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Estimating, Managing, and Tracking Projects: How to Get a Handle on Budgeting Your Time and Money


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Gary Samartino

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Estimating, Managing, and Tracking Projects: How to Get a Handle on Budgeting Your Time and Money

  1. 1. Estimating, Managing,and Tracking ProjectsHow to Get a Handleon Budgeting Your Time and Money1
  2. 2. What We’ll CoverAnalyzing the Job at HandRecording the AnalysisEstimating Time/Cost per ElementTracking the ProjectRecording Results for Posterity2
  3. 3. Analyzing the Job at HandQuality of Source MaterialReview CyclesFormat/Style/Platform RequirementsAuthoring ToolScoping the Job3
  4. 4. Analyzing the Job at HandWhat’s Written Down?Quality/Availability of SMEsStatus of Target SubjectAvailability of Target SubjectQuality of Source Material4
  5. 5. Analyzing the Job at HandHow Many?Review Meetings Needed?How Will Changes Be Provided?Review Cycles5
  6. 6. Analyzing the Job at HandTemplates, Existing Styles?Design Format from ScratchPlatform for DeliverablesFormat/Style/Platform Requirements6
  7. 7. Analyzing the Job at HandNew Tools Needed?Tool CostsTool Learning Curve/TrainingAuthoring Tool7
  8. 8. Analyzing the Job at HandIdentify Tasks, Other SectionsBreakdown Each TaskApproximate Concept InfoApproximate StepsApproximate Screens/GraphicsScoping the Job8
  9. 9. Analyzing the Job at HandExamplesSoftware User ManualHelpDemonstrationeLearningScoping the Job9
  10. 10. Recording the AnalysisTour of the Job WorksheetRecording Scope, Calculating Element Count10
  11. 11. Estimating Time/Cost per ElementBased on Similar JobsBrand NewRevisionHours Per Element (page, help topic, slide)Resource CostsAd Hoc Costs11
  12. 12. Analyzing the Job at HandAnalyze Sample Input:Rate quality of input ( 1=poor, 5=excellent)Determine major sectionsDetermine number of tasks, screens shots needed, pagelength of tasksDecide an estimated page count, hours/pageGroup Exercise12
  13. 13. Tracking the ProjectProject Management SoftwareTrack Resource Time13
  14. 14. Recording ResultsFinal Element CountDivide Hours per Element CountSoft Factor Analysis14
  15. 15. Tools UsedTool Mac App Used Windows EquivalentSpreadsheet for JobWorksheetNumbers ExcelProject Management OmniPlanFastTrack Scheduleor Microsoft ProjectMini RelationalDatabaseBento Access, FileMakerCalendar to TrackProject TimeiCal Outlook15