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Master copy


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Master copy

  1. 1. Thursday, February 14, is Spirit Day!!!Wear your red, pink & white and win homeroom points for Second Semester!
  2. 2. Tuesday, Feb. 12 (4/3 week)  Yearbooks are available to pre-order in the library. Cost is $42. Order yours today!!
  3. 3. The Matchmaker Results are in!Purchase yours for$2 today at lunch in the lobby!!!
  4. 4. D.E.A.R. will beduring Period 1 in February.
  5. 5. Pancake BreakfastThursday mornings from 7:30-9:30. $4.50 gets youPancakes, Bacon,Homefries & Juice!
  6. 6. Tuesday, Feb. 12 (4/3 week)  The Great Canadian Geography Challenge will be next week. Gr 9’s listen for details!!!
  7. 7. COMPUTER VANDALISMIf your computer is not working at the start of class – report it immediately to your teacher. If you damage or vandalise a computer, you will meet withAdmin, possibly the police and can be charged with vandalism. You will be responsible for all repair charges: $60.00 per hour plus parts.
  8. 8. Tuesday, Feb. 12 (4/3 week)  There are lots of volunteer opportunities available – see Guidance!
  9. 9. CAFÉ SPECIALSVeggie Stirfry with Grilled or PopcornChicken or Meatballs over Noodles or Rice and a Drink for $5 Add an Eggroll for $1 Soup of the Day – Chicken Veggie
  10. 10. The Ministry of Labour is having a Video Contest to stress the importance of working safely on the job & your rights to be paid fairly for the work you do! Entries are being accepted from Feb. 1 – April 5, 2013!!See: and click on their 2nd Feature tab for more information!!
  11. 11. The YMCA is scheduling their summer programs including Water Safety, Summer Outdoor Education & Youth Leadership!! See Guidance for more information!!
  12. 12. Tuesday, Feb. 12 (4/3 week) What courses you would like totake next year. Find out what SCI has to offer at the Course Fair tomorrow morning in the library!!
  13. 13. ALL overduetextbooks, sports uniforms and other school property fromsemester 1 should be returned to the office ASAP!
  14. 14. YMCA is offering FREE eye exams & FREE glasses!! SeeGuidance for details!
  15. 15. Be cautious when walking in the parking lot!Pavement is slippery!
  16. 16. Tuesday, Feb. 12 (4/3 week) Library Live tomorrow at lunch! Get your act together!!