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St. Demetrios Strategic Plan 2013-14

2013-2014 Strategic Plan
St. Demetrios Church
Perth Amboy, NJ

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St. Demetrios Strategic Plan 2013-14

  1. 1. St. Demetrios Strategic Plan 2013-2014 St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church Perth Amboy, New Jersey ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY1
  2. 2. St. Demetrios MISSION, VISION, VALUES MISSION The Mission of St. Demetrios Church is to continually create a sacred community, sharing faith, wisdom and love all dedicated to serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ whom with the Father we shall worship and glorify in all that we say, do and feel. We seek to inspire a commitment among our members, to one and other, to the greater Orthodox community and the Pan Christians of the world through the study of the bible, observance of the liturgy, receiving the communion of salvation, and performing by word, deed and thought our love of God from this time and forever more. ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 2
  3. 3. St. Demetrios MISSION, VISION, VALUES VISION The St. Demetrios community will be a warm, welcoming and socially responsible congregation of Orthodox Christians who pray, learn and grow. We will be inspired by the Christian martyrs such as our Patron St. Demetrios, Άγιος Δημήτριος της Θεσσαλονίκης, who was fervent in his faith and inspired many to Christianity, while helping others, such as helping the young Christian Nestor to overcome all odds in his single combat with the giant Lyaeus. ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 3
  5. 5. St. Demetrios WORSHIP (Liturgia) “He that eats flesh and drinks my blood dwells in me, and I in him.” (John 6:56)  WORSHIP (Liturgia) refers to our relationship with God through prayer, worship and the sacramental life. It is through Liturgia that we actually experience and get to personally know the personal Godhead — who is the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, “the Trinity, one in essence, and undivided". How and why each practicing Orthodox Christian worships God is an essential question that each must be resolved if he is to be a true member of Christ's Church.  The Divine Liturgy and the Sacraments of the Orthodox Church provide basic spiritual nourishment, but they must become a meaningful personal experience for the worshipper, and not simply an empty form.  Liturgia, then, means encouraging and developing a penetrating program for spiritual growth, both as individuals and as groups. All other dimensions of Christian life depend on this. Man does not live by bread alone, but must seek and come to Christ, be nourished by Him and confess Him as Lord. ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 5
  6. 6. St. Demetrios WITNESS (Martyria): MANIFESTING THE FAITH “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me." (Matthew 16-24)  Worship is just the beginning. Man is both a spiritual and a physical being, and therefore the spiritual reality is expressed through the physical world. We cannot only have faith, we must also exemplify it in our life.  WITNESS (Martyria) is the living and witnessing of Christianity to others within the faith, to those who may have left the faith, and to those outside the faith, by sharing and actually living the Gospel Of Jesus Christ.  Witness (Martyria) is the logical extension of worship (Liturgia). If we are united with God, we will certainly reflect Him in our daily life. ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 6
  7. 7. St. Demetrios SERVICE (Diakonia): MINISTERING THE FAITH “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me." (Matthew 25:37-40)  Christ came not to be served, but to serve, and He urges us to do the same. We can live in the image of God by loving and serving mankind. Orthodox Christians, and especially young adults and adults, may use their respective "charismata" (God-given grace/gifts/talents) to be kind and merciful just as Christ was when He walked among the sick, the poor, and the down-trodden … and extended His holy hand.  We all share in the mission of the Church, working side by side together with the ordained priest. SERVICE is lay ministry.  Each person is blessed with unique God-given talents, and each person is called by God to offer their very life, in love and thanksgiving, and to use their talents, not to bury them in the sand. Diakonia is a call to each Orthodox Christian to energetically participate in the active ministry of the Church. ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 7
  8. 8. St. Demetrios FELLOWSHIP (Koinonia) “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment, and the second is like it, you shall love your neighbor as yourself, on these two commandments depend all the law and the prophets." (Matthew 22:37-40)  In Fellowship (Koinonia) we are one.  FELLOWSHIP refers to the way in which the Orthodox Christian brings his faith into his daily and social life.  We begin to realize and become aware that Christ is the focal point of all our activities and relationships with one another. Our love for Christ and our faith in the Holy Spirit begins to guide us as we center our lives around loving one another the way Christ loves us, unconditionally, unselfishly, and wholeheartedly.  INSPIRED by Father Michael Lewis. ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 8
  9. 9. St. Demetrios What It Is — and Isn’t: A STRATEGIC PLAN. A Strategic Plan is a tool that provides guidance in fulfilling a mission with maximum efficiency and impact. If it is to be effective and useful, it should articulate specific goals and describe the action steps and resources needed to accomplish them. As a rule, most strategic plans should be reviewed and revamped every three to five years. ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 9
