Catechetical plan overview may 21 2


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Catechetical plan overview may 21 2

  1. 1. St. BonaventureCatholicCommunityA Parish Plan For MakingDisciples
  2. 2. Each Roman Catholic Parish Has theSame Mission, One Provided to Us ByJesus ChristGo, therefore, and make disciples of allnations, baptizing them in the Name of theFather, and of the Son, and of the holySpirit, teaching them to observe all that I havecommanded you. And behold, I am with youalways, until the end of the age.(Mt 28:19-20)
  3. 3. Parish Mission: Handing on theFaith to Others to Make DisciplesAs Christian stewards, ourmission is to proclaim theGospel of Jesus Christ topeople throughWordSacramentServiceCommunity Life
  4. 4. Essential Question: How Can a ParishCommunity Ensure Effective Handing On ofOur Faith? Informally throughmodeling Christ-likebehavior Formally through athoughtful, planned effort tailored tothe unique needsof our parishioners:a CatecheticalPlan
  5. 5. Catechesis is teaching and learninghow to follow Jesus’ directions to us tomake disciples Catechesis uses written and spoken words,plus visual and audio aids, to pass down theGospel of Christ. Catechesis is based on scripture and tradition,as well as the liturgy, the wisdom of the saints,etc. It is a lifelong process. Each Roman Catholic parish has the samegoal, but each parish’s approach tocatechesis is unique, because each parishcommunity is unique, with unique needs.
  6. 6. In 2011, the Diocese of Orange Published aCatechetical Plan and Asked Each Parish toMake a Plan To support thelarger diocesanplan goals To ensure eachparish’s catechesisand evangelizationis effective andmeets the UNIQUEneeds of eachparish community.
  7. 7. St. Bonaventure Parish Has a Vibrant, DiverseApproach to Catechesis Our parish offers avariety ofexperiencesto address theneeds of each ofourparishioners, fromearly childhoodthrough old age.
  8. 8. To Ensure Our Parish’s Approach toCatechesis is Effective, It Would be Helpfulto Have a Parish-wide Plan of Catechesis Each ministry has thesame goal, yet eachministry focuses on aspecific faith formationneed of parishioners. A parish-wide plan is aresource for ensuringeach parishioner andeach ministryeffectively supports ourmission to makedisciples of Christ.
  9. 9. Parish (Catechetical) PlanPurpose As a parishcommunity, we all needto be sure we share acommon understandingof how to be disciplesand make othersdisciples. Each of us must figureout how to be a discipleand make othersdisciples. Each ministry must figureout how to be disciplesand how to make othersdisciples.
  10. 10. Essential Question: How WellAre We Making Disciples? Our parish has scoresof ministries. How well are thoseministries serving theneeds of EACH of ourparishioners? How well is eachministry followingJesus’ directions to usto make disciples?
  11. 11. Where does the ParishCatechetical Plan come from? Beginning in 2011 a team ofSt. Bonaventure ministryleaders attended severalworkshops to learn aboutdeveloping a parish-widecatechetical plan. Throughout 2012 and 2013the Pastor and a committeeof diverse ministry leadershave met regularly to forman approach for developing,writing, and implementingthe St. Bonventure ParishCatechetical Plan. Now, it’s time for YOU toshare in developing the plan.
  12. 12. We Will Need Your Help, Guidance, and Inputin Making Sure Our Plan Serves OurCommunity’s Unique Needs Each parish has the samegoal: make disciples Each parish is unique, soachieves the goaluniquely How can we SERVE youbest? How are we doing inmaking disciples? What support do youneed to be a disciple andto make disciples?
  13. 13. Strengths We are a largeparish, so there arelots of hands andfeet to carry outJesus’ directions to usto make disciples. We are a matureparish. We have lotsof experience andwisdom in how tomake disciples.
  14. 14. Strengths We are abeautifully diverseparish. We have manywonderful ministriesalready in place.
  15. 15. Essential Question: What AreOur Growth Areas? ?????????????
  16. 16. Functions We Assessto Discover Growth Areas Knowledge of theFaith Liturgical Life Moral Formation Prayer Communal Life Missionary Spirit
  17. 17. Next Steps The Catechetical PlanCommittee will continue tomeet. We welcome new members. We will be solicitingparishioner and ministryparticipation through surveysand ministry meetings. We value yourexperience, wisdom, guidance, and feedback as weformulate a plan to . . . Please fill out Index Card
  18. 18. Your Index Card Feedback 1. How many years haveyou been a parishioner? 2. One strength of our parish 3. One growth area of ourparish 4. Opportunities foreffective catechesis andevangelization 5. Threats to effectivecatechesis andevangelization
  19. 19. THANK YOU for YourParticipation YOU are the heart ofour parish! YOU are a Christiansteward! YOU are anevangelist! You are a catechist! You are a disciple!