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StartitUp at CVCA Mixer


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StartitUp at CVCA Mixer

  1. 1. Build. Grow. Get Funding.
  2. 2. 50,000 (est.) startups arecreated every montharound the world. But 85%+ of those startups fail… And not to mention the people who want to start but cannot.
  3. 3. Can’t code. Your problem doesn’t exist. Thesolution is wrong. Wrong target audience.Can’t get users. Landing page doesn’tconvert users. Too many things can gowrong.
  4. 4. WhatWhenWhat Else? This is Josh. He’s stuck.
  5. 5. Startup knowledge isscattered, unorganized, anddisorderly.
  6. 6. It’s hard to get users and feedbackfor your startup.
  7. 7. The Dead Pool
  8. 8. Enter the Ultimate Startup GuideKnowledge from: Lean Startup, GrowthHacking, SEO, Steve Blank, Eric Ries, AshMaurya, Noal Kagan, Mattan Griffel, etc.
  9. 9. Action Items to take you fromidea, to product, totraction, and to funding.
  10. 10. Get immediate results withstep-by-step action items.
  11. 11. Get Feedback from the startupcommunity.
  12. 12. Here’s how you get started
  13. 13. A growth hacking trick like thiswould give a startup hundredsof users within days.
  14. 14. Wantrepreneurs Have a great idea Don’t know where to start Willing to learn
  15. 15. Entrepreneurs Experienced Made some progress but stuck Want to grow
  16. 16. • Within 1 month, StartitUp already has 500 active users• Already covered by
  17. 17. How do we make money?
  18. 18. Free:80% of the guidePaid:20% Premium SectionsValidation Service
  19. 19. 150,000 Startups in their early phase/month10% of that market$15/month= $225,000/month
  20. 20. Who’s competing with us?
  21. 21. • Charges for all the startup plays• Segmented guides, not continual, like selling eBooks in the form of guides• No emphasis on community
  22. 22. Team StartitUpCEO/Edward Liu• CEO of National Div. @Groupon Taiwan• Swagly.comCTO/Yitao Sun• Lead Developer @Computer Associates
  23. 23. What’s Next?
  24. 24. 10,000 UsersExperts’ Endorsements$500,000 in funding
  25. 25. StartitUp! And Thank You!