’D) All right. I’ve got to go find this jukebox. My buddy Sharky told me it’s the best in the city. NEAL You have a friend named Sharky? ZACH His name’s Steve, but he goes by Sharky. BRENT (snidely) Dare I ask why? ZACH Um, because he likes sharks. A lot.
  3. 3. Mature "Neal's Coworkers" CONTINUED: 2. BRENT How imaginative. ZACH He was also bitten by a shark. NEAL Seriously? That’s amazingZACH And his eyes are on either side of his head. They’re wicked far apart. Like a hammerhead. BRENT Who are your friends? ZACH Bunch of reasons why he’s Sharky, actually. All right. Jukebox time. Zach exits. Brent shakes his head and hands Neal his beer. They sit at a table. BRENT So what’s got you down? NEAL I don’t know what to say, work’s rough. INT. SCHOOL CLASSROOM - MORNING Neal walks into a science classroom holding his briefcase and a stack of papers. He sets them on the front desk. NEAL (V.O.) The day always starts out just fine. Neal breathes a sigh and sips a cup of coffee. NEAL (V.O.) But then it always goes downhill when the kids show up. A bell rings and a horde of high school students scramble into his classroom. NEAL All right, today, we’re going to talk about DNA. More like “DN-A Very Interesting Topic”.
  4. 4. Mature "Neal's Coworkers" CONTINUED: Nerd! 3. STUDENT (O.S.) INT. SCHOOL TEACHER’S LOUNGE - AFTERNOON Neal stands with a sack lunch and surveys other teachers sitting around. NEAL (V.O.) And it doesn’t get any better with coworkers. The cool teachers don’t even know I exist. Three young teachers, DAVE, LANCE, and KRISTA, walk towards Neal. Neal looks up in hopeful anticipation. The three teachers hand him their empty cafeteria trays and keep walking. INT. BAR - MOMENTS LATER Neal and Brent sit at the table. Neal finishes his beer. BRENT That’s rough man, but I’m sure it’ll get better. The first year teaching is always the harshest. So they say. Who’s they? NEAL BRENT You know, them. They’re out there. Neal freezes and locks his eyes on the door. Dave, Lance, and Krista enter. NEAL Oh my God. It’s them. BRENT I was just blowing smoke, Neal. I really don’t know who they are. Brent turns around to look. BRENT (CONT’D) Wait, is there really someone here? NEAL The cool teachers. I mean, Krista’s in her third year. (beat) Let’s go. Let’s run out the back.
  5. 5. Mature "Neal's Coworkers" CONTINUED: 4. BRENT What? No, way. Man up, bro. Dude. Brent waves over Dave, Lance, and Krista. NEAL What are you doing!? Neal hides behind a beer menu. Dave, Lance, and Krista approach. NEAL (CONT’D) Oh, look at this one. I love these hops. I tell ya. I’m very hoppy about this selectionNeal turns to the three who approached the table. NEAL (CONT’D) Oh, hey guys. What’s up? I’m Neal, Neal Sharpe. I also teach at Mittner. DAVE Oh, right on. Hi. Sup? KRISTA LANCE NEAL Oh, you know. Just living the dream. What about y’all? What about you all? What about? Hmm? DAVE Just blowing off some steam. Brutal week. Brent clears his throat. NEAL I’m sorry, I forgot. This is my friend Brent. BRENT It’s a pleasure. “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” by Guns N’ Roses starts blasting. Everyone at the table turns to the jukebox where Zach is standing. He gives them a thumbs up.
  6. 6. Mature "Neal's Coworkers" CONTINUED: (2) 5. NEAL Would you guys care to join us? The cool teachers look around for another open table, see nothing, shrug, and sit down. Brent leans over to Neal. BRENT (whispering) Don’t worry man, I can wow them. NEAL Please don’t? Brent waves Neal off and leans in to the other three sitting at the table. BRENT You guys change lives. I get that. Yeah? KRISTA BRENT You bet. I change lives, too. DAVE Are you in education or medicine? BRENT Well, neither. They scoff. BRENT (CONT’D) Well, I’m kind of education, I guess? I’m interning at a law firm now. So I like to think that I’m teaching as much as I’m learning. Brent leans back with a smug look on his face. LANCE How is that teaching? KRISTA What does that even mean? Brent reaches for an empty pint glass and tries to drink out of it. He plays it off. NEAL So, Brent and I have known each other since grade school.
