Aiming for Delightful Experiences - Kaushik T. Ghosh


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Talk by Kaushik Ghosh, Intuit, at the STC India UX Conference on Saturday, August 27, 2011, conducted at WE School, Bangalore.

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Aiming for Delightful Experiences - Kaushik T. Ghosh

  1. 1. Aiming For Delight!From  ‘Good’  Experience  to  ‘Delightful’  Experience   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  2. 2. “It  is  not  enough  that  we  build  products  that  func6on,  that  are  understandable  &  usable  –  we  also  need  to  build  products  that  bring  joy  &  excitement,  pleasure  &  fun,  and  yes,  beauty,  to  people’s  lives”   Don  Norman   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  3. 3. So  what  is  a  ‘Deligh/ul  experience’?  All  who  are  from  the  background  of  User  Centered  Design  know  the  drill  of  ‘designing  an  experience’.  We  usually  aJempt  to  know  …   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  4. 4. How  people  view  their  worlds   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  5. 5. What  are  their  Goals….primary,  secondary,  terNary…   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  6. 6. And  how  do  they  want  to  achieve  it   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  7. 7. This  is  where  ‘Delight’  raises  the  stake   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  8. 8. What  do  people  love?  What  excites  or  surprises  them?   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  9. 9. Let’s  look  at  an  example  of  Delight…  Renee  Ended  up  buying  2  Nckets  for  the  same  journey   Renee  Wu  was  booking  herself  on  Air  Asia  plane  to  visit  home   in  Taipei.  But  she  had  an  oversight  on  the  ‘no.  of  passenger’   input  field  on  the  web  based  booking  form  and  two  of  the   same  Nckets  have  been  bought.   When  she  calls  the  call  center,  the  customer  service  agent,  to   her  surprise,  agrees  to  cancel  one.  And  that’s  not  all,  he   informs  her  that  she  has  a  choice  to  convert  one  of  the   onward  Ncket  to  a  return  journey  Ncket  without  paying   anything  extra!   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  10. 10. So  ‘Delight’  happened  when  Inconveniences  or  anxieNes  get  not  only  resolved,  losses  are  also  turned  into  benefits   Unexpected   Wow   ANXIETY   RESOLVED     DELIGHT   ABOUT  LOSS   UNEXPECTEDLY   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  11. 11. So,  when  does  ‘Delight’  happen?   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  12. 12. ‘Delight’  happens  when  An  Experience  is  complete  &  persistent…users  are  never   le  to  fend  for  themselves     At  Disney  even  the  trash  cans  are  themed   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  13. 13. ‘Delight’  happens  when    Experiences  are  designed  to  be  unexpected   Culturally  appropriate  surprise  &  humor  to    build  an  experienNal  language  India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  14. 14. ‘Delight’  happens  when    Experiences  are  engaging  and  gives  the  power  of  control   Ability  to  go  beyond  the  common  expectaNon   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  15. 15. ‘Delight’  happens  when    Experiences  evoke  PosiNve  EmoNon  People  love  collecNng   They  anNcipate  the  pay  off   It  modifies  their  behavior   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  16. 16. ‘Delight’  happens  when   People’s  problems  are  solved  well  India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  17. 17. How  Jonathan  Kaplan  used  Customer  Delight  to  disrupt  an  Industry   Most  video  camera   makers  worry  about   zoom,  pixels,  quality   etc….they  forget  to   note  a  simple  thing  –   how  people  want  to   have  fun,  share  &   enjoy   Flips  astounding  success  has  turbocharged  video  sharing  online—and  in  the   process  it  forced  Sony,  Samsung  and  others  to  create  a  slew  of  easy-­‐to-­‐use   devices  that  will  compete  with  it.  CISCO  had  to  buy  it  off  to  stop  the  market   disrupNon   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  18. 18. It  is  what  Intuit  stands  for:  lots  of  delighted   customers…   Improving Help families put up to $1,000 ~ 50M Lives Help small businesses be 20%back in their pockets… $550M in more profitable… Customers consumer savings identified to revenues ~20% of U.S. GDP, pay date 1 in 12 American workers Help people get the maximum tax refund… Improve FI profit per Help accountants be 20% $33B in tax refunds, customer by 20%… IB more productive today… 1 out of every 3 customers equal to the 5th Serve half of all accounting tax returns e-filed largest U.S. bank firms 18  
  19. 19. So  how  does  Intuit    discover  –  define  –  deliver    delight  to  its  customers   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  20. 20. Intuit’s  ‘Design  for  Delight’  framework  knowing  your   creaNng  mulNple  customers  beJer   opNons  and  then  than  they  know   intenNonally  choosing  themselves...  the   to  invesNgate  those  beJer  you  know   that  have  the  your  customer,  the   potenNal  to  delight...  more  likely  you  will   to  come  up  with  a  be  to  find  a  way  to   great  idea,  you  need  a  delight  them!   lot  of  ideas!   consistently  trying  out  ideas   with  customers  to  gauge   their  response...  make  sure   that  you  dont  go  very  far   down  a  path  before  gejng   feedback!   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  21. 21. Discover:  Customer  Empathy  captured  thru  stories   Customer  Interview  Debrief   Deriving  High  Level  ‘Problem  Statement   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  22. 22. Discover:  Detailing  Customer  Journeys   Use  stories  to  reveal  breakdowns  &   unsolved  needs   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  23. 23. Assign  an  emoNon  to  each  step  of  their  journey   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  24. 24. Define:  Going  Broad  to  Go  Narrow   Brainstorming  to  find  alternaNves   Clusters/Themes  prioriNzed  thru  voNng   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  25. 25. Define:  Focusing  on  Key  Scenarios  and  choosing  ‘Delight  Goals’   Rapid  ExperimentaNon  with  Customers  through  Concept  Storyboarding   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  26. 26. Define:  From  Tested  concept  to  Hypotheses  validaNon   Delight  Goal I  would  love  to  know  about  the  offers   targeted  to  the  specific  items  I  want  to  buy   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  27. 27. Deliver:  Using  the  ‘Delight  Metrics’   1.  Ease  1. Set  Confidence  Goals   1. Define  CriNcal  Tasks   [majority  selects  top   that  people  do  most   two  boxes  –  score  6-­‐7   of  the  Nme  2. User  opinion  about   Confidence  Score   Success  Score   2. IdenNfy  their  barriers   correct  acNon  taken  on   3. Set  target  success   a  7  point  scale   rates  3. How  many  would   2.  Unexpected  Wow   3.  PosiNve  EmoNons   4.   Report  the  %  of   recommend  the   users  who   product  to  others.  Use   successfully   ‘Net  Promoter’  Score   completed  tasks   1. Set  WOW  goals.  What   are  the  true  delighters   2. Ask  users  to  rate  an   experience  on  a  7  point   scale   3. Report  %  of  users  who   select  top  2  choices:   Much  beJer  than   Expected  &  Somewhat   BeJer  than  expected   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  28. 28. A  Design  Army  at  Intuit:  Engineers  mentored  to  become   ‘InnovaNon  Catalysts’   India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  29. 29. And  they  are  gejng  ‘quite  a  name’  India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011  
  30. 30. Keep  DelighNng!  India  Development  Center   STC  India  UX  Conference,  Bangalore  2011