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A Human-Centered Strategy for Advancing Library Value


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Keynote presentation for the Michigan Academic Library Association Annual Conference. #mialaac19

Academic libraries are essential contributors to the higher education mission, supporting student success, faculty research productivity, and community engagement. And as the role of the academic library evolves, we are given countless opportunities to provide value through ever-transforming spaces, technology, collections, programs, and services that meet the needs and expectations of our students and faculty. Even with resource constraints, our options are unlimited, and our potential is huge. In this presentation, we’ll discuss ways the modern academic library is positioned to provide unique and significant value to our campus communities. Applying a user experience framework, let’s challenge ourselves to ask: how might we assess, iterate on, and build upon our value by focusing in on what really matters the most?

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A Human-Centered Strategy for Advancing Library Value

  1. 1. A Human-Centered Strategy for Advancing Library Value Rebecca Blakiston @blakistonr #MiALAAC19
  2. 2. ideas & knowledge information technology connections exploration & inquiry academic library role #MiALAAC19
  3. 3. #MiALAAC19 The problem with* libraries is we can do almost anything. * opportunity for
  4. 4. where to focus? #MiALAAC19
  5. 5. #MiALAAC19 understand create validate
  6. 6. understand our users’ motivations, goals, and challenges #MiALAAC19
  7. 7. “ Emotional empathy. It’s reflexive. Emotional empathy is something that happens to you. - Indy Young, author of Practical Empathy #MiALAAC19
  8. 8.
  9. 9. “ Cognitive empathy. It’s understanding how another person thinks. It’s seeking out to understand their guiding principles. It’s wanting to… understand them in terms of being able to support them better. - Indy Young, author of Practical Empathy #MiALAAC19
  10. 10.
  11. 11. says thinks does feels
  12. 12. says thinks does feels “I’ve got this.” “I might be in over my head.” Studies at every free moment Overcommitted and overwhelmed
  13. 13. § user interviews § empathy maps § immersion § observational studies § diary studies #MiALAAC19
  14. 14. “ Cultural humility. We will never be the experts of another’s experience, only our own. We will all make mistakes, but that doesn’t stop us form continually moving in the direction of greater equity. - Cole Eskridge, universal design consultant #MiALAAC19
  15. 15. says thinks does feels
  16. 16. how might we... discover what matters most to the people we serve? #MiALAAC19
  17. 17. create solutions that address real human needs #MiALAAC19
  18. 18. § visualize § prototype § experiment § iterate § build on ideas #MiALAAC19
  19. 19. #MiALAAC19
  20. 20. teaching digital literacies library + university priorities solving grand challenges engaging the world #MiALAAC19
  21. 21. user needs org goals focus here
  22. 22. how might we... design better solutions for the people we serve? #MiALAAC19
  23. 23. validate that our solutions are useful, sustainable, and impactful #MiALAAC19
  24. 24. § concept testing § impression testing § preference surveys § A/B testing § usability testing #MiALAAC19
  25. 25. 25
  26. 26. how might we... have a long-lasting impact on the people we serve? #MiALAAC19
  27. 27. #MiALAAC19 understand create validate juggle share fail rethink
  28. 28. success for students enrichment for the community impact for researchers #MiALAAC19
  29. 29. How might we support… Student success inquiry and learning in a rapidly changing world? Researcher productivity creative endeavor, scholarly communication, and the global academic community? Community enrichment lifelong learning and social, cultural, and economic impact? Wildideashere
  30. 30. 1. Student Success supporting inquiry and learning in a rapidly changing world #MiALAAC19
  31. 31. “I use library resources to find study materials that help me prepare for upcoming tests and projects.” Kairat
  32. 32. future-oriented self-conscious stressed
  33. 33. says thinks does feels
