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Master copy


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Published in: Education, Sports
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Master copy

  1. 1. Explore construction worker and contractors opportunities through HANDS ON activities… For more info or to sign up, see Ms. Walsh in Co-op TODAY!!
  2. 2. The Sunnidale Winterama is looking for some Student Volunteers to help out with this awesome event. See Mr. Murray for more details!!
  3. 3. The Cross Country Team will have their team photo taken at the start of lunch in the gym.
  4. 4. If you are an E-learning Student who will be writing a Final Exam, please see Mr. Murray ASAP to discuss your requirements!!
  5. 5. University Applications are due January 15. College Applications are due February 1. See Guidance IMMEDIATELY if you need any information or assistance!!
  6. 6. Coming next Friday!!!
  7. 7. Chess club will meet in room 118 at lunch today.
  8. 8. There are only 10 school days left for this semester so remember to keep focussed and be sure to hand in ALL of your assignments on time.
  9. 9. There is a MANDATORY meeting for all Grease cast members at the start of lunch today in the Library.
  10. 10. There is a Drama Festival on Monday at lunch in room 661.
  11. 11. Varsity girls hockey won their game against npss yesterday 7-2!!! Ooo-what? Ooo-rah!!!
  12. 12. Jr and sr boys basketball will practice today after school.
  13. 13. and a Drink - $5 and a Drink - $6
  14. 14. The Music Dept. has some great discount cards for $25!! Get yours today!!
  15. 15. Are you a new driver?? Would you like to take your G2 test four months early?? Then sign up for the Driver’s Education program!! Dates are available throughout the year!! See the office for more information!!
  16. 16. If you see an act of vandalism in or around your school or community, call Crime Stoppers!
  17. 17. There will be Pickup Basketball here in the gym every Tuesday night at 8pm!!! See you there!!
  18. 18. Reminder: Lunchtime eating is restricted to the Lobby & Cafeteria
  19. 19. See Ms. Moritz in the Library today!!
  20. 20. Don’t forget to check out our website at for all kinds of helpful information including the Morning Announcements, Student Handbook, Upcoming Events, helpful tips and more!!