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Italian class

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  • Other books on proverbs in circulating collection :Books on proverbs:PN6471.G72 1980 Grandmother said it best: collection of Italian proverbsPN6405.C37 1950PN6421.B6 1855 
  • Italian class berard

    1. 1. !BENVENUTI! 1. RAM Card – ticket to success 2. Research: using the catalog, databases and websites for your research
    2. 2. Catalog Searching: Books and more – Circulating books and reference books: find them in C/W Mars, our catalog – Keywords or subject search • Italy • Italian language • Proverbs – You can also search for the print version of the Italian Language magazine “Ciao Italia” in the catalog. (Discussed again in section on “Journals”)
    3. 3. Using the catalog • Select “Library Catalog” from the Library Homepage • Do a search for a book on one of the following terms: Italy, Italian language or Proverbs • Select the book that interests you the most and write down its title, author, call number and shelving location
    4. 4. Journals • Journals give you access to articles written by “professionals” or “academics” in a particular field. • Access journal listings by selecting “Journal titles A-Z – Select drop down menu for subject category • Select “Languages & Literatures” – Select “Romance Literatures” » Select “Italian Literature”
    5. 5. Journals • We also have an Italian language magazine for students of Italian • Do a keyword search in the catalog for “Italian Language” • Limit your search format to “serials” • Write down the title of the journal and its location
    6. 6. Database Searching • There are a wide variety of databases that you can use to find information about Italy, Italian language, heritage and culture CIA handbook Films on demand Gale virtual reference Global Edge database for information about Italian businesses – Global issues in context – Mango languages – Sharpe online reference (electronic version of World Food Encyclopedia) – – – –
    7. 7. Using a Database • Select one of the databases listed in the previous slide and search for information on Italy, Italian language, Italian Heritage or Italian Culture. • Find an article that interests you and email it to yourself.
    8. 8. Websites for Research • You can find a lot of information on the Web. Not all of it is good, reliable information. • Good, reliable websites about Italy include • • • Do you know who the sponsors of these websites are? Read about them at “About” and notice the name on the homepage of
    9. 9. Italy in the News • Italian national TV, RAI, has created a website for Italian language and culture, available in English and Spanish. You can access it at • You can read (in English) about what is happening in Italy daily on : • If you are interested in reading Italian newspapers, this website provides a comprehensive list with live links to the country’s many newspapers:
    10. 10. Italian Cultural Center of Western Massachusetts • Located in Springfield! • Visit their website to learn more about what they do and their social activities • The Center also has a library with books about Italy and Italian language. See their website for opening hours.
    11. 11. Proverbs • What is a proverb? – Dictionary definition – Definition provided in a book about proverbs • Selecting a proverb – Use one of the books in the reference collection – Check the catalog for books on proverbs that can be borrowed – Search online • • Visit ipl2 ( and type in the search box “proverbs” –
    12. 12. Proverbs • Translating the proverb – – – • Understanding the proverb – Read “Introduction to the Proverbs of Italy” in Racial Proverbs: A selection of the World’s Proverbs arranged Linguistically (reference book) – Read “Italian Proverbs: In vino veritas. Truth in words.” at
    13. 13. ARRIVEDERCI !