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Startup Stage#3 - Communities - Marek Przystas - KOMPANY


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Startup Stage#3 - Communities - Marek Przystas - KOMPANY

  1. 1. KOMPANYKraków, POLAND
  2. 2. 600 m² in the Krakow city centrePiętroParter
  3. 3. Co-working + Startup Cafe
  4. 4. The new KOMPANY visionStep 1: Optimized, profitable co-working spaceStep 2: Leadership recruitmentStep 3. Startup community center + cafeStep 4: Hardware acceleratorStep 5: Startup mansion (KOMPANY + Goodbye Lenin Hostel)
  5. 5. Desks pricing Hardware Startups Freelancers Small agencies startupsFor geeks who want to play with Arduino, Rasp PI, 3d Mobile or Internet startups Designers, developers, Design, UX, Front-end orprinters, drones and would with at least two team lawyers, book keepers. iOS agencies or early-stage like to launch Kickstarter members. No telesales guys - sorry! companies. campaign. 0 PLN 299 PLN 399 PLN let’s talk first 3 months a desk / month a desk / month• 60 cm cowork desk • 60 cm cowork desk • 100 cm cowork desk • small office• oscilloscops • company address • car parking • car parking• 3d printer • access 8am - 6pm • 24h access• video production All plans include, 100Mbit Internet, desk cleaning services, free tea & coffee, printing, unlimited conference room and individual store box.
  6. 6. TermsDiscounts Rules3% if you travel by bike 1) You have to upload photo and5% if you are UX designer tell us what are your skills7% if you are guest from Warsaw 2) You have to upload logo and tell10% if you take 4+ desks what you do20% if you give a talk every month 3) You have to respect quiet zones50% if you work after 5pmPremium servicesComfy chair +100 PLN a monthCar parking +100 PLN a monthCompany address +100 PLN a month
  7. 7. Crowdfunding-oriented Hardware accelerator inspiration for community + pay for desks + equity LAUNCH Investment opportunity Mentoring Prototypes Video DEMO DAY 3 MONTHS desks for free Experience + Pivot
  8. 8. Planned revenue streams1) Community sponsors: Spotify, Amazon, Google, Microsoft2) Virtual company address rent (mail scanning, forwarding)3) Demo days entry fee4) Equity in crowdfunded hardware startups5) Lawyer and accounting services (rev share)6) Events (workshop) support fee
  9. 9. Growth model Hardware engineers + Crowdfunding 1st generation + = Industrial designers of successful hardware startups in Krakow + Startup community
  10. 10. Why it should fly? 1. Because hardware startups need physical space to create prototypes. They can’t do that in Starbucks. 2. Three months is enough to create prototype and prepare Kickstarter campaign 3. Crowdfunding is risk-free launchpad and customer validation tool 4. In Krakow there is lots of engineering and industrial design talent, but they need business-oriented mindset of startup community.
  11. 11. Similar initiatives mostly in USClick each logo to visit the website
  12. 12. KOMPANY Entity structure 2-3 investors to keep the neutrality Required first year investment Investors aprox. 120K PLN covers 65% - lab equipment Board - space redecoration 30% Employees - positive cashflow 5% 3-4 board members (experienced 1-2 emploeesentrepreneurs)
  13. 13. Who we are? We are not an incubator, nor the accelerator. We are the community of Internet startups and entrepreneurs. We run 600 m^2 co-working space in Kazimierz district in Krakow, POLAND.During morning cafe and lunch time at our Cafe we help eachother and share our knowledge and experience minimizing thefailure risk.We appreciate innovative and brave ideas and are eager to helpturn it into reality, especially if it’s around physical things(hardware).We support local entrepreneurs initiatives hosting events andexibitions.
  14. 14. StartupsDesign & development agencies
  15. 15. Communities end events
  16. 16. Planned eventsApril 1st, 13:00 How to incorporate