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Accessibility and Translatability: Making Your Content Universal


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Accessibility and translatability are powerful tools that enable you to deliver your content to the masses. In this presentation you will learn how to design accessible and translatable content. Through examples and easy-to-follow guidelines you’ll see how accessibility and translatability are more similar than you may think.

Accessibility is about more than making content available to people with disabilities, it’s about making your content usable for your whole audience. This portion of my talk focuses on designing content that is usable by people who are blind, have low vision, or have motor disabilities. I will share a set of easy-to-follow guidelines on making content accessible. Attendees will also learn about accessibility strategy including alt text, design, and linking.

Translation planning has become an important business process for many companies. Designing translatable content in advance of content creation cuts translation costs and enables you to create a more unified product. This part of my presentation introduces attendees to the basics of translatability including placeholder usage, capitalization, pluralization, and text expansion. Attendees will learn from these examples and my first-hand experience as a translation coordinator.

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Accessibility and Translatability: Making Your Content Universal

  1. 1. ACCESSIBILITY AND TRANSLATABILITY Making Your Content Universal Jessie Mallory @jessiejmallory #stcpmc15
  2. 2. ACCESSIBILITY  No Vision  Low Vision  Motor Disabilities @jessiejmallory
  3. 3. C.F.D.  Content  Functionality  Design #stcpmc15
  4. 4. CONTENT  Grouping  Symbols  Alt Text @jessiejmallory
  5. 5. FUNCTIONALITY  Hotkeys  Links  Videos For more information on our company, read About Us . For more information on our company, click here. #stcpmc15
  6. 6. DESIGN  Tables  Layout  Color Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 2 *______ @jessiejmallory
  7. 7. TOOLS  Resource  Screen Reader  Tester/Checker NVDA WAVE, WCAG Contrast Checker #stcpmc15
  8. 8. TRANSLATABILITY  Making content easily translatable @jessiejmallory
  9. 9. S.S.P.S.  Standard English  Structure  Placeholders  Size #stcpmc15
  10. 10. @jessiejmallory STANDARD ENGLISH “Give you a bell”
  11. 11. STRUCTURE  Case  Combined Words  Plurals #stcpmc15
  12. 12. PLACEHOLDERS  Notes  Qualify  Adjectives or Verbs  Separate The error occurred on {0}. The note could be: “{0} represents a date.” Open {2}. Open file {2}. The {1} door The {1} doors If {1} equals “big” in English, then the translations are: La puerta grande Las puertas grandes You open She opens In Spanish: Abres Abre {1}: You don’t have the permissions required to open this folder. @jessiejmallory
  13. 13. SIZE  Expansion  Rule of thumb English: On the road again. German: Wieder auf der Straße unterwegs. Chinese: 再次的道路上。 #stcpmc15
  14. 14. BE THE VOICE thanks @jessiejmallory #stcpmc15