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Announcements 16 September 2012

  1. 1. St. Barnabas (Chester) Anglican Church The Church in the Marketplace Embracing the Community 10:30 AM September 16, 2012 Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost 361 Danforth Ave., Toronto M4K 1P1 416-463-1344 www.stbarnabas-toronto.comLet us faithfully witness to the Risen Jesus, giving generously ofour lives and substance for the relief of the poor and the sharing of the Gospel, bringing encouragement to all.
  2. 2. (From the COLLECT for ST. BARNABAS) Welcome to St. Barnabas (Chester) Anglican Church. The Church in the Marketplace Embracing the Community 10:30 AM HOLY EUCHARIST Our 10:30 AM Worship Service begins on page 185 of the green Book of Alternative Services.Organ Prelude Prelude (or Entrée, from Petite Suite Scholastique) – Déodat de Sévérac (1872-1921)The Gathering of God’s PeopleOpening Hymn 7 “New every morning is the love”Service Music: David HurdGreetingCollect for Purity p. 185The Gloria p.186Collect of the Day: Almighty God, you call your Church towitness that in Christ we are reconciled to you. Help us so toproclaim the good news of your love, that all who hear itmay turn to you; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who livesand reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now andfor ever. Amen.The Story of God’s PeopleA READING FROM THE BOOK OF PROVERBS 1: 20–33 Read by Marina RussouwWisdom cries out in the street; in the squares she raises hervoice. At the busiest corner she cries out; at the entrance of thecity gates she speaks: “How long, O simple ones, will you lovebeing simple? How long will scoffers delight in their scoffingand fools hate knowledge? Give heed to my reproof; I will pour
  3. 3. out my thoughts to you; I will make my words known to you.Because I have called and you refused, have stretched out myhand and no one heeded, and because you have ignored all mycounsel and would have none of my reproof, I also will laugh atyour calamity; I will mock when panic strikes you, when panicstrikes you like a storm, and your calamity comes like awhirlwind, when distress and anguish come upon you. Thenthey will call upon me, but I will not answer; they will seek mediligently, but will not find me. Because they hated knowledgeand did not choose the fear of the Lord, would have none of mycounsel, and despised all my reproof, therefore they shall eat thefruit of their way and be sated with their own devices. Forwaywardness kills the simple, and the complacency of foolsdestroys them; but those who listen to me will be secure andwill live at ease, without dread of disaster.”Hear what the Spirit is saying to God’s People:Thanks be to God.PSALM 19 (Sung.)The heavens declare the glo-ry of God, * and the firmament shows his hand-i-work.One day tells its tale to a-no-ther, * and one night imparts knowledge to a-no-ther.Although they have no words or lan-guage, * and their voices are not heard,Their sound has gone out in-to all lands, * and their message to the ends of the world.In the deep has he set a pa-vi-lion for the sun; * it comes forth like a bridegroom out of his chamber / it rejoices like a champion to run its course.
  4. 4. It goes forth from the uttermost edge of the heavens and runs about to the end of it a-gain; * nothing is hidden from its burn-ing heat.The law of the LORD is perfect and re-vives the soul; * the testimony of the LORD is sure and gives wisdom to thein-no-cent.The statutes of the LORD are just and re-joice the heart; * the commandment of the LORD is clear and gives light to the eyes.The fear of the LORD is clean and en-dures for e-ver; * the judgments of the LORD are true and righteous al-to-ge- ther.More to be desired are they than gold / more than much finegold, * sweeter far than honey / than ho-ney in the comb.By them also is your ser-vant en-light-ened, * and in keeping them there is great re-ward.Who can tell how of-ten he of-fends? * cleanse me from my se-cret faults.Above all keep your servant from presumptuous sins / let them not get do-mi-nion o-ver me; * then shall I be whole and sound and innocent of a greatof- fense.Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heartbe ac-cept-a-ble in your sight, * O LORD, my strength and my re-dee-mer.Glory be to the Fa-ther and to the Son, and to the Ho-ly Spi-rit.As it was in the beginning is now and e-ver shall be, world without end Amen.A READING FROM THE LETTER OF JAMES 3: 1–12
