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Content Strategy


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Keynote presentation delivered online as part of Library Journal's Digital UX Workshop: Crafting Exceptional Digital Experiences for the User-Centered Library. November 3, 2015.

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Content Strategy

  1. 1. content STRATEGYRebecca Blakiston 11.3.15
  2. 2. hello! ux librarian facilitator project manager user researcher content fanatic Developing a Content Strategy for an Academic Library Website, Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship, 25(3), 175-191, 2013.
  3. 3. content is MESSY
  4. 4. Content strategy plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content. Kristina Halvorson
  5. 5. audit strategize create sustain content
  6. 6. AUDIT & ANALYZEfigure out what currently exists and where, who's doing what, and where you want to go
  7. 7. Drupal web pages LibGuides tutorials web exhibits define scope blog posts catalog social media databases
  8. 8. create a spreadsheet include columns for qualitative analysis, like relevancy, accuracy, SEO, and usage data
  9. 9. identify and analyze every piece of content
  10. 10. outline the structure of your website use URLs to identify tiers of structure and your current information architecture notice parents, children, and siblings of content - what makes sense, what doesn't
  11. 11. share what you find
  12. 12. clean up weird stuff that you find
  13. 13. identify who does what, and when and how they do it
  14. 14. define your users' goals
  15. 15. define organizational goals
  16. 16. find where they intersect users' goals organizational goals
  17. 17. STRATEGIZE & IMPLEMENT create roles, responsibilities, workflows, and methods for accountability
  18. 18. document roles & responsibilities requestor provider manager reviewer publisher strategist editor
  19. 19. create sustainable workflows creating a page updating a page deleting a page
  20. 20. create editorial standards just one period after punctuation no italics no underlines no ALL CAPS don't spell out URLs use standard terms and capitalization
  21. 21. establish a voice and tone Reassuring, but not paternalistic. Inspiring, but not cheerlead-y. Fun, but not cheeky. Academic, but not highbrow. from the University of Arizona Libraries
  22. 22. CREATE & SUSTAIN support the entire lifecycle of content and adapt your strategy over time
  23. 23. communicate & iterate keep administrators in the loop meet regularly with content managers build trust and be flexible
  24. 24. provide resources & training expectations & accountability standards & style guides workflows & processes writing for the web web analytics tools for managing the work
  25. 25. expand the scope focusing first on areas with biggest impact
  26. 26. use technology enforce editorial standards create structured content that keeps things up to date relate content using a content model
  27. 27. time for QUESTIONS Rebecca Blakiston @blakistonr