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Why generic views and FlatPages suck


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Why generic views and FlatPages suck

  1. 1. Hi there
  2. 2. Django’s great
  3. 3. It’s elegant. It’s Python. Great community. Magical.
  4. 4. But not too magical
  5. 5. What’s up with generic views, though?
  6. 6. “One attribute that I think may be important is the capacity to keep the details of a large sys- tem in your head. [...] when someone brings up a new feature, to quickly know exactly how it [fits] in the context of the existing system. Or, to be able to recall where the code is in the system that performs some function” Rafe Colburn (
  7. 7. Don’t fuck with the mental model
  8. 8. make it simple, but not simpler than it should be
  9. 9. What’s great: we can just not use them
  10. 10. So don’t. (thanks) (d