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May 19


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May 19

  1. 1. $5 special - Chicken Quesadilla with Rice or 2 Tacos with Wedge Fries Jet juice or bottled water included
  2. 2. Have you had an interesting SHSM experience? We are looking for photographs that show the skills you have learned in your SHSM to be featured in our Ad Campaign Requirements: 1 submit a photo of yourself in a setting related to your SHSM sector 2 submit a caption starting with “My/Our SHSM…” that reflects your SHSM experience 3 email submissions to DUE DATE: MAY 22, 2015 Questions – Justin van Diepen – 705- 734-6363 ext. 11465
  3. 3. After hours Math help Every TUESDAY and THURSDAY Until Final Exams In Room 660 From 2:30 – 4:00 See Mr. Pearson if you haven’t submitted your paperwork
  4. 4. VARIETY NIGHT CONGRATULATIONS ROBBIE LEDGER! Robbie will be our host for this years event! He will be rocking the mic and keeping the audience in stitches with his ongoing commentary! Don’t miss this fantastic evening!
  5. 5. Volunteers Needed for The Simcoe Street Festival Day of Delight Saturday, June 20 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. DOWNTOWN COLLINGWOOD PARADE**THEATRE**DANCE**ARTS & CRAFTS**MUSIC**PUPPETS**FOOD Contact
  6. 6. NEED VOLUNTEER HOURS? The Great Northern Exhibition (GNE) is looking for volunteers for various events throughout the year. If you are interested contact Glenda Brown At 705-446-1974 Or email
  7. 7. YEARBOOKS ARE HERE! Cost $40 Pick them up in the library. See Ms.Moritz if you have any questions.