Website Redux: February Update for Library Staff


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Presentation for library staff on February 3rd, 2014, sharing updates on the project.

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  • We are also out of alignment with campus, the campus directory has old team acronyms, like FAH and UGST.
  • Quotes: “Getting a map of where everything is. Having it be searchable. Tie it to call number.”
  • We are also out of alignment with campus, the campus directory has old team acronyms, like FAH and UGST.
  • We are also out of alignment with campus, the campus directory has old team acronyms, like FAH and UGST.
  • Too much policy info (but also: not enough policy info)Instructions being in multiple placesHow do I section, inconsistent, constrained FOL/membership policies/Software pagesHoursReserving a room (am/pm confusion)Call number guide
  • Difficulty searching digital collections
  • Difficulty searching digital collections
  • Difficulty searching digital collections
  • Ability to embed videoAbility to browse videos we haveReal-time info for study spacesMore prominent marketing/news info (x2)List of software on laptopsApply for jobs online (students)Content linked to academic year milestones/datesGreater prominence for Special Collections (including at point of need)Integrate Special Collections location/hours/parking info into main library websiteNeed for more granular data about our users use of website (i.e. database use)Highlighting staff accomplishmentsIntegrate regular circulation and ILL Integrated way for customers to submit info (differing teams, UA vitae, etc.)More visuals!Portal for undergrads, grads, facultyCustomizable library pages?Portal for library staffTutorial for how to use website/catalogIntegrating site search with SummonAuto suggest for searchSearchable map tied to call numbers/catalog
  • Shoshana
  • Almost everyone said yes, but noted that they either don’t have enough time or aren’t doing as much as they think they should be. A few people were very enthusiastic about their role, noting it was a highlight of their jobs. Everyone said it was reflected in their job description or goals in some way.
  • One of the major challenges was time and prioritizing with other work. The library has approved the purchase of new tool SiteImprove that will help content managers keep track of their pages.Checks links and can tell you which pages are highest priority for needing link updatesSitewide spellcheck – can be customized based on library style guidelinesCan create custom groups of pages for content managers
  • Examples:Hours application vs. print brochureSoftware pagesFloor maps (PDF links)
  • Standards: Checklist helpful, standards used more in the beginningHard to internalize, perhaps easier access at point of needWorkflows:Many have not used these/know they existGeneral process being followed, but many exceptionsIssue of what happens if Rebecca not here (Shoshana can now publish new pages)Deleted pages, sometimes don’t get deleted – we will look at and tweak the process
  • Specific issues:Copying and pasting text (multiple options for this but not all work)Table formatting – difficult and often not what you expect. At least one manager uses Dreamweaver as a workaround.Hard to format text (bullets and spacing)Images are challenging, especially to get them in the right spotUploading images, PDFs, and other mediaLack of spell check
  • A few people mentioned difficulties knowing how to organize content and writing for the web, noting that trainings are helpful and could occur more frequently.
  • Easy to use: easy access to (online) materials & librarian contact; audio materialsAccessible: open on holidays, easy to find infoWelcoming/comfy: natural light/lighting, art on the walls, air flowFlexible: movable furniture, different spaces based on noise levelMostly said these are things we are not doing now (even for some services we already offer…)
  • What does it all mean??
  • Website Redux: February Update for Library Staff

