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Master copy


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Published in: Sports, Self Improvement
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Master copy

  1. 1. Sr Girls Volleyball will practice today after school.
  2. 2. If you see an act of vandalism in or around your school or community, call Crime Stoppers!
  3. 3. This week is our Annual Food Drive. Bring in your donations and get some Homeroom Points!!! ONLY ONE DAY LEFT!!
  4. 4. The Green Team will meet at the beginning of lunch in room 224.
  5. 5. There is a Varsity Boys Soccer meeting at the beginning of lunch in room 121.
  6. 6. Congrats to link crew 4 – the winners of the dodgeball tournament. Go spartans!!!!!
  7. 7. The Grade 11 Entrepreneur class is running the Toy Drive this year! Starting tomorrow, bring in toys and you can earn homeroom points!! Deadline is next Wednesday!
  8. 8. The Varsity Boys’ Soccer team CANNOT sell any World’s Finest Chocolate Almonds or Mints to other students in the school. They can however sell the chocolates If they see you in the community. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!
  9. 9. Next Tuesday will be Christmas Dinner in the Cafeteria!! Your choice of turkey or ham with mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, veggies, dessert & a drink for $7!! Buy yours that day or pre-purchase today!!
  10. 10. Rice or Noodles with Veggie Chow Mien, Meatballs, Grilled Chicken or Popcorn Chicken and a Drink - $5 Add an Eggroll for $1
  11. 11. There will be Pickup Basketball here in the gym every Tuesday night at 8pm!!! See you there!!
  12. 12. Reminder: Lunchtime eating is restricted to the Lobby & Cafeteria
  13. 13. See Ms. Moritz in the Library today!!
  14. 14. GRADS!!! Sign up for College & University visits that are coming up in Guidance!!
  15. 15. Friday Night DropIn at The Door!! 7-10pm on Fridays Come on out for a game of pool, video games, air hockey and hanging out!!
  16. 16. Don’t forget to check out our website at for all kinds of helpful information including the Morning Announcements, Student Handbook, Upcoming Events, helpful tips and more!!