  10. 10. St. Demetrios Strategic Vs. Operating Plan An Operating Plan is a coordinated set of tasks for carrying out the goals delineated in a strategic plan. It thus goes into greater detail than the strategic plan from which it is derived, spelling out time frames and the roles of individual staff and board members, for example. It also has a shorter horizon than a strategic plan — usually one fiscal year. ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 10
  11. 11. St. Demetrios Strategic vs. Business Plan A Business plan is typically focused on the actions and investment necessary to generate income from a specific program or service. A business plan includes information about an organization’s products, competitive environment and revenue assumptions. ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 11
  12. 12. St. Demetrios 10 Key Steps to Successful Strategic Planning for Non-Profits 1. A clear and comprehensive grasp of external opportunities and challenges. 2. A realistic and comprehensive assessment of the organization’s strengths and limitations. 3. An inclusive approach. 4. An empowered planning committee. 5. Involvement of senior leadership. ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 12
  13. 13. St. Demetrios 10 Key Steps Continued 6. Sharing of responsibility by board and staff members. 7. Learning from best practices. 8. Clear priorities and an implementation plan. 9. Patience. 10. A commitment to change. ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 13
  14. 14. St. Demetrios SWOT ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 14 Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats SWOT Analysis
  15. 15. St. Demetrios SWOT ANALYSIS ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 15 Strengths • People willing to try • New board elected • Strong surveyed belief Weaknesses • Past Successive failure • Disunity • Neg. worship Objectives • Retool and task • Target Funding • Planned Funding Threats • Inflexible new programs • Chronic deficits • Fiscal overspending
  18. 18. St. Demetrios ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 18 Board Steward- ship Ways & Means Legal & Insurance Budget & Finance Commun- ications Admin/St affing Church Services Education Ministry & Outreach Physical Plant
  19. 19. St. Demetrios 10 standing committees: Infrastructure for stability 1. STEWARDSHIP Provides for the operating expenses for the church. 2. WAYS & MEANS Meeting church wide need through revenue raising, dance festivals, raffles, and membership to those receiving sacrament and families. 3. LEGAL AND INSURANCE All filings with state, city, and Archdioceses. Annual review of all insurance policies, property casualty, employment. By-laws, corporate kit. ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 19
  20. 20. St. Demetrios 10 Standing Committees cont. 4. BUDGET FINANCE Quarterly annual review of spending income of all church organizations under charitable number. Sweep all accounts. 5. COMMUNICATIONS Web page e-blasts, bulletin, all letters from organizations, mailings, outreach programs, publicity & advertising. 6. ADMINISTRATIVE/STAFFING Priest, cantor, choir, maintenance salary, benefits insurance payment, church hardware, software, updates, order supplies, paper, ink, handbook of job duties. ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 20
  21. 21. St. Demetrios 10 Standing Committees cont. 7. CHURCH SERVICES Duty Roster, greetings, candles, service, choir, Sunday school, guests, special services, incense, altar supplies. 8. EDUCATION Sunday School, Greek School, Bible Studies, adult education, speakers bureau, young adults. 9. MINISTRY & OUTREACH Pan Orthodox, interfaith, charitable projects, faith based initiatives, field trip pilgrimages. ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 21
  22. 22. St. Demetrios 10 Standing Committees cont. 10. PHYSICAL PLANT Engineering, electrical, paint, trash, storm prevention, emergency evacuation, fire drills fire equipment, maintenance contracts. ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 22
  23. 23. St. Demetrios ST. DEMETRIOS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH PERTH AMBOY, NEW JERSEY STRATEGIC PLAN TIME TABLE ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 23 Period: 2012-2013 Current Situation Desired Situation Diminishing membership Increased membership Prevalent feeling of spiritual non- fulfillment Reestablishment of spiritual fulfillment Absence of Youth programs Increased Youth programs Financial deficits Creating budgetary guidelines/enhance revenue Disharmony/Division Reestablish a familial lovein parish Lack of clear vision, direction, planning Create a short and long term plan, vision, direction G A P
  24. 24. St. Demetrios ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 24 Key Indicators Objectives 1. Membership and revenue diminution last two years. 1. Stop the loss of membership/stabilize revenue. 2. Interview subject/objective about worship deficiencies. Ex. No bible studies, prayer, participation ecumenically. 2. Reestablish worship as primary focus. Expand religious learning and activities as faith based. 3. Sunday school, Greek School Goya, Joy attendance dropping. 3. Create new innovative faith based activities for youth. 4. Stewardship down, nonoperation contribution down. 4. Establish transparency in expenses, spending, and expand giving opportunities. 5. Limited communications opportunity. 5. Bulletin work of one or two people must be community based/expand to web and hard copy with advertising. 6. Lack of tolerance and trust from community to Clergy and parish council. 6. Reestablish proper boundaries, guide posts and duties for clergy and parish council.