  34. 34. belonging “am I welcome here?” #MiALAAC19
  35. 35. “ Belonging. Many thousands of students are capable of succeeding in college but don’t because they don’t feel like they belong, or don’t believe they can succeed. - Gregory Walton, Stanford Psychologist #MiALAAC19
  36. 36. #MiALAAC19 UNC Charlotte Atkins Library
  37. 37. health “I worry about my mental and physical wellbeing” #MiALAAC19
  38. 38. 3 out of 4 have experienced a stressful life event in the last year 70% get insufficient sleep 50% experience daytime sleepiness #MiALAAC19 Depression & Anxiety, 2018 Nature & Science of Sleep, 2014
  39. 39. University of Arizona University of Maryland Northwestern University University of Wisconsin
  40. 40. financial stability “I wish college was more affordable” #MiALAAC19
  41. 41. $30k average student loan debt 69% stressed about their finances in general 43% worry about paying monthly expenses #MiALAAC19 Study on Collegiate Financial Wellness, 2017
  42. 42. job preparation “how can I get the skills I need for my career?” #MiALAAC19
  43. 43. “ Fourth industrial revolution. What should we be studying and learning if more than 65% of the jobs that will be available in 10 – 15 years don’t exist today? - Elatia Abate, entrepreneur #MiALAAC19
  44. 44. North Carolina State Libraries
  45. 45. #MiALAAC19 Arizona Western College
  46. 46. how might we... empower students with the tools, skills, and mindset for a lifetime of success? #MiALAAC19
  47. 47. wild idea space d
  48. 48. 2. Researcher Productivity supporting creative endeavor, scholarly communication, and the global academic community #MiALAAC19
  49. 49. “My hopes and dreams? To work less than 100 hours per week. Finding time to work on my research is a challenge.” Sam
  50. 50. overwhelmed passionate driven
  51. 51. expertise “How can I find experts and collaborators?” #MiALAAC19
  52. 52. “ Interdisciplinary research. Cross-disciplinary thinking is critical…to be able to make a positive impact in our mission to change lives, change organizations, and change the world. - Anat Admati, Stanford Business Professor #MiALAAC19
  53. 53. University of Arizona #MiALAAC19
  54. 54. #MiALAAC19 MIT Libraries
  55. 55. research data “How do I manage and preserve all my data?” #MiALAAC19
  56. 56. “ Data explosion. The past decade has given birth to a data explosion; data are now captured and shared at unprecedented levels. - Patricia Mabry, National Institutes of Health #MiALAAC19
  57. 57. Johns Hopkins Libraries
  58. 58. publishing “How can I expand the impact of my research?” #MiALAAC19
  59. 59. 2/3 favor an open access publication model 6/10 very interested in using OER #MiALAAC19 Ithaka S+R US Faculty Survey, 2018
  60. 60. #MiALAAC19
  61. 61. Indiana University Bloominton Libraries
  62. 62. how might we... support researchers in addressing the world’s grand challenges? #MiALAAC19
  63. 63. wild idea space d
  64. 64. 3. Community Enrichment supporting lifelong learning and social, cultural, and economic impact #MiALAAC19
  65. 65. “I would like to learn new things and collaboratively play around.” Esmeralda #MiALAAC19
  66. 66. community-oriented open-minded curious #MiALAAC19
  67. 67. lifelong learning “I’m excited to learn something new” #MiALAAC19
  68. 68. “ We must continue the relationship between the academy and the community. - Javier Duran, Confluence Center for Creative Inquiry #MiALAAC19
  69. 69. Confluence Center Show & Tell University of Arizona
  70. 70. preparing youth “let’s ensure our children are set up for success” #MiALAAC19
  71. 71. #MiALAAC19 Buford Middle School
  72. 72. local economy “let’s improve quality of life in our community” #MiALAAC19
  73. 73. TechTown, Detroit
  74. 74. local partnerships “let’s pull our resources together” #MiALAAC19
  75. 75. Women’s Hackathon, University of Arizona
  76. 76. how might we... sustain and strengthen our local communities? #MiALAAC19
  77. 77. wild idea space d
  78. 78. how might we... improve experiences for Kairat, Sam, and Esmeralda?
  79. 79. how might we... advance library value, one decision at a time?
  80. 80. thank you Stay in touch @blakistonr Image and icon credits • Pixabay • Gender Spectrum Collection • The Doodle Library