SMX Stockholm 2011 Stavros Bilis Search Engine Friendly Design


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Stavros Bilis Presentation from SMX Stockholm 2011 event, September 2011.

Search Engine Friendly design, for any questions do not hesitate to contact me to @stavr0s.

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SMX Stockholm 2011 Stavros Bilis Search Engine Friendly Design

  1. 1. SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY DESIGN A story about People, Sites and Robots SMX Stockholm 2011 by Stavros Bilis Contact: - @stavr0s
  2. 2. Who am I?
  3. 3. Who are we? We Design. We Create. We Optimize. We Monetize.
  4. 4. Why SEO Friendly Design? This is SPAM. This is a lot of SPAM.
  5. 5. Humans and RobotsSites designed for humans and loved by robots. • H: Information/Buy/Interact Message • R: Relevant content • H: Logical Navigation/inlinks Path • R: Text/ inlinks • H: Inform/Convert Goal • R: Help rank in search engines
  6. 6. Content Content is KINGIs your content indexable?
  7. 7. Content - Images Robots crawling a site can not see images. They can read “alt tags”.<img alt="Messi Copa America 2011 .jpg" src= America_2011_.jpg/220px-Messi_Copa_America_2011_.jpg width="220" height="312" />Source:
  8. 8. Content – Video/AudioUse text / transcript to describe your video/ audio content.The more relevant and natural language, the better chances to appear in search results.
  9. 9. Content – Video/Audio No description/ no text at all
  10. 10. A 1999 site with FlashFlash?
  11. 11. Robot, wondering…Seriously now, Flash?
  12. 12. Yes, the same 1999 Flash siteSeriously now, Flash?Source:
  13. 13. 1999 Flash site source codeSource code:Source: view-source:
  14. 14. Does only content matter?
  15. 15. LinksAre you links crawlable? Can search engine robots reach main content/pages and see your links?
  16. 16. Links – Case Study Site Search Engine for online ads & classifiedsIndexed Pages in Google: 14.600.000+Age: 7 years, since 2004Backlinks: 177.000+Referring domains: 660+Visits: more than 2.100.000 per monthMain Ad Categories: 20 – 30
  17. 17. Links – Case Study Allaannonser.seLinking inmaincategoriesand partnersites in thehomepage:
  18. 18. Links – Case Study Allaannonser.seUsing “nofollow”:
  19. 19. Links – Case Study Allaannonser.sePopular keywords linking to “deep content”:
  20. 20. Links – Case Study Allaannonser.sePopular keywords after user search linking to relevant“deep content”:
  21. 21. Links – What to avoidLinks in:• Submission forms• Blocked pages by meta tags/robots.txt• iFrames• Javascript/Flash/Plug-ins• Pages with more than 100 links
  22. 22. Keywords• Decide what your niche is.• Do your research and use wisely your keywords.• Write relevant content and natural language.• Do not stick on “keyword density” myths.
  23. 23. On Page OptimizationExample keywords: “Hotel Santorini”Page Title: Hotel in Santorini | Hotel Website Main text:Meta description: Find your hotel in Santorini!H1 Headline: Hotel in Santorini from Hotel Website ____Hotel____Santorini_________________ hotel____flight_____Santorini______luxuriou s hotel with view____Santorini hotels. _________________________hotels in Santorini___________summer vacation_____ __________hotels in Greece_____________ __________hotel bookings. ______________Image filename: “hotel-santorini.jpg”Image alt tag: “Hotel Santorini” Page URL:
  24. 24. URLs - StructureCorrect URL structure can boost rankings, clicks and visibility. Think as a user + Short URLs + Keywords Included + Static – use Hyphens “-”Example: Vs Vs cheesecake-recipe/index.html
  25. 25. Meta TagsMeta RobotsIndex/noindex, follow/nofollow/noarchive/nosnippet/noODP/noYDirMeta description<meta name="description" content="Sveriges största matcommunity med över 86 300 recept och över 635 800 medlemmar" />Meta keywords do not matter anymore
  26. 26. Page Speed - Less is more
  27. 27. What to avoid in your site• iFrames• Flash• Heavy Images• Scripts that slower the page• Broken Links• Massive amount of internal/external links per page• Thin content• Copied and duplicate content
  28. 28. Go the extra mile for your siteTest, measure, test, measure, test Big players already do it.
  29. 29. Extra: Mobile SEO Friendly Design
  30. 30. Extra: Mobile SEO Friendly Design
  31. 31. Extra: Mobile SEO Friendly Design• Create lighter versions of the site (• Localized content – people on the move• Less media, more text• Yes to mobile ads but do not overdo it• Use “share with friends/others” functions• Browser/mobile OS compatibility
  32. 32. Users are different •Respect users and their time •Make their life easier •Make awesome and user friendly websites
  33. 33. Who is afraid of Pandas?
  34. 34. What is the…
  35. 35. Future of SEO friendly design• Less is more?• Content is king?• Back to Flash?• New Panda/algorithm will change everything?
  36. 36. Thank you ! – Tack! Stavros Bilis: @stavr0s: &