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StartupYard 2012 - Investor Night, March 8, 2012


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StartupYard 2012 - Investor Night, March 8, 2012

  1. 1. StartupYard 2012Stop Talking, Start Your Business Investor Night, March 8, 2012
  2. 2. To fly means hard work and many fails
  3. 3. What is acceleration program● 3 to 6-month support for startups● led by a group of experienced entrepreneurs and investors● The goal is to accelerate start of a few up- and-coming companies● top world accelerators: Y Combinator, TechStars, Seedcamp, ...
  4. 4. What is StartupYard● mentorship based acceleration program● support for 5 to 8 startups● investment and program in exchange for equity● founded in 2011● based in Prague
  5. 5. Accelerators are about● mentors - the opportunity to meet experienced founder for months on regular basis● feedback - daily feedback on your idea, business, making money● time - you shorten your start, change thinking of your business to doing your business● contacts - the most invaluable point, take the chance to be in a startup network● motivation - you spend months with similir founders with similar ambition and issues
  6. 6. StartupYard 2012 TimingMarch 15 Applications DEADLINEMay 1 StartJuly Demo DayOct Investor Day
  7. 7. WANTED5 to 8 startups
  8. 8. We are looking for such teamsCompare your dreams to 2011 alumni:● 1 invested● 4 received offers● 1 opens 4th market● 2 launch next months● 1 failed
  9. 9. Ready for hard work
  10. 10. program 3 months +3 months office
  11. 11. 30+ mentors
  12. 12. MentorsOndrej Bartos (partner at Credo Ventures, founder at TUESDAY Business Network)David Beska (founder at DB Consulting, New Media Director at Sanoma Media)Michal Blaha (founder at Atlas, Devmasters, Dolezal (serial entrepreneur and investor, founder at Atlas, Ataxo, OfertasResumidas)Emi Gal (founder at Brainient, winner of Seedcamp)Jakub Havrlant (CEO at Allegro Group, founder at, winner of Startup of the Year)Imre Hild (partner at Primus Capital Venture Fund, co-founder at Quantum Platform)Michal Illich (founder at Jyxo, Wikidi, co-founder at Crazy Tomato, eTarget, investor StartupYard)Roman Kasan (Kasan Ventures, founder at Tiny Software, acquired by Computer Associates)Cedric Maloux (entrepreneur, business angel, founder at AllPeers, CEO at Muchna (founder at Y Soft, Technology Entrepreneur of the Year)Jakub Nesetril (founder at, a Springboard company, web developer at GoodData)Hubert Palan (product creator at GoodData,mentor at University of Notre Dame)Robin Raszka (co-founder at Tapmates, product designer at Piictu)Roman Smola (founder at Web Design Factory, Glogster)Pavel Sodomka (founder at Atlas and Radost 3.0, owner at Netmail and Starkell (CEO at GoalEurope, contributor to TechCrunch)Ivan Stefunko (founder at and SOVVA, chairman at Neulogy)Peter B. Zaboji (president at European Entrepreneurship Foundation, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD)Pavel Zima (general manager at
  13. 13. $10k per team for 10 % equity or no funding for 5 %
  14. 14. 1 US trip1+ European trips
  15. 15. 50k CZK in PPCfrom
  16. 16. Timing AgaingMarch 15 Applications DEADLINEMay 1 StartJuly Demo DayOct Investor Day
  17. 17. Q& @startup_yard