  25. 25. St. Demetrios Specific Actions Planned to Fill the Gap: ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 25 Action Due Date 1 Reestablish participatory Sunday worship: greeting, candles, altar, choir. Varies 2 Recreate faith based programs for spiritual fulfillment: monthly prayer groups, monthly Bible studies, lecture series, ecumenical outreach to City & County with Pan Orthodox gatherings. Jan-Mar 3 Create family oriented faith based programs: crop walk, feed homeless, elder shut in visits, hospital ministry, and grave site care. Jan – Mar 4 Create blog and post relevant posts under church auspices. Jan 15, Ongoing 5 Re-establish family based activities-spaghetti lunch, pancake breakfast, 1st Sunday holy communion. Feb 1, Ongoing 6 Fix organ, get organist, get English AND Greek hymns sung with youth and adult choirs. Participate in interfaith choir programs. March - Dec 7 Create budgetary guidelines made know to community with profits and loss. Close deficit through newly created endowment effort. Feb 15, Ongoing
  26. 26. St. Demetrios ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 26 ADDITIONAL GOALS Reducing paper usage by 50% to decrease my impact on environment Audit, budget guidelines and strategic planning to be repeated quarterly. Have children and parents come to church together. Action Due Date 8 Design membership site offering and electronically on credit card with downloadable stewardship and non-operational giving with explanation of needs. April 9 Develop cooking and baking course within parish and open to the public. July-Aug 10 Identify other affiliate rentals of church halls to offer to increase building profits. July-Aug 11 Develop phone tree call for emergency situations. March 30
  27. 27. St. Demetrios ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 27 ACTION PLANS BY PARISHONER NEED: Maximize Worship Experience Generate New Parishioners Revitalize Lapsed Parishioners 1 Inclusive and respectful attitude of clergy. Make the liturgy meaningful with sermon and message. 1 Each committee chair should invite parishioners to participate in small ways. Candles, physical plant inspection, ways and means fund raising, chairing events. 1 Membership committee and Priest must mend fences and reinvite lapsed or absent congregation members. 2 Improve customer service by sending thank you notes and 501 c3 tax receipts no less than 7 days after receipt. People want to know their donation served the church. 2 Rotate bible and epistle readings throughout community members young and old-male/female. 2 Invite lapsed members to special church events: St. Demetrio’s night, holy week, and Christmas service. 3 Physical plant of church should be accessible, clean and presentable. 3 Invite other Orthodox worshippers to bible study, prayer worship. 3 Place ill members on prayers list for prayer group and community with family members follow up not just the person who is ill.
  28. 28. St. Demetrios ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 28 ACTION PLANS BY PARISHIONER NEED cont. Maximize Worship Experience Generate New Parishioners Revitalize Lapsed Parishioners 4 From entry to exit worship experience should be positive, warm, friendly and upbeat. 4 Place at least 5 guest-blogging posts per month. 4 Make lapsed members honored guests at events such a glendis, breakfast. 5 Communication by bulletin, web, e-blast should prepare worshippers for knowledge of bible reading, hymn, saints holidays. 5 Enhance web page to include music icons heritage information. 5 Encourage legacy giving to those who have had family here but may have moved out of state in the family name. 6 Youth should feel inclusive in spiritual function not just extra- curricular. 6 Offer novel programs for Orthodox Christians to participate. Greek school to the public-why not? 6 Create permanent honor roles of plaques, furniture altar offerings in honor of family members or events.
