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Hosting Brochure


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Brochure detailing how hosting a Stay IN Charge kiosk will benefit your venue.

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Hosting Brochure

  2. 2. It’s a public mobile phone charging kiosk thatcan be situated in a multitude of convenientpublic locations.The kiosk allows mobile phone users theopportunity to recharge their mobile devicesvia a rapid charge service typically giving themup to an additional 8 hours standby time forjust £1.00Operation couldn’t be simpler:1. Find appropriate charging lead…2. Plug phone in…3. Pay £1.00…4. Wait 10 minutes.
  3. 3. • There are currently over 60 million mobile phones active in theUnited Kingdom. They all require regular recharging.• More and more people are becoming dependant upon their mobilephones.• 92% of mobile phone users cannot get through the day withoutusing their phone.• In modern day life, more people are rushing around eitherforgetting to charge their phone or leaving their charger behind.• As mobiles become increasingly sophisticated, and are used moreregularly for calls, texts, internet, social networking, photographs,games and music, they require charging on a more regular basis.• With live TV set to be the next major development in mobiletechnology, this will put an even greater strain on battery life and theneed for a more accessible and immediate means to rechargedevices will become even more critical.
  4. 4. It will cost you absolutely nothing to host a Stay In Charge Kiosk.Stay In Charge will:• Install the machine• Maintain the machine• Insure the machine against material damage & public liability*• Promote the machine• Publicise your venue as a Kiosk Host• Educate your staff and public on how to use the facility.The only expense you will incur is the additional cost to your electricity bill. As our kiosksconsume very little power, the estimated cost of running your kiosk is around 70p per week.That’s it. It’s that simple.* Terms and conditions apply. See contract for details.
  5. 5. Becoming a Stay In Charge Kiosk Host gives you a myriad of benefits. In addition to thecommission you will earn from vending and advertising sales, you will…• Provide an even better service to your customers.• Customers will typically be staying longer in your venue whilst their phone is charging. At leastten minutes, thus driving up customer spend.• New customers will be attracted to your venue, as they will want to use the Stay In ChargeKiosk.• Stay In Charge run marketing and promotional campaigns to promote the service we offer andthe venues who host our kiosks.• Benefits from word of mouth marketing.• Promotion through our website with a direct link toyour website.• Promotion of your venue through our Facebook, Twitter& YouTube Channel.
  6. 6. Stay In Charge are more than happy to visit your venue and provide you with afull on-site demonstration and discuss the benefits of hosting our kiosks.For more information, or to apply for a kiosk, call our hosting team.0845 299 6401 /stayincharge /stayinchargeuk /
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