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Advertising Brochure


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Brochure detailing how advertising on our network can provide you with an invaluable and inexpensive way to gain customers.

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Advertising Brochure

  2. 2. It’s a public mobile phone charging kiosk thatcan be situated in a multitude of convenientpublic locations.The kiosk allows mobile phone users theopportunity to recharge their mobile devicesvia a rapid charge service typically giving themup to an additional 8 hours standby time forjust £1.00Operation couldn’t be simpler:1. Find appropriate charging lead…2. Plug phone in…3. Pay £1.00…4. Wait 10 minutes.
  3. 3. • There are currently over 60 million mobile phones active in theUnited Kingdom. They all require regular recharging.• More and more people are becoming dependant upon their mobilephones.• 92% of mobile phone users cannot get through the day withoutusing their phone.• In modern day life, more people are rushing around eitherforgetting to charge their phone or leaving their charger behind.• As mobiles become increasingly sophisticated, and are used moreregularly for calls, texts, internet, social networking, photographs,games and music, they require charging on a more regular basis.• With live TV set to be the next major development in mobiletechnology, this will put an even greater strain on battery life and theneed for a more accessible and immediate means to rechargedevices will become even more critical.
  4. 4. Our kiosks offer the very latest evolution in digital media advertising. The integrated, high qualityLCD screens are situated at the top of our machinery. This ensures that advertisements areclearly visible to both users and non users of our service.Whilst using our service, the screen captures the attention of our users for a minimum of tenminutes.
  5. 5. • PREMIUM LOCATION ADVERTISING – Our kiosks are typically placed in venues with highconsumer footfall.• FLEXIBLE COMBINATION OF ADVERTISEMENTS – Our kiosks are capable of handling eitherstatic or video advertisements for our more adventurous advertisers!• CONSTANT HIGH EXPOSURE – Your advertisement will be on a continuous loop the entiretime the kiosk is in operation. The advert will be seen not only by consumers using the kiosk, butby anyone passing the machine.• COST EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING - Advertise your business, product or service from as little as£2 per day… Great value considering the mass target audience your advert could reach.• DISCOUNTED RATES – Discounts are offered toadvertisers booking slots prior to the installation of kiosksand advertisers wishing to run their campaign on multiplekiosks.
  6. 6. The schedule is a 4 minute loop consisting of sixteen, 15 x second advertisement slots.All advertisers receive a 1 in 16 display for 15 seconds, every four minutes.Device charging at our kiosks typically takes around 20 minutes.This means your advertisement will be displayed aminimum of 4 times per user/charge.
  7. 7. Segmenting your target market is crucial. At Stay In Charge we recognise this and havedesigned our advertising package to make it as simple as possible for advertisers to definetheir audience.Audiences are defined according to the various locations of our kiosks.Our simple and flexible package allows you to advertise on one or a multitude of kiosks togain maximum exposure.Our detailed and regularly updated list of locations lets you pinpoint your target audiencequickly and easily.Design and create your own advertisement oralternatively let our in house creative team design abespoke ad on your behalf.Design services start from £59.
  8. 8. Advertising RatesStandard Advertising Rate: 1-2 Kiosks £699 / Year(per kiosk) 3-4 Kiosks £665 / Year Saving 5% 5-9 Kiosks £629 / Year Saving 10% 10+ Kiosks £559 / Year Saving 20%Pre-Installation Rate: 1-2 Kiosks £669 / Year(per kiosk) 3-4 Kiosks £635 / Year Saving 5% 5-9 Kiosks £602 / Year Saving 10% 10+ Kiosks £535 / Year Saving 20%Design RatesStatic Advertisement £59*Animated Advertisement £179**Design rates depend on the complexity of your advert.Prices quoted are based on average advertisement designs.Design services are £59 per hour. Written quotations available on request.
  9. 9. For a full list of sites and site demographics, please contact our advertising sales team. In Charge (UK) Limited 43 Gaysham Avenue, Ilford, Essex, IG2 6TBCompany Registered in England and Wales. Registration No. 07943028