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2012 STC-PMC Conference Brochure


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Brochure for the 2012 STC-PMC Conference

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2012 STC-PMC Conference Brochure

  1. 1. Mid-Atlantic TechnicalCommunication ConferenceMarch 9, 2012
  2. 2. Time Willow Grove Room Thunderbolt Room8:45 to 10:00 Opening Session andKeynote Presentation:Whitney Quesenbury(pg. 4)10:15 to 11:15 Developing for theUnknown (pg. 5)Neil Perlin11:30 to 12:30 Lunch withCompetition Awards andVolunteer Recognition12:45 to 1:45 Top Ten Tricks andTips for Getting theMost from Captivate (pg. 7)David Peirce2:00 to 3:00 What Writers Don’t Know AboutTranslation Can Be Costly (pg. 9)Myriam Siftar3:15 to 3:45 Closing Session and Door PrizesConference ScheduleSTC Mid-Atlantic Technical Communication Conference2
  3. 3. Scenic Room Alps RoomAn Introduction to On-Demand Web-Based Publishing (pg. 5)Russ WardSeven Communication Killers:How to Present More Effectively (pg. 6)Frank FelsburgCommunicating Culture: ResolvingConflict and Leveraging Feedback(pg. 7)Barrie Byron and Ann GroveFive+ Ways to AddInteractivity to Online Help (pg. 6)Nicky BleielCustomer Journey Maps: Charting aCourse for an Engaging CustomerExperience (pg. 8)Donn DeBoardConverting QuickReference Information Into MobilePerformance Support (pg. 8)Nad RosenburgAt a Glance3STC Mid-Atlantic Technical Communication Conference
  4. 4. President’s MessageOn behalf of the STC Philadelphia Metro Chapter, I welcome our attendees and presenters to the2012 Mid-Atlantic Technical Communication Conference. We are pleased you can join us in this an-nual day-long education and collaborative setting to learn, share, and network.With additional support this year from our Event Host sponsor Adobe Systems Incorporated, andthe great facilities at the Community Center at Giant in Willow Grove, we extended significant sav-ings and value-pricing to STC members and non-members. Appreciation and thanks to all of ourcorporate donors and sponsors for their valuable prizes and donations for our closing session raffle.Enjoy the conference!Todd DeLucaPresident, STC Philadelphia Metro ChapterKeynote Presentation: The Power of StoriesWillow Grove Room 8:45 to 10:00Stories are how we make sense of the world. In UX and technical communication, they let us imag-ine an experience through our audience’s perspective. From personas to design scenarios to usabil-ity testing, they help us create lean, global, accessible and usable products. Whitney discusses waysstories can help us bridge the gap between‘what is’and‘what might be’– andchange the world.Whitney Quesenbury is a user experience researcher with a passion for clearcommunication. She has worked with organizations such as the National Can-cer Institute, IEEE, Sage, Amtak, and the Open University on design researchand evaluation, and coaches developing UX teams.She is past president of the Usability Professional Association (UPA), an STC Fellow, and served ontwo national advisory committees for usability and accessibility. Her current challenge is the Acces-sible Voting Technologies Initiative, working to help everyone vote.Whitney is the author of Storytelling for User Experience (with Kevin Brooks) and Global UX: Designand Research in a Connected World (with Daniel Szuc).4 STC Mid-Atlantic Technical Communication Conference
  5. 5. Developing for the UnknownThunderbolt Room 10:15 to 11:15Today’s project pressures require us more and more to create content that can be used on whateverdisplay devices the future may bring.Many features and technologies needed to do this have been built into our tools for years, buthaven’t been used correctly (or at all), or are little known because few people needed them. Othersare just emerging. So to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, this presentation looks at whatcontrol features and standards we need to use to future-proof our content.Neil Perlin has 33 years of experience in technical communication, with 27 in training, consulting,and development for various online formats and tools including WinHelp, HTML Help, JavaHelp,WebHelp, CE Help, Doc-To-Help, RoboHelp, and Flare.Neil is a columnist for Intercom and a frequent speaker for numerous profes-sional groups. He is an STC Fellow, a member of the STC New England chapter,created and manages the Beyond the Bleeding Edge stem at the STC Interna-tional Summit, and represented STC for the W3C (WorldWide Web Consortium)for three years. He is also Madcap-certified for Flare and Mimic, Adobe-certifiedfor RoboHelp and Captivate, and Viziapps-certified for Viziapps Studio.An Introduction to On-Demand, Web-Based PublishingScenic Room 10:15 to 11:15On-demand, web-based publishing has many potential applications in the technical communi-cations field, especially when dynamic customization of rendered content is necessary and/orreal-time updates from a continuously-changing source are required. Using real examples withcommonly-available web server technologies such as Java Server Pages (JSP) and