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Bullying parents mam grace p.


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Bullying parents mam grace p.

  1. 1. BULLYING Source: The Anti-Bullying Handbook 2nd Ed Keith Sullivan Grace Lorraine Enriquez-Pelingon, RGC
  2. 2. What is bullying?
  3. 3. CONSCIOUS, WILLFUL & REPETITIVE ACT of • agression and/or • manipulation and/or • exclusion by one or more people against another person or people
  4. 4. What forms does bullying take place? Physical Psychological
  5. 5. What does not count as bullying? •Criminal behavior •Sub-bullying and non-bullying behavior
  6. 6. What is and what is not bullying?
  7. 7. Can be mistaken for but is NOT bullying • Playful teasing • A one-off fight • Rough and tumble or playfighting with no intention of causing damage
  8. 8. Criminal Activity • Assault with a weapon • Grievous bodily harm • Seriously threatening to cause harm or kill • Serious theft • Sexual abuse
  9. 9. Bullying acts
  10. 10. Bullying acts Non-Physical (Verbal) • Abusive language • Abusive telephone calls • Extorting money or possessions • Intimidation/threats of violence • Name calling • Racist remarks/teasing • Sexually suggestive language
  11. 11. Bullying acts Non-Physical (Verbal) • Spiteful teasing (cruel remarks) • Spreading false/malicious rumors
  12. 12. Bullying acts Non-Verbal (Direct) • Mean faces/rude gestures Indirect • Manipulating/ruining friendships • Systematically excluding, ignoring and isolating • Sending (often anonymous) poisonous notes
  13. 13. What are some myths and misinterpretations about bullying
  14. 14. Myths… We do not have bullying in our school
  15. 15. Myths… It was just a bit of fun. No harm was done. Can’t you take a joke? Boys will be boys.
  16. 16. Myths… Bullies are thick kids from dysfunctional families picking on academic nerdy kids with glasses.
  17. 17. Where does bullying take place? • Playground • Classrooms • Corridors • Outside the school building • Canteen • School service
  18. 18. In short, bullying occurs in areas where there is less teacher surveillance.
  19. 19. How is it possible to tell if someone is being bullied? How parents can tell • Anxiety about going to school • Bed wetting, nightmares, headaches, stomach ache, particularly in the morning when it is time to go to school • Coming home with books or clothes ripped or with bruises and cuts • Losing possessions
  20. 20. How parents can tell? • Asking for extra money, to replace money taken from them • Receiving mysterious and upsetting telephone calls • Never bringing classmates home • Being irrational and angry with parents and siblings • Seeming depressed and sad
  21. 21. How parents can tell… • Being unable to concentrate on homework and decline in school work • Refusing to talk about what is wrong or being evasive • Taking or attempting to take protection to school • Truanting • Doing things that are out of character and getting into trouble
  22. 22. What roles do the onlookers to bullying ? 42% of bystander choose not to intervene 32% stand up for the victim 22% inform the teacher and get help
  23. 23. Important points to remember • Each situation is unique and needs specific solution • In our lives, we can be :Bully, Victims and bystander • Labels can stick • It is crucial to provide opportunities for people to change their behavior
  24. 24. PRINCE HARRY • Labeled as “Ginger Bullet Magnet”, “Big Ginger”, “Wig that can be used in battle in Iraq” by his classmates in the army. BUT • Became the Captain in the Army Air Corps • An active philantrophist • A patron of several charitable organizations
  25. 25. Bill Clinton • Labeled “a fat band boy” • A man with “carpenter’s jeans” • Made fun of by his classmates in high school BUT • Became the President of the United States of America
  26. 26. Reminders
  27. 27. For Grade 7 Parents Individual Routine Interview - July Diagnostic Test – August 1
  28. 28. For Grade 8 Parents Individual Counseling Diagnostic Test – August 1
  29. 29. For Third Year Parents Decision Making Session - July Career Group Guidance – August PACT – August 1
  30. 30. For Fourth Year Parents Individual Career Counseling and consultation CSAT – August 1
  31. 31. UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test) Date: August 3 and 4 Testing Venue: SBC
  32. 32. ACET (Ateneo College Entrance Test) September 21, 2013 Forms Available at the Guidance Office Deadline of filing: August 16
  33. 33. July 20, 2013 Parenting Session 9:00-11:00 a.m. – SBC, MQPA “Let’s Talk about Sex: Teaching our children the truth and meaning of sexuality”
  34. 34. Thank You!