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Dec 7


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Dec 7

  1. 1. Our Students for SocialChange are organizing our Christmas Food Drive for Dec 10-14.Be sure to bring inyour non-perishable food items for Homeroom Points!!
  2. 2. Friday, Dec. 7 (4/3 week) Jones Bottle Caps are beingcollected in the Cafeteria. School clothing is for sale on our website! Forms & money to Ms. Moritz by 2:30 TODAY!!
  3. 3. CAFÉ SPECIALSHot Dog or Hamburger with Fries and a Drink for$5 2 Hot Dogs or 2 Hamburgers with Fries and a Drink for$6
  4. 4. Friday, Dec. 7 (4/3 week) University bound studentsget your PIN number andOUAC info in Guidance!! 
  5. 5. Friday, Dec. 7 (4/3 week)Drama Festival meeting on theStage at 10:50 start of lunch  Volleyball Intramurals are on!! See schedule outside the Phys Ed office.
  6. 6. Be cautious when walking in the parking lot!Pavement is slippery!
  7. 7. Friday, Dec. 7 (4/3 week)  Thank you to everyone who has already contributed to the relief fund for the Philippines. If students would like to donatespare change today, please drop it offin the collection tin in Guidance.
  8. 8. Friday, Dec. 7 (4/3 week)See Guidance forassistance with College &University applications.  There are lots of volunteer opportunities available – see Guidance!
  9. 9. Girls varsity hockey met the jean vanier storm. Great game with 3 new gr 9 players. Although we were defeated 4-3, our spartans showed great spirit &sportsmanship. Goals were scoredby ashley harvey, gabby auclair & alex breedon. Great game girls!!