    1. 1. RE DUX Brown Bag Update | February 3rd, 2014
    2. 2. Meeting with Teams: The themes we’re hearing.
    3. 3. Staff Directory Team names don’t mean anything. Who are these people? What do they do? And who do I contact for…?
    4. 4. “ Staff Directory Our website is bad at finding out who does what. People don’t know who to contact. I get phone calls just because my name is high on the list. It is too many clicks. Sometimes I wish there was more info about the people, I don’t know who to contact. ”
    5. 5. Call Number Locations It’s complicated and takes a lot of steps.
    6. 6. “ Call Number Locations The call number guide is really clunky – info that’s hard to deal with. Lots of exceptions. Getting a map of where everything is. Have it be searchable. Tie it to call number. ”
    7. 7. WorldCat Local Confusion on what this big search box does, especially when it pulls up things we don’t have, or when users think it includes a site search.
    8. 8. “ WorldCat Local They don’t know what World Cat is. Think they are searching what we have right now. They think it is searching the whole UA site or the whole library site. We have to direct them to use “search the site.” People think WorldCat Local is our catalog. That is what they see, that is right there. They think it is us. People still have problem finding our catalog. In instruction when talking about catalog, I have to be very explicit on how to get there. And they still go to the World Cat search box. ”
    9. 9. “ Site Search The relevance seems wrong, there are things that should be there that don’t show up. I try site search and I get everything in the repository.
    10. 10. “ Users don’t know where to start People not knowing where to start… too many options. Undergrads have a hard time navigating where to go. Not sure which place to look. ”
    11. 11. “ Website not intuitive, navigation confusing Don’t use library resources at all last couple of years. When I tried to use it and find a resource, had a rough time. Took much longer than it should have. Not intuitive. Once you suggest how to use the navigation they are happy to use it, but it requires training.
    12. 12. Trouble getting direct access to fulltext “ I receive a lot of requests for things we own electronically. This leads me to believe they are not finding full text of articles in World Cat. Direct access to full text. Having to click through and navigate. Users don’t know how to interpret citation. ”
    13. 13. “ Things are hidden People don’t realize the wealth of information in the drop-down menus. The stuff on what is going on in the library is so small. Need a bigger presence for marketing. ”
    14. 14. Things are hidden Employment Video streaming Software pages My account Floor maps Friends of the library Suggest a purchase Digital collections Billing info/appeal form Special Collections Interlibrary loan Call number locations
    15. 15. “ Website content is too complex/confusing Too much policy and process information. Too many calls to action. Too many options. For example, Service s A-Z. ”
    16. 16. Confusion between things My Account vs. Illiad “ they go to “my account” for ILL but it’s a different system ”
    17. 17. Confusion between things “ We get questions about difference between UAiR and the campus repository.
    18. 18. We need to better highlight things News Trial databases New resources This isn’t cutting it.
    19. 19. Wish List • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ability to embed video Ability to browse videos we have Real-time info for study spaces More prominent marketing/news info (x2) List of software on laptops Apply for jobs online (students) Content linked to academic year milestones/dates Greater prominence for Special Collections (including at point of need) Integrate Special Collections location/hours/parking info into main library website Need for more granular data about our users use of website (i.e. database use) Highlighting staff accomplishments Integrate regular circulation and ILL Integrated way for customers to submit info (differing teams, UA vitae, etc.) More visuals! Portal for undergrads, grads, faculty Customizable library pages? Portal for library staff Tutorial for how to use website/catalog Integrating site search with Summon Auto suggest for search Searchable map tied to call numbers/catalog
    20. 20. Thanks to your feedback, we plan to: - Make big improvements to the staff directory (#5389) - Make it easier to find location by call number (#5553) - Improve the search process (site: #5467, main: #5554) - Create a better way to highlight timely content (#5463) We’re also re-doing the information architecture and a lot of the content, making things less confusing and easier to find.
    21. 21. Meeting with content managers: The themes we’re hearing.
    22. 22. “ Do you like your role? I love it, when I get a chance to do it. Yes, but I think I’m doing a poor job as one. I don’t do a lot of maintenance of the pages. Yes, but I don’t get to do much. ”
    23. 23. Prioritizing our time “ It’s a time issue and things slip through the cracks.
    24. 24. Managing content (smarter) “ Having to update in more than one place means I’m more likely to miss something.
    25. 25. Integrating standards “ Anything you could do to make them less onerous would be good, to make them more automatic in Drupal.
    26. 26. “ Building a better Drupal Drupal is so simple. I love Drupal. I don’t have to know any code. The Drupal editor is kind of clunky
    27. 27. Train early. Train often. “ Since I don’t do the work all that often, I forget things. I wouldn’t mind doing the trainings again.
    28. 28. Point People: Who we’re going to be talking to real soon.
    29. 29. Item Primary Point Person Debra Rodriquez Campus Repository Kimberly Chapman Carrier Gabrielle Sykes-Casavant Catalog/WEBPAC Laurie Eagleson Code.library Mike Hagedon Content.library Erika Castano ContentDM “front ends” Erika Castano Continuing Status and Promotion Mike Hagedon Coutts PDA Steve Bosch Data Management Chris Kollen Database of Databases Jason Dewland Database of Tutorials Elizabeth Kline Dibs Travis Teetor
    30. 30. Item Primary Point Person Digital Collections page Kimberly Chapman and Erika Castano Dynamic Web Exhibits (Omeka) Kimberly Chapman and Erika Castano eSlip Nina Madrid Fair Use Checklist Dan Lee Giving to the Libraries Debra Rodriguez Government Documents Atifa Rawan Hill Collection Michelle Monroe-Menjugas Hours Kristen Powell Illiad Scott Cossel Intranet Kent Duyree LibAnswers Cindy Elliott and Travis Teetor Librarh3lp Rae Swedenburg Library Tools Tab Elizabeth Kline
    31. 31. Item Primary Point Person LRO Leslie Sult Mobile website Rebecca Blakiston News & Events Gabrielle Sykes-Casavant Send Us Feedback Chestalene Pintozzi SerrialsSolutions – 360 Link Laurie Eagleson SerialsSolutions – Ejournal portal Laurie Eagleson Southwest Etext Electronic Center Erika Castano Special Collections Erika Castano Spending Reduction Karen Williams? Staff Directory Edie Batiste Static Exhibits Erika Castano Summon Cheryl Cuillier Tutorials Yvonne Mery
    32. 32. Item Primary Point Person UAiR Dan Lee and Erika Castano Video Voting Nicole Pagowsky Wclstats Steve Bosch? Web Stats Dashboard Chestalene Pintozzi
    33. 33. Our identity: What you told us. What they told us.
    34. 34. We will capture your ideas then send to all staff for a sort. helpful friendly Who we are reliable fun people-focused traditional unmoving fun
    35. 35. 45 staff members did our online sorting exercise Who we are Who we’d like to be knowledgeable friendly helpful academic customer-focused easy-to-use cutting-edge consistent engaging people-focused
    36. 36. 45 staff members did our online sorting exercise Who we’re not Terms we were less sure of exclusive old school traditional quirky funny witty cool hip
    37. 37. What students are saying. Focused on physical space. Defined ideal library as: Easy to use Accessible and available Welcoming/comfortable Flexible Four participants wanted access to popular/ fiction books.
    38. 38. Next steps… helpful friendly Who we are reliable fun people-focused traditional unmoving fun Sorting exercise with library customers. Or?
    39. 39. Focus Groups in February
    40. 40. Modelling Structured Content
    41. 41. Conduct a Content Audit
    42. 42. Start Tackling the Applications
    43. 43. Brown Bags moving to Wednesdays Next Brown Bag: Wednesday, March 5th 12-1pm. Room A314.
    44. 44. We have a blog
    45. 45. Questions Main Website Redux