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StartupYard, June 2012 - One Month Down, Two to Go


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One month down for StartupYard 2012 teams

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StartupYard, June 2012 - One Month Down, Two to Go

  1. 1.
  2. 2. ONE MONTH DOWN, TWO TO GOWe are 9 teams with 30+ internet entrepreneurs currently realising our dreams in a seed accelerator located in Prague, Czech Republic. We have seen 42 mentors so far. We have shown off and networked at The Next Web in Amsterdam, UXcamp in Berlin, Startup Weekend in Prague and Bratislava, BarCamp in Zilina.
  3. 3. New community workspaceCOMPANY DESCRIPTIONOur company ActivePeople.Do develops an online working environment for a new generation of faster andmore efficient planning and implementation of personal and team projects.PROGRESS SO FARPlatform and create the very first test the involvement of working communities.OUR GREATEST SUCCESS SO FARDeployment in the Institute of Pathology at the General University Hospital in Prague and assistance inobtaining ISO 15189: 2007 „Medical Laboratories - Particular requirements for quality and competence"OUR GREATEST PROBLEM AT THE MOMENTFinalization of private beta and tuning the business model.THE BEST ADVICE WE HAVE GOT SO FARIdeas to approach a greater group of users.
  4. 4. COMPANY DESCRIPTION Our company, iMenu, is developing an interactive digital tool for restaurants, hotels and shop. By combining customized iPad installations with a multi-purpose rich media application, it provides the businesses with increased sales and efficiency and their customers with more engaging experience. OUR GREATEST SUCCESS SO FARPROGRESS SO FAR Successful installation for first four customers.We have finished a beta version ofapplication iMenu for restaurants. We have found a great supplier, who is able to deliver top quality Gorilla Glass at the best price.THE BEST ADVICE WE HAVEGOT SO FAR OUR GREATEST PROBLEM AT THE MOMENTThink clear and simple. Focus on one thing ata time. Too many possible directions to pursue. We have to make a final choice about our target market.
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  6. 6. COMPANY DESCRIPTIONOur company, Lingvus,is developing an online translation marketplaceto help those needing something translated PROGRESS SO FARreceive high quality texts at decent prices Market analysis completedwith our worldwide professional human service Meeting and questioning customers Opening service providers registration Launching in mid July OUR GREATEST SUCCESS SO FAR Found two skilled, dedicated and motivated full time programmers OUR GREATEST PROBLEM THE BEST ADVICE WE HAVE AT THE MOMENT GOT SO FAR Getting the right message across to Do not waste time beta-testing millions of future customers your startup in Eastern Europe, go global!
  7. 7. • COMPANY DESCRIPTION is developing an online service helping accountants collect and process documents from their clients by providing a frontend web and mobile application connected with their accounting software.• PROGRESS SO FAR Were in the middle of developing the first public version of our service, aiming to launch in July.• OUR GREATEST SUCCESS SO FAR Surviving the evolution of our business model catalysed by a month full of intensive talks with mentors and customers.• THE BEST ADVICE WE HAVE GOT SO FAR Dont overdesign - focus on few key points and add features later.• OUR GREATEST PROBLEM AT THE MOMENT Creating a memorable brand and communicating our vision to the target audience.
  8. 8. is aaweb and mobile app, helping hungry people find any type of food delivery, is web and mobile app, helping hungry people find any type of food delivery, any place, any time, with just 33clicks! any place, any time, with just clicks! SUCCESS? EVERY MONTH... launched & proven & growing launched & proven & growing PROBLEM? visitors weak sales & marketing weak sales & marketing meals BEST ADVICE Kč in turnover “Work hard and prosper...” “Work hard and prosper...”
  9. 9. Spaceteacher.comCOMPANY DESCRIPTION• Our company is developing an online language education platform for people struggling with their motivation for learning foreign languages. It is a personal trainer guiding learners and tracking their progress during online and offline practice sessions. Learners can also shop for products and services of third party education providers.PROGRESS SO FAR Flaws in original UI design remedied, new service providers covering more cities, improved cooperation with service providersOUR GREATEST SUCCESS SO FAR Core group of active members created, greater trust of service providers in our productOUR GREATEST PROBLEM AT THE MOMENT We struggle with the definiton of our value proposition.THE BEST ADVICE WE HAVE GOT SO FAR• Every extra click needed decreases CTR by 60 %.
  10. 10. tabfoundryTabfoundry helps users create their own unique Facebook page tabsin less than a minute. It‘s as easy as drag-and-drop!Progress so far Our greatest problem at the momentTeam estabilished. Product defined. Technology We are slightly behind schedule and struggling withchosen. Market researched. Paths for customers graphics.ready. Launching really soon!Our greatest success so far The best advice we have got so farOur team works extremely well together, and we Keep it simple and launch as soon as possible.are enjoying the process.
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