Microsoft ActiveServer Pages (ASP), this session will cater to the do-it-yourselfer who is curious about escaping theshackles of static published content. We will include considerations for content reuse, as well asmulti-channel publishing. The session will conclude with a real-world case study of one such home-grown system that has saved (and continues to save) one company significant amounts of moneythrough increases in efficiency (while simultaneously improving quality to boot).Russ Ward is an experienced technical writer, structured technologies developer,and avid developer of plugins for Adobe FrameMaker.He has spent many years working with structured content to maximize efficiencyin the techcomm environment, both as an employee and as an independent con-sultant. Russ is also an experienced trainer and speaks periodically at conferencesand other peer events.5STC Mid-Atlantic Technical Communication Conference
  6. 6. The Seven Communication Killers: How to Present More EffectivelyAlps Room 10:15 to 11:15How many times have you seen presenters“lay an egg”while speaking to an audience? They breakevery rule and you, having attended, felt as if it was a waste of time. This session discusses sevencommunication mistakes many presenters make while speaking in front of an audience. Learn howto:• Deliver more dynamic presentations• See what not to do in a presentation• Walk away with new-found confidence as to how to present more effectively• Have more people come up afterwards to speak one-on-one• Do more businessFrank Felsburg is an account executive with Magnum Group, working with or-ganizations that want to communicate globally and optimize their internationalpresence. A large percentage of his clients are in the Training & Developmentsector.He is past president of the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the ASTD (AmericanSociety of Training & Development), and currently serves on the ASTD NationalChapter Recognition Committee. Frank has delivered stand-up training in the ar-eas of customer service, sales and communication skills. A graduate of VillanovaUniversity, he is the author of numerous articles and a book on listening.Five+ Ways to Add Interactivity to Online HelpAlps Room 12:45 to 1:45Content is king, but adding a measured dose of interactivity to your online help will increase read-ability and usability, as well as make it more compelling. This session demonstrates a number ofsimple ways to improve your help, even if you are single sourcing:• Discover the options available for interactivity, including expanding/collapsing text, imagemaps, glossary popups, Google Maps, and more.• Discuss how they can improve readability and usability.• Learn how to implement them in a single sourcing environment.Nicky Bleiel is the lead information developer for Doc-To-Help and a Doc-To-Help trainer. She has 17 years of experience in technical communication and is aDirector At Large of STC. She has presented talks at the STC Summit, STC regionalconferences and chapter meetings, WritersUA, tcworld, LavaCon, CIDM/DITANorth America, and DocTrain.6 STC Mid-Atlantic Technical Communication Conference
  7. 7. Communication Culture: Resolving Conflict and Leveraging FeedbackScenic Room 12:45 to 1:45Resolving conflict and responding to feedback are core professional survival skills. Our ability tomaster soft skills such as conflict resolution can be more important than mastery of technical com-munication and project management. Barrie Byron and Ann Grove shed light on topics such as:• Leveraging your listening and analysis skills to assess your options• Dealing with conflict when you feel powerless• Becoming more comfortable with conflict• Using feedback from your coworkers to improve your performanceWith more than 20 years of professional experience, Barrie Byron is a consultantwith a keen interest in new technologies and tools. She is past president of the STCPalm Beaches Chapter, an STC Associate Fellow, and the competitions manager forthe STC Philadelphia Metro Chapter.An STC Fellow, Ann Grove is president of and lead consultant for Logical WritingSolutions, Inc.. Ann has served as past president of the former Susquehanna ValleyChapter and is a member of the New York Metro, Palm Beaches and PhiladelphiaMetro STC chapters.The Top Ten Tricks and Tips For Getting the Most From CaptivateThunderbolt Room 12:45 to 1:45In today’s fast-track project environment, project mangers and development budgets are not pre-pared to accommodate lengthy multimedia training efforts. In this session, Dave shows some lesser-known techniques and shortcuts to complete a project without sacrificing quality such as:• Making the best use of templates and styles• Using Placeholders• Using batch processing• Exporting and importing text• Using a combination of capture techniques for the best image results• Making the best use of popup and rollover captions• Determining and using the best narration methodsDave Peirce is a technical writer, documentation specialist and instructional designer. He has exten-sive experience producing multimedia and computer-based training and materials using a varietyof applications.7STC Mid-Atlantic Technical Communication Conference