  5. 5. Read by Wendy Teske McCleanNot many of you should become teachers, my brothers andsisters, for you know that we who teach will be judged withgreater strictness. For all of us make many mistakes. Anyonewho makes no mistakes in speaking is perfect, able to keep thewhole body in check with a bridle. If we put bits into themouths of horses to make them obey us, we guide their wholebodies. Or look at ships: though they are so large that it takesstrong winds to drive them, yet they are guided by a very smallrudder wherever the will of the pilot directs. So also the tongueis a small member, yet it boasts of great exploits. How great aforest is set ablaze by a small fire! And the tongue is a fire. Thetongue is placed among our members as a world of iniquity; itstains the whole body, sets on fire the cycle of nature, and isitself set on fire by hell. For every species of beast and bird, ofreptile and sea creature, can be tamed and has been tamed bythe human species, but no one can tame the tongue—a restlessevil, full of deadly poison. With it we bless the Lord and Father,and with it we curse those who are made in the likeness of God.From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothersand sisters, this ought not to be so. Does a spring pour forthfrom the same opening both fresh and brackish water? Can a figtree, my brothers and sisters, yield olives, or a grapevine figs?No more can salt water yield fresh.Hear what the Spirit is saying to God’s People:Thanks be to God.Gospel AlleluiaChoir: Alleluia Alleluia AlleluiaAll: Alleluia Alleluia AlleluiaCantor: The heavens declare the glory of God,
  6. 6. and the firmament shows his handiwork.All: Alleluia Alleluia AlleluiaGospeller: The Lord be with you:All: And also with you.Gospeller: The Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Mark 8: 27-38.Glory to you, Lord Jesus Christ.Jesus went on with his disciples to the villages of Caesare andPhilippi; and on the way he asked his disciples, “Who do peoplesay that I am?” And they answered him, “John the Baptist; andothers, Elijah; and still others, one of the prophets.” He askedthem, “But who do you say that I am?” Peter answered him,“You are the Messiah.” And he sternly ordered them not to tellanyone about him. Then he began to teach them that the Son ofMan must undergo great suffering, and be rejected by the elders,the chief priests, and the scribes, and be killed, and after threedays rise again. He said all this quite openly. And Peter tookhim aside and began to rebuke him. But turning and looking athis disciples, he rebuked Peter and said, “Get behind me, Satan!For you are setting your mind not on divine things but onhuman things.” He called the crowd with his disciples, and saidto them, “If any want to become my followers, let them denythemselves and take up their cross and follow me. For thosewho want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose theirlife for my sake, and for the sake of the gospel, will save it. Forwhat will it profit them to gain the whole world and forfeit theirlife? Indeed, what can they give in return for their life? Thosewho are ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous andsinful generation, of them the Son of Man will also be ashamedwhen he comes in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.”The Gospel of Christ. Praise be to thee, O Christ.
  7. 7. HomilyAffirmation of Faith – The Apostles’ Creed p. 189Prayers of the People led by Fiona StrachanConfession & Absolution p. 191Sharing Christ’s PeaceWe Offer Our Gifts to GodOffertory Hymn 2 “When morning gilds the skies”Prayer over the Gifts: Holy God, accept all we offer you thisday. May we who are reconciled at this table bringwholeness to our broken world. We ask this in the name ofJesus Christ the Lord. Amen.The Eucharist: God’s Spirit Transforms Our GiftsEucharistic Prayer 1 p. 191The Lord’s Prayer p. 211The Breaking of the BreadCelebrant: “I am the bread of life,” says the Lord. “Whoever comes to me will never be hungry; whoever believes in me will never thirst.”.All: Taste and see that the Lord is good; Happy are they who trust in him! “People of all ages and denominations who are baptized into Christare invited and encouraged to share in communion. If you will not be receiving bread and wine, we would be pleased if you would join us at the Lord’s Table for a blessing.”Communion Hymn 479 “O Christ the Master Carpenter”Communion Motet: “When I survey the wondrous cross” – Malcolm Archer
  8. 8. Prayer after Communion: God of peace, in this eucharist wehave been reconciled to you and to our neighbours. May wewho have been nourished by holy things always have thecourage to forgive. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christthe Lord. Amen.Sharing God’s Love in the WorldDoxology p. 214AnnouncementsFinal Hymn 344 “From all that dwell below the skies”DismissalOrgan Postlude Rigaudon – André Campra   We welcome all who are new or visiting today. If we can serveyou or you wish to know more about the church, please fill out a visitors envelope, available in pews or at back of church. The flowers at the altar are dedicated to the Glory of God in loving memory of former choir members.   Today’s Liturgical Team:Celebrant & Homilist: The Rev. Dr. Harold ShepherdDeacon: The Rev. Grace Caldwell-HillOrganist & Choirmaster: Neil HoultonCommunion Minister: Teresa JohnsonSidespeople: Team 3– Captain: Michael Miller;Bill Strain, Doug Inniss, Lester Miller, Jane SmithChancel Guild: Teresa Johnson
