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All hands july 2012


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Published in: Technology, Business
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All hands july 2012

  1. 1. IT All-Hands MeetingJuly 12, 2012
  2. 2. What’s Going On?• Management Review of The Texas A&M University System Offices (MGT Report)• System Comprehensive IT Assessment (RFP)• Computer Access/Instructional Technology Fee Changes It’s time to decide how we will respond.
  3. 3. MGT Report• TAMUS does not have a system-wide strategic vision for IT – System CIO should be authorized to ensure that major IT projects, services, and purchases are coordinated across members • Revised System Policy 29.01 IT Policy and new 29.01 Regulation on agenda for August BoR Meeting – Improve the security of System technology infrastructure • System Internal Audit expressed concerns about IT process and control weakness in a white paper to Chancellor • IT Security is Phase 1 of System Comprehensive IT Assessment RFP
  4. 4. MGT Report (cont)• Proposed 20,000 sq. ft. data center in TAMU’s strategic plan should be removed pending: – University-wide assessment of data center consolidation and virtualization should be conducted. New data center may not be necessary.• TAMUS SO is not aggressively pursuing opportunities to reduce cost. TAMUS IT is decentralized among members & at TAMU – TAMUS and TAMU should consolidate applications & services in a shared environment: RFP to assess governance and potential for data center consolidation • Comprehensive IT Assessment includes governance in phase 2 and Banner Student consolidation in phase 4 – Security assessment of network infrastructure • IT Security Assessment in Phase 1 of Comprehensive IT Assessment – Recommends RFP to assess potential and plan for data center and server consolidation at TAMU done in three phases
  5. 5. MGT (cont)• Reduce administrative overhead in SO Business Computing Services – RIF two positions – Eliminate four vacant positions• TAMUS’ financial management systems do not meet its needs, and maintaining multiple systems does not comply with BoR directives – Evaluate the benefits and costs of rewriting BPP and FAMIS to different architectural infrastructures vs. replacing current system • BCS Strategic Plan of 2011 includes evaluating these options • Phase 4 of RFP includes question about FAMIS upgrade or rewrite• Many key System Internal Audit staff interviewed believe IT Security is the most important issue facing the System
  6. 6. Key takeaways MGT• MGT recommends more centralized and coordinated approach to IT across the System. – Save Money – Enhance Security• We have the people and equipment needed to provide IT services to the University and System.• The A&M’s System’s BPP, FAMIS, ESI’s many applications, Data Warehouse, MAESTRO, and TTVN Network are already providing System- wide quality and cost effective services
  7. 7. RFP IT Assessment• Comprehensive IT assessment will be System- wide – Seeking a vendor with an established history of providing high quality and cost effective IT strategic services to higher education university systems. – Evaluation based on demonstrated: (1) Competence, (2) Knowledge, (3) Qualifications, and (4) Cost• Proposals had to be received yesterday (July 11)• Seven phase project with initial term of one-year with potential one-year extension
  8. 8. RFP IT Assessment Phases• Phase 1 – IT Security• Phase 2 – IT governance• Phase 3 – IT Network & Infrastructure• Phase 4 – Applications Management• Phase 5 – IT Operations• Phase 6 – IT Demand and Project Management• Phase 7 – IT Staffing and Support
  9. 9. Key takeaways RFP• IT leadership is already preparing for the assessment.• We need to convince the consultants we are fully capable of handling the IT needs of the university and/or System.• Perform at your BEST.
  10. 10. Computer Access/InstructionTechnology Fee Changes• Many (13) mandatory student fees will be eliminated for FY13 and replaced with a new fee• Goal is to create the potential for more flexible use of fees to meet TAMU’s greatest needs• The CA/IT Fee is one of the 13 fees affected• For FY13, TAMU IT will receive our FY12 funding plus FY13 CA/IT increase, less funding for 700 student increase in FY11• In future years, there will likely be a university-wide council to make recommendations modeled on the CBE with sub-councils – Recommendations will involve most TAMU funding, not just the fees
  11. 11. Key takeaways CA/IT Fee• We provide critical services to the campus• Historically, we have been financially sound and do a good job of accounting for money spent• Student and employee surveys show they are satisfied with our services• The new fee should provide us some more flexibility
  12. 12. What next?• We are well positioned for this climate. – We provide excellent services to Texas A&M.• We must be unified and confident. – Increases credibility – Builds our reputation
  13. 13. Our goal“We strive to be Texas A&M’s trusted IT leaderswho provide reliable and accessible services toelevate and enhance Texas A&M’s standing in thestate, nation and world.”
  14. 14. Questions?