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Costa navarino activities eng

  2. 2. Enjoy a round of golf at Greece’s first 18-hole championship golf courses, with a full serviceClubhouse. Play the seaside Dunes Course, designed by former US Masters champion andRyder Cup Captain Bernhard Langer in association with European Golf Design, or the nearby18-hole Bay Course, designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., directly over historic Navarino Baywith sublime views.At the state-of-the-art Navarino Golf Academy, players of all levels can benefit from multi-lingual coaching from experienced PGA Professionals. The Academy also provides Platzreife’Green Card’ courses.
  3. 3. The Anazoe Spa experience offers a full range of treatmentsdeveloped from health and beauty practices of ancient Greece.The unique olive-oil treatments (oleotherapy®) are based onlocal therapies inscribed on clay tablets discovered at the nearbyPalace of Nestor.Individualized to address your specific needs, treatments areadministered to the accompaniment of soothing music derivingfrom ancient Greek modes and scales, in a serene environment ofice-grotto rooms, mist showers and herbal saunas.The signature treatments are further enhanced by the use ofexclusive local elements such as Messinian olive oil, fresh herbs andsea salts, along with select products from around the globe.
  4. 4. AUTHENTIC VILLAGE COOKINGVisit our picturesque village home anddiscover traditional Messinian cooking withthe help of local women who will shareauthentic family recipes passed down frommother to daughter. You will learn how toprepare a typical full Messinian menu, usingregional techniques and fresh ingredients,followed by lunch and the opportunity tosavor the food prepared.HOMEMADE BREAD MAKINGThe secrets of traditional Messinian bakingrevealed…by the experts, local women whowill show you how to make delicious breadssuch as the elaborately adorned kentimenipita (literally, ‘embroidered bread’).The following day, these baked breads will beserved in the breakfast area for you to try.
  5. 5. seasonal activitiesOLIVE HARVESTINGExperience first-hand one of Messinia’s most enduring agriculturaland culinary traditions, as you participate in each step of theolive’s seasonal journey from tree to table.Harvest a quantity of olives the age-old way, visit a nearby millwhere you will help make the oil and discern the subtle flavors ofthe region’s renowned extra virgin olive oil, accompanied by atraditional meal.WINE HARVESTINGWine grapes have been cultivated in Messinia since Homerictimes. Share in the local knowledge, experience a private tourto the Navarino Vineyards, learn and participate in the grapetreading and join a wine tasting seminar lead by an experiencedsommelier.
  6. 6. MAGIC OF SHADOWS (complimentary to guests)As the sun goes down over Costa Navarino, prepare yourself forthe enchanting world of Karagiozis shadow theater. A popularForm of entertainment throughout Greece, the fascinatingpuppet characters have delighted Messinian families of generations.SONGS AROUND THE TABLE (complimentary to guests)Various social events bring Messinians together to eat, drink andsing. One such occasion is the preparation of food. Join a group oflocal women, seated around a large wooden table, as they maketraditional delicacies and sing regional folk songs a cappella.STORYTELLING (complimentary to guests)Discover the timeless allure of storytelling, one of the oldestmeans through which cultures have passed down values,traditions and beliefs. A talented storyteller and two virtuosomusicians bring to life tales of the past.
  7. 7. THE ART OF MOSAICTake a crash course in the ancient art of mosaicand learn the main construction technique. Youwill then be given the opportunity to make yourown replicas of original motifs discovered atarchaeological sites in Messinia.
  8. 8. Against the idyllic backdrop of the Messinian countryside, discuss important modern-dayissues through the prism of the ancient Greek philosophical thinking.Together with esteemed university professors, select the topic of your interest and try tofind answers to it by drawing on the wisdom of the past.PHILOSOPHY WALKS
  9. 9. Experience the famous Ancient Greek Symposium, where philosophic brain stormingcombines with a gastronomical experience on all levels, introducing the fundamental flavorsof Ancient Greek cuisine in their raw form, borrowed from the ancestral recipes of wellness.ANCIENT GREEK SYMPOSIUM
  10. 10. WINE SEMINARSWine tasting seminars, led by an experienced sommelier, at which you can assessthe characteristics of some Greek and local famous varieties.
  11. 11. "Astronomy Nights" is a new interactive experience at CostaNavarino organized by the Navarino Environmental Observatoryand Navarino Natura Hall by Hellenic Post Bank.As a visitor for this observing activity, you investigate the cosmosas conceived from a Messinians view angle, in small groups of 5-7people under the guidance of trained staff.This unique astronomical experience includes observation of planets,like Saturn and its rings, features on the Moon, Jupiter and itssatellites, beautiful nebulae such as Orion, galaxies, stars andmany others.ASTRONOMY NIGHTS
  12. 12. Discover the unspoiled countryside of Messinia with its rich history and traditions throughcarefully planned hiking and biking tours for all levels, run by professionals. There is also aBike Station offering a wide range of quality bikes for those who wish to explore thecountryside independently.Bike to Voidokilia beach, voted among the Best Beaches around the world by ’’The Times’’, orhike to plenty of sites of natural and historical interest, such as the Tomb of Thrasymedes, thesparkling waterfalls of Polylimnio and the impressive ruins of the 13th century fortress ofPaleokastro.Our multilingual staff will also offer you a guided tour to the sites of visit.