  7. 7. Mature "Neal's Coworkers" CONTINUED: (3) Oh yeah? 6. DAVE The song “Stuck in the Middle With You” blasts from the jukebox. Brent turns, eyes wide, to Zach who is rocking out. LANCE Did you see that new curriculum that Sanders submitted? It was... KRISTA It was what? LANCE Uninspired. He wanted to do a unit on problem based learning and didn’t even to assess prior knowledge. Everyone laughs heartily, Neal included. Brent laughs late and keeps laughing after everyone stops. BRENT Oh, my. That is ridiculous. KRISTA Do you even know what we’re talking about? BRENT Sure. I went to high school. They scoff. BRENT (CONT’D) I saw Stand and Deliver. Dave shakes his head. Brent looks to Neal who shrugs his shoulders and tries not to make eye contact. BRENT (CONT’D) I also saw Dangerous Minds. Everyone stares blankly at him. BRENT (CONT’D) No? Coolio? Gangster’s Paradise? Brent turns and looks to Zach at the jukebox. “Fantastic Voyage” by Coolio starts blasting. Brent stands up. BRENT (CONT’D) (yelling) Really, Zach? (MORE)
  8. 8. Mature "Neal's Coworkers" CONTINUED: (4) BRENT (CONT’D) I tee it up and this is what I get? You’re just being spiteful, because you know what? Everyone knows Gangster’s Paradise is a far better song. You know what? I’m gonna to take the high road. Something you wouldn’t know much about. Everyone is staring blankly at him. BRENT (CONT’D) (stammering) Who needs a drink? I need a drink. Yes? Beers? Beers. Sounds great. Brent leans in next to Neal. BRENT (CONT’D) (whispering to Neal) I’m so sorry. I’m on this. Brent turns to the group. Excuse me. BRENT (CONT’D) “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode starts playing. Brent grits his teeth and walks away. DAVE So how’s your year going, Neal? NEAL Oh, great. Uh, super great. LANCE Really? My first year was terrible. Only thing that got me through it was drinking heavily. Ditto. KRISTA NEAL I’m losing it. KRISTA It gets better. And if you ever want to hang out and talk, or drink, or whatever, we’re all in the neighborhood. 7.
  9. 9. Mature "Neal's Coworkers" CONTINUED: (5) 8. NEAL That’d be really great. Thanks. DAVE People don’t realize how hard teaching is. They only hear about the perks, summers off and stuff. Brent returns holding 5 beers. BRENT Okay, party people. Here’s another bonus for all of you, beers from a business tycoon. Brent puts down the beers. LANCE (cautiously) What do you mean, “another” bonus? BRENT You know, lots of stuff, summers offDAVE We earn out breaks. “Hey Stoopid” by Alice Cooper starts blasting from the jukebox. BRENT Excuse me for one moment. Brent exits and walks over to Zach in the b.g. where Zach is rocking out. Krista, Dave, and Lance take their beers and stand up. DAVE We’re gonna run. Neal, see you Monday. NEAL Sounds great. I didn’t even think you knew how I was, let alone if you liked me. KRISTA Compared to that guy? She motions over to Brent who is flailing his arms wildly and hitting buttons on the jukebox. KRISTA (CONT’D) What a doucher. You’re just fine.
  10. 10. Mature "Neal's Coworkers" CONTINUED: (6) 9. They exit. Brent returns. BRENT Sorry about that. Had to take care of business, you know? Brent cracks his knuckles and looks around. BRENT (CONT’D) Where’d they go? NEAL They had to run. BRENT Bummer. I was just warming up. Brent exhales and takes a long sip from his beer. “Fuck You” by Cee-Lo Green starts to play. Brent smiles, slowly sets down his beer, and then quickly walks over to the jukebox. BRENT (O.S.) (CONT’D) Damn it, Zach! Neal shakes his head and drinks his beer. END OF ACT