English BMA Presentation 2012


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Please support our annual Bishop's Ministry Appeal. View this slide presentation for more information.

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English BMA Presentation 2012

  1. 1. 2012Bishop’s Ministry Appeal (BMA) Diocese of Stockton 1962 - 2012
  2. 2. What is the BMA?•Helps fund programs, services & ministries•Thousands are served every year through theDiocesan and parish ministries•Ensures the vitality and growth of the Church•Allows us to reduce debt of Holy FamilyCenter
  3. 3. Benefits to the Parish•Adult Faith Formation •Marriage Preparation•Altar Servers •Ministry of Caring•Annulments/Tribunal •Parish Deacons•Arise (Bible Study) •Parish Priests•Confirmation •RCIA•CYO (sports) •Religious Education•Finance Policies •Respect Life Ministry•Human •Sacramental ProgramsResources/Insurance •Vocations•Liturgy Training •Youth Groups
  4. 4. Church for Tomorrow vs. BMA•Church for Tomorrow campaign is a 5-yearcommitment that began in October of 2009•Church for Tomorrow funds the long-rangeneeds of the Diocese•Please continue fulfilling your commitmentto Church for Tomorrow•The BMA helps to pay the annual expensesof the ministries
  5. 5. How is the goal determined?•It is a percentage of the 3-year average ofour offertory from 2009 through 2011
  6. 6. Last Year’s BMA ResultsThank you for your support Participation 957 families 14% of registered families Total Contributed $247,985
  7. 7. Recap of last year’s BMARebated back to Parish $ 88,341Gala funds collected +$100,000 Balance $188,341Less 2010 BMA Shortfall -$ 30,548 (1/2 forgiven) ________ Balance $157,793Land payment owed -$200,000 2011 Land Pymt. Shortfall -$ 42,207
  8. 8. BMA Financial Goal for 2012BMA Commitment to Diocese $161,480Annual Land Payment for HFC $200,0002011 Land Payment Shortfall $ 42,207 Total Parish Goal $403,687
  9. 9. Parish Rebate•We will receive back 100% of the amountexceeding our commitment to the Diocese of$161,480•Allows us to fund the current land paymentdue and the shortfall from last year
  10. 10. Why should I give?•Since the BMA is funded through its own“appeal” it is not included as part of ourannual budget•Ministries are critical to our parish and mustbe funded
  11. 11. Family Participation•We are asking each family to prayerfullyconsider a one-time gift of $404.00•Or a pledge of $50.50 per month for the next8 months•If you feel that God is calling you to agreater financial commitment, we hope youwill respond joyfully
  12. 12. Pledge Envelopes•We ask that all contributions be made usinga BMA envelope•Using an envelope and indicating yourfamily name helps us measure participation& ensures that your contribution is applied tothe BMA
  13. 13. Pledge Envelope
  14. 14. Thank YouThank you for your generosity and may God inspire each of us to continue building the Church together as a family for today and tomorrow
  15. 15. A message from Bishop Stephen Blaire