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Tausug beliefs and practices


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Lit101 B
Samantha Jumawan
Ma. Charisse Terry M. Vallon

Published in: Business, Technology
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Tausug beliefs and practices

  1. 1. TAUSUG BELIEFS and PRACTICES Vallon, Ma Charisse Terry M. Jumawan, Samantha V.
  2. 2. SUPERTITIOUS BELIEFS Bawal magnailcutter sa gabi kasi may mamatay. Bawal magwalis sa gabi dahil sinasama nito sa pagwalis ang blessings. Bawal matulog ng nakadapa. Hindi pwede kumain ng kalabasa pag may patay.
  3. 3.  Bawal magtahi ng damit na suot mo. Bawal magsuyod sa gabi. Bawal magpaganda ang babaeng asawa pagnamatay ang asawang lalaki.
  4. 4. BURIAL PRACTICES when the warmth is gone, the corpse is sponged in cold water. they must clean the whole body. the bathing is done by religious persons.  for girl – panday.  for boy – imam. the bathing is done in silence. the water that is use is fresh. The Imam will pray for the dead body using the Qur’an. the corpse is wiped and then perfumed and place in a shroud. the corpse is wrapped in a lying position with hands place on its chest, the right over the left.
  5. 5. BAPTISM the ritual of baptism is called paggunting. the child clad in best garments is brought to the group of Imams standing in circle. a few strands of hair are dipped in a container of the water of butong. the child’s mouth is smeared with sugar and salt. the child is also perfumed. candle is lit at the beginning of the rite and then blown off after.