  8. 8. Converting Quick Reference Information Into Mobile Performance SupportAlps Room 2:00 to 3:00Help cards, quick reference cards, and job aids have traditionally been used to assist in learningnew tasks, or as refreshers for tasks performed infrequently. The mobile platform is perfect for theseperformance support tools but how do you convert them to mobile and ensure their legibility andfunctionality? This session addresses a number of issues:• How to format information for mobile devices so that information is legible and usable. Specifi-cally how do you handle the fact that most of these documents are in atabular format which may not work well on a small device?• How to edit content to reduce the amount of text needed to convey themessage.• How mobile performance support tools can be made interactive withoutmuch (or any) programming.• Technological bells and whistles that can be added.Before starting TechWRITE in 1985, Nad Rosenberg managed documentationdepartments for several large corporations. She is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, an STCAssociate Fellow, on the Board of Directors of the Plain Language Association InterNational, and apast resident of the STC Philadelphia Metro Chapter.Customer Journey Maps: Charting a Course For an Engaging Customer ExperienceScenic Room 2:00 to 3:00Customer Journey Maps (CJMs) provide a visual framework that puts you in your customer’s foot-steps when using your product or service. These maps help you understand your customer’s needsand intentions, and helps you identify customer touch points.In this session, we identify the general components of CJMs, and discuss how tocreate and review them to design interactions or content that better supportscustomer success and identify new opportunities for customer dialogue.Donn DeBoard is an award-winning technical communicator dedicated to en-hancing customer experiences through clear, engaging content. With 25 yearsexperience developing software documentation. He is a Senior InformationDeveloper for Vertex.Donn is an STC Associate Fellow and is involved with the STC Community Affairs Outreach Commit-tee (CAC) and the Usability and User Experience (UUX) SIG. He is a member of the Usability Profes-sional Association (UPA), the Institute for Information Architecture (IAI), Philly CHI, and the Interac-tion Design Association (IxDA).8 STC Mid-Atlantic Technical Communication Conference
  9. 9. What Writers Don’t Know About Translation Can Be CostlyThunderbolt Room 2:00 to 3:00With ever-increasing globalization, more and more technical materials are destined to be localizedin at least one foreign language. Preparing materials with translation in mind saves a great deal oftime and money and makes you a hero at your company or to your client.But what does this mean? It’s not just the writing itself that is involved; the authoring tools you use,controlled language and terminology management, organizing your materials for ease of reuse, andchoice of graphics and icons matter.This session introduces technical writers to the nuts and bolts of the translation and localizationprocess, the kinds of costs that are typically involved, and to a variety ofthings that they can do as authors to facilitate and help control the costs ofthat process.Myriam Siftar is the president of MTM LinguaSoft, a professional languageservices company, which she founded in 2003 after a successful career as aninformation technology consultant. Myriam was born in Paris and receiveddegrees in computer science and management in France, before coming tothe United States where she also obtained an MBA from Drexel University.Congratulations to our 2011 Distinguished Chapter Service Award winners!Nad RosenbergFor your years of distinguished service, prior leadership, and continued gener-ous support of the Philadelphia Metro Chapter.Gary SternbergIn recognition of your ongoing contributions to the Philadelphia Metro Chapteras a participant, presenter, and coordinator of the South New Jersey NetworkingGroup.9STC Mid-Atlantic Technical Communication Conference
  10. 10. Event Host SponsorSTC Mid-Atlantic Technical Communication Conference10DonorsSTC Philadelphia Metro Chapter would like to extend our gratitude to The Community Center at Giant for hostingthis event and providing such a great facility, helpful service, and excellent catering!
  11. 11. 11Closing Session PrizesYou must be present in order to winSTC Mid-Atlantic Technical Communication ConferenceMadPak Suite from MadCap: Flare, Contributor,Mimic, Capture ($1499 value)4 free admissions to Madcap Roadshow inPhiladelphia on May11 ($99 value)Technical Communication Suite 3.5 from Adobe:FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Photoshop, Acrobat, Capti-vate ($1899 value)2 sets of the Rosenfeld Media Library Pack, consistingof eight great books on user experience courtesy ofRosenfeld Media ($229 value)Use discount code MATCC for 20% off all products!
  12. 12. Brochure designed by Jacqueline Caddle using Adobe