  29. 29. St. Demetrios Key Strategic Initiatives ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 29 JANUARY • Audit • Strategic planning executive summary general assembly • Bulletin self- sustaining from advertising • Web page and software redesign with archdiocese software FEBRUARY • Committee chairs from board 10 committees • Request for congregation membership • Monthly prayer society formed MARCH • Establishment of endowment fund Leadership 2500 • Repair organ • Recruit choir director senior and junior choir. • Hire organist • Organize youth choir APRIL • Begin monthly bible studies • Begin weekly speakers for lent
  30. 30. St. Demetrios Key Strategic Initiatives cont. ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 30 MAY • Maximize church attendance by announcing schedule to all present and lapsed members, bilingual programs of service available incorporate English with Greek in Holy Week observance JUNE • Honor all graduated with inspirational speaker and breakfast with community JULY • Vacation bible school for youth and seniors AUGUST • Church picnic SEPTEMBER • Sunday school and Greek school for adults and children OCTOBER • Pan Orthodox invitational in Middlesex County to St. Demetrios vespers NOVEMBER • Community outreach to homeless and hungry in Perth Amboy DECEMBER • Cooking and baking classes to the congregation and public
  31. 31. St. Demetrios Priorities for 2013 FIRST: To reestablish fiscal control and transparency ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 31
  32. 32. St. Demetrios Priorities for 2013 SECOND: To reestablish faith based initiatives throughout all church programs, reestablishing a familial, loving and prayerful congregation. ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 32
  33. 33. St. Demetrios St. Demetrios Life Survey for Congregation Perth Amboy New Jersey o Total of 40 participants o 31 responded in English o 9 in Greek ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 33
  34. 34. St. Demetrios St. Demetrios Life Survey for Congregation Perth Amboy New Jersey Part 1: You & Your Congregation ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 34
  35. 35. St. Demetrios 1. How often do you go to worship services at this congregation? ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 35 Hardly ever or special occasions only 18% Less than once a month 8% Once a month 3% Two or three times a month 15% Usually every week 51% More than once a week 5%
  36. 36. St. Demetrios 2. How long have you been going to worship services at this congregation? ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 36 Less than one year 2% 1-2 years 0% 3-5 years 5% 6-10 years 3% 11-20 years 0% More than 20 years 90%
  37. 37. St. Demetrios 3. Are you current in your stewardship pledge? ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 37 No but I participate regularly there 3% No 0% Yes 97%
  38. 38. St. Demetrios 5. To what extent do the worship services or congregation help you with everyday living? ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 38 Not at all 10% A small extent 28% Some extent 26% A great extent 36%
  39. 39. St. Demetrios St. Demetrios Life Survey for Congregation Perth Amboy New Jersey Part 2: About Your Faith ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 39
  40. 40. St. Demetrios 6. How often do you spend time in private devotional activities? (such as prayer, meditation, reading the Bible alone) ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 40 Hardly ever 7% Occasionally 22% Once a week 7% A few times a week 9% Every day or most days 51% Never 4%
  41. 41. St. Demetrios 7. Over the last year, how much have you grown in your faith? ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 41 No real growth 14% Some growth 20% Much growth, mainl y through this congregation 33% Much growth, mainl y through our congregation 8% Much growth, mainl y through my own private activities 25%
  42. 42. St. Demetrios 8. Agree or disagree: “My spiritual needs are being met in this St. Demetrios Church”? ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 42 Strongly disagree 27% Disagree 27% Neutral or unsure 19% Agree 13% Strongly agree 14%
  43. 43. St. Demetrios 9. How satisfied are you with what is being offered here for children and youth (under 19 years of age)? ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 43 Not sure 17% Very dissatisfied 10% Dissatisfied 12% Mixed feelings 48% Satisfied 3% Very satisfied 10%
  44. 44. St. Demetrios 10. Does St. Demetrios Church have a clear vision, goals, or direction for its ministry and mission? ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 44 I am not aware of such a vision, goals or direction 26% There are ideas but no clear vision, goals, or direction 40% Yes, and I am strongly committed to them 26% Yes, and I am partly committed to them 8%
  45. 45. St. Demetrios 11. How often do you experience the following during worship services at St. Demetrios? ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 45 32.00% 31% 17% 33% 43% 9% 8% 17% 3% 22% 32% 36% 37% 36% 27% 26% 17% 29% 28% 8% A sense of fulfillment Joy Boredom Inspiration A sense of God's presence Always Usually Sometimes Rarely
  46. 46. St. Demetrios 12. Do you agree or disagree: “I have a sense of excitement about our congregation’s future”? ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 46 Disagree 48% Agree 52%
  47. 47. St. Demetrios 13. Would you be prepared to invite to a worship service here any of your friends and relatives who do not now attend services at St. Demetrios? ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 47 No 57% Yes 43%
  48. 48. St. Demetrios 14. To what extent does our priest take into account the ideas of those who worship here? ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 48 A great extent 28% Some extent 8%A small extent 22% Not at all 14% Don't know 28%
  49. 49. St. Demetrios 15. Of the following, which one best describes your opinion of the future directions of St. Demetrios? ST. DEMETRIOS PERTH AMBOY NEW JERSEY 49 20% 41% 17% 13% 9% Our future is very unclear or doubtful We need to rethink where we are heading We are currently headed in the right direction We are currently headed in the wrong direction We need to get back to the way we did things in the past