  9. 9. Today we remember in our Prayers:Anglican Cycle of Prayer, The Church of the Province ofUganda, The Most Revd Henry Orombi, Archbishop of Uganda& Bishop of KampalaDiocesan Cycle of Prayer, Parkdale DeaneryDeanery Cycle of Prayer, St. MonicaParish Cycle of Prayer, Our Sides Team MinistrySJ Cycle of Prayer, St. Paul’s, Uxbridge & St. Peter, Coburg   Music Notes:Déodat de Sévérac (1872-1921) was a French composer who isbest known for his choral music, but he also wrote music forpiano, operas and a small number of organ pieces. The “PetiteSuite Scholastique” is a set of five pieces designed for useduring a mass.Andre Campra is another Frenchman, but from an earlier period(1660-1744). As Music Director of Notre Dame for six years,Campra caused a bit of a stir by introducing string players toplay during mass - at that time violins were viewed as ‘streetinstruments’ and therefore not appropriate in a sacred context.His opera/ballets were very popular during his lifetime,although seldom heard today. ‘Rigaudon’ is from the opera‘Idoménée’, written in 1711/1712.We’ve had to change the date of the choir’s bake sale to this
  10. 10. Saturday, September 22nd, from 11AM to 12:30 PM. Wehave raised several hundred dollars so far, in the process slakingmany a sweet tooth with delicious home-baked treats. Pleasecome out and support this worthy project in support of theOrgan Restoration Fund. The next sale will be in early December, just in time to stockup for your Christmas table and seasonal parties. Moreinformation closer to the date, so stay tuned!Today the organ is back to full power, with the first phase of therestoration completed just this past week. One of the things youwill notice is that the organ is less noisy since the leak in one ofthe wind reservoirs has been patched (a major task!). Also, it’hoped that there won’t be as many ‘stuck notes’ (known toorganists as ‘ciphers’) – although there might still be theoccasional one until the rest of the work is done! A thousandthanks to all who contributed to this phase of the project.However, many more funds are needed to complete the job.If you, or someone you know, might be interestedin joining the choir, please see Neil after the service, or call himat 416-410-1504, or email him at    LIFE AND MINISTRY OF OUR COMMUNITYBible Study this weekMonday night Bible study will take place at 7:00 PM onMonday, September 17th in the rector’s study. All arewelcome.Meeting today
  11. 11. There will be a Chancel Guild meeting following the servicetoday..No Advisory Board until OctoberThe Advisory Board will meet in the rector’s office at 7:30PM on Tuesday, October 9th. All are welcome - we’d love tosee some new people!Who are you going to invite?Back to Church Sunday is coming up soon: on September30th! Start thinking now about who you’d like to invite.A concert here this eveningAt St. Barnabas at 7:30 this evening, MUSICA REFLECTA, anew young professional chamber orchestra, launches itsinaugural season with performances of Ravel’s Tombeau deCouperin and Young Patchwork Suite, both written for nineinstruments by a collective of emerging Toronto composers.MUSICA REFLECTA provides opportunities for developingprofessional musicians to collaborate with one another andsupports the growth of new composers and Canadiancompositions. Many of the musicians and composers featured inthis performance have pursued studies in music in Toronto, andall are 30 years old or younger. Support youth in the arts andall-Canadian content! Tickets available at the door ($20 adults/$15 students and art workers) and at a reduced price in advanceat Prayer ConferenceDr. Michael Knowles will be addressing the topic “Living thePrayer that Jesus Taught” at the above conference at St.John’s, York Mills, on October 20th. For more info, contactCarol-Anne Foty at 416-767-0253 or
  12. 12. Outreach ConferenceAlso on October 20th, the Outreach Networking conference,from 9 AM to 3:30 PM at Holy Trinity School in RichmondHill. For more info and to register conference.Speaking of JesusFor one night: How to begin talking naturally about your faith.John Bowen will conduct a seminar on October 17th at 7:30PM at St. Timothy’s Anglican Church, 100 Old Orchard Blvd.,Toronto M5M 2E2 are we reading?The St. Barnabas Book Club has chosen the following twobooks to discuss this fall: Cat’s Table by Michael Ondaatje(Oct. 3rd) and Water for Elephants by Sarah Gruen (Nov. 7th).The Childrens CornerChildren are always welcome at our services. We have a smallarea, especially designed for the younger saints, which islocated at the back of the church where you will find a numberof toys, books and craft supplies. Please make yourself at home!Sunday school during the 10:30 service will resume later in thefall. WHAT’S HAPPENING THIS WEEK? Thursday, September 20th 7:45 PM Choir practice In the downstairs choir room Saturday, September 22nd 11 AM Choir Bake Sale At the back of the church In support of the Organ Restoration Fund WORSHIP SCHEDULE
  13. 13. Thursday, September 20th 12 noon Holy Eucharist Sunday, September 23rd Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost 9:00 AM Holy Eucharist 10:30 AM Morning Prayer Readings: Proverbs 31: 10-31; Psalm 1 James 3: 13 – 4: 3, 7-8a; Mark 9: 30-37   CLERGY The Rev. Dr. Harold ShepherdHONORARY ASSISTANT Fr. David Hoopes, OHCDEACON The Rev. Grace Caldwell-HillLEADERSHIP TEAM Gary Davenport, Jane Smith Lyn Inniss, Everod Miller, Jan BookerORGANIST & CHOIRMASTER Neil HoultonPARISH ADMINISTRATOR Mary Roycroft RanniORGANIST EMERITUS Dr. Eugene Gates