  13. 13. BIRDWATCHINGObserve more than 270 of birds species, manyrare during a leisurely hike to Gialova lagoon,featured among the most important stopoversin Greece for migratory birds and designatedas a special protection area in the EU-wideecological network Natura 2000.This experience is enhanced by dedicated staffof the Hellenic Ornithological Society, thenational partner of BirdLife International, whowill offer an insight into the flora, fauna,habitats and endangered species of the area.
  14. 14. Enjoy Messinia’s clear blue waters and discover underwater secrets whilst scuba diving orsnorkeling in an area once frequented by notorious pirates such as Katoulias of Proti island.Explore the beauty of the undersea world and experience the wonders of Mediterraneanmarine life. Swim alongside the rare Caretta Caretta turtles and spot some of the large fishthat inhabit or visit the area.Take your first underwater breaths and learn how to scuba dive with experienced instructors.
  15. 15. Go kayaking with friends or take part in an escorted half- or full-day trip. Try Stand UpPaddleboarding or Kitesurfing, with private lessons for beginners and advancedcoaching from experienced instructors. Make the most of one of the best Surfing andWindsurfing spots in Greece to learn the basics or hone your skills.
  16. 16. The beach yoga is the ultimate stress release activity.Experience a private session during the sunset time in the Dunes Beach, guided by ourspecialized trained staff and take your own private journey of meditation and spiritual uplift,through the ultimate coordination of breath and movement.
  17. 17. Navarino Sea Yachting offers guests a memorable adventure in the storied waters off thecoast of Messinia.Join our experienced skipper and crew aboard sailing or motor yachts for one-day cruisesand discover the secrets of this crossroads of ancient civilizations.
  18. 18. Master your shot at the Navarino Racquet Academy, during private racquet lessons, or justbook one of our four tennis courts amidst lush olive groves and play with our professionalcoaches. Tennis enthusiasts enjoy the finest coaching, kids receive the best introduction toracquet sports through Mini Tennis, Squash provides an excellent cardiovascular workoutand Badminton helps improve explosive strength and coordination. Padel is easy to pickup, while Table Tennis is one of the few sports that allows adults and children to competewith each other. Fun-based sports such as Table Tennis, Racquethlon, Badminton,Speedminton, Beach Tennis & Beach Racquets are also available.
  19. 19. Indoor options offered at the cutting edge Sports & Entertainment Center include a fullrange of sporting activities such as bowling, basketball, volleyball and five-a-sidefootball, as well as extensive areas for meditation and workout classes.”SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT CENTER
  20. 20. COCOON (4 months- 3 years old)The Cocoon childcare center offers a safeenvironment where kids can take part inplay-based activities that enhance theirsenses and develop their skills. Under theclose supervision of qualified staff, ouryoungest visitors will never be bored asthey make friends and learn new thingsthrough song, dance, storytelling, roleplaying and musical games.SANDCASTLE (4 -12 years old)The SandCastle invites you on theadventure of a lifetime, with exciting,age-specific activities and overnight stayoptions. Discover the magical world ofGreek mythology as you follow in thesteps of Hercules and make your ownancient costumes. Live the thrill of pirateadventures and hunt for valuabletreasure.KIDS EXPERIENCES
  21. 21. Art is a fundamental aspect of the Costa Navarinoexperience, with original works by Greek andinternational artists forming an integral part of theinterior designs.A 90-minute guided tour of the art collections givesguests the opportunity to gain an appreciation ofartworks and artifacts of the 17th-19th centuries,especially from the wider area of Messinia, includingmaps, engravings, rare books and weapons from theGreek War of Independence.The tour also introduces visitors to more contemporarypieces, many of which were inspired by local nature andthe projects undertaken at Costa Navarino to preservethe important natural habitats of the region and maintainbiodiversity.ART TOUR
  22. 22. The Navarino Natura Hall by TT offers an exciting learning experience for all ages. Aninnovation in Greece, the interactive exhibition center uses the very latest digitaltechnologies to inform visitors and locals about the uniqueness and beauty of Messinia’snatural habitats while raising environmental awareness, particularly among youngpeople.Specially designed programs for children, featuring an imaginative combination ofgames, films and touch screens, present fascinating information about theenvironmental protection and region’s diverse flora and fauna in an uncomplicated andhighly entertaining way.
  23. 23.