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  • - If a taxi driver asks you where you want to go you would not say “I don’t know – take me anywhere!” - Don’t do the same with your life!- Is University part of your journey?
  • Don't be held back by: - Friends’ choices - Indecision – it’s ok not to know what job you want to do – maybe think of an area that interests you – if you can’t decide that, take a braod variety of optionsNot knowing yourself
  • Year 9 Options Presentation

    1. 1. Year 9 Options
    2. 2. You and your options• Think about where you want to go• Think about how to get there• Plan the journey now!
    3. 3. Progression Routes Foundation, Higher or Further education GCSEs Advanced Diploma Foundation & Higher education Higher Diploma GCSE / A-Level At Foundation Learning At Foundation Learning At Apprenticeship post 18 14 Tier 16 Tier 18 Apprenticeship Employment Young Apprenticeship Employment with Employment with training training
    4. 4. Compulsory subjectsCommitment to high quality education: English GCSE English Literature GCSE Maths GCSE Dual Award Science ( = 2 GCSEs) RE GCSE ICT (level 2 qualification = 1 GCSE) PHSCE PE
    5. 5. Optional Subjects GCSE ICT Hospitality and Catering GCSE French GCSE German GCSE Music GCSE Textiles GCSE Art and Design GCSE Certificate of Personal Effectiveness Young Apprenticeships
    6. 6. Optional Subject Geography GCSE Drama GCSE History GCSE Product Design GCSE Physical Education GCSE Triple Science
    7. 7. Young Apprenticeships One or two days based in Yorkshire Coast College The work is both practical and written Pupils use up all their options following this course The courses on offer will depend on demand from all 8 schools across the area Young Apprenticeships are suitable for pupils who would gain 5 A*-C at GCSE The course will require successful interviews by staff from outside this school to gain a place
    8. 8. CoPE Certificate of Personal Effectiveness Level 1 – GCSE Grades D-G Level 2 – GCSE Grades A*-C Two year course Approved by QCA Develops personal skills
    9. 9. Suitability  All pupils choices will be looked at by senior staff to assess suitability, any concerns will try to be addressed
    10. 10. English Baccalaureate ( Ebacc )English, Maths, Science, History or Geography and a Modern ForeignLanguageNot a qualification•more a guidance in choosing subjects•perceived by the Government as more academic pathway•This is not currently a requirement for university entry – however someuniversities may have extra criteria•Our philosophy is that the child is at the centre of our learning community•option choices should be chosen on what is right for your child•Irony is:•70% of our pupils chose History/Geography•At least 50% of pupils chose a Modern Foreign Language•All pupils take RE but this is not included!
    11. 11. Option Groups Pupils are to place all subjects in order of preference Even if you want to choose Young Apprenticeship you need to do this Choices will be inputted into our system and 3 option groups will be produced to give as many pupils as possible their choices When the groups are decided then pupils will make their final choice. Some pupils may be interviewed by senior staff to ensure their choice is in their best interest
    12. 12. Dates Important to keep to deadlines Dates will be on letters home
    13. 13. Options Think about yourself:  What you want in life  Where you want to go  Strengths & weaknesses  Aptitudes & personality  Learning style  Interests and passions
    14. 14. What should not determineyour final choice choice? Friends Parents Favourite teacher Fun factor “Easy” option (there are no easy options!)
    15. 15. Option Choices Advice – keep options as open as possible Use information from many sources – staff, parents, careers advisor, internet Useful sites – see our website under the options tab
    16. 16. Further Information tonightSt Augustine’s staff – please ask about any subject – this is not a parents consultation evening
    17. 17. remember…. It’s your choice for the next two years (as long as it can be fitted it into the timetable)Yr 9 OptionsSt Augustine’s
    18. 18. and remember…. You are quite likely to change your career at least once in your lifeYr 9 OptionsSt Augustine’s