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Leveraging your professional staffing agency


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Leveraging your professional staffing agency

  1. 1. Leveraging your professional staffing agencyA professional staffing agency is usually engaged in the acquisition of professionals onbehalf of their clients either on permanent basis or on temporary or on flexible basis. Theprofessional staffing agencies concentrate their attention primarily on placing the bestavailable candidate with appropriate employers. In addition to supplementing the direct hireprocesses to their clients, these professional staffing agencies offer important benefits. Agood professional staffing agency can prove to be a valuable resource and adhere to along term business relationship. The other advantages include providing insights into thelabor trends, local market activities and industry specific information that the clientorganization may not have at their disposal.There are hundreds of professional staffing agencies in the United States and it is estimatedthat over 95 percent of them have annual revenue of more than $5 million. Therefore, it iscrucial for the organizations to evaluate who it wants to be partnered with to bring inprofessional employees into their organization. There are some areas that need to beevaluated before tying up with a professional staffing agency thereby deriving maximumleverage from the concerned agency. The main evaluation criteria that need to beconsidered while going in for these agencies to increase the cost to value (delivering themost qualified talent at the most reasonable rates) are:1. Focus of the agency: The organization must first examine the approach or way theconcerned professional staffing agency is taking. This includes discovering whether theagency is specializing in any one particular area or is it more broadly structured to addressthe contingent labor need.2. How the agency is investing its resources in the client organization: The otherfactor that needs to be considered is how the agency is interacting and collaborating withthe client company, whether it is giving any confidence to the company in understandingabout the business needs of the organization to fit in right people as employees to work inthe respective company.3. Long lasting association: Another criterion that needs to be considered while hiring aprofessional staffing agency is whether it is just content with the recent placement or is itclient focused in educating their client on other matters. These matters may relate totalented candidates’ demand and supply in Client Company’s geographical area and aboutthe impact on economy due to labor pay rates.These are some of the factors that need to be considered in leveraging the benefits of aprofessional staffing agency.