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Self Marketing and Professional Development


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Mark Clifford

Published in: Education, Business, Career
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Self Marketing and Professional Development

  1. 1. www.cliffordsells.comSelf MarketingandProfessional DevelopmentPhiladelphia Metro ConferenceMarch 11, 2006Mark Clifford
  2. 2. www.cliffordsells.comWhy me?• 25+ years in technical communication• Over 20 years recruiting for both employersand clients• Run my own information design andrecruitment company
  3. 3. www.cliffordsells.comResearch – 5WHWho is looking?- Company, AgencyWhere are they looking?- Professional sources, localor national advertsWhy are they looking?- Expansion, replacementWhat are they looking for?- Job title and functionWhen do I need to respond?- Make the time for a goodjobHow do I find out more?- Web site, Google, company,agencyWho, What, Where, When, Why and How
  4. 4. www.cliffordsells.comShowcase yourself …It’s the buyer’s first view of your writing – itmust be your best!Your résumé / CV– Your ‘sales brochure’– Adapt for the job – you’ve done the research,don’t waste it– Get it reviewed – spell check doesn’t work!
  5. 5. www.cliffordsells.comShowcase yourself some more …Develop a web site– CV– PortfolioBuild a portfolio– E-versions – web and browser-based CD– CD (non-browser)– Hardcopy if appropriate
  6. 6. www.cliffordsells.comManage your reputationReferences– Written – quotes on web site, letters– Verbal – phone callsNetworking– Professional societies– Local events & activitiesWord of mouth– Do you know someone at the company?
  7. 7. www.cliffordsells.comFocusGeneralist?– A good all-round Technical Communicator whocan write about anythingSpecialist?– By industry – financial, aerospace,pharmaceutical– By type – online help, marketing communications– Cross-sector – software, networks
  8. 8. www.cliffordsells.comMaintaining your skillsTrends– Recognising directions– What will enhance your skills?– What increases your value?Education and Training– What do you need for your job?– Maintain & grow your marketable skills– Who pays?
  9. 9. www.cliffordsells.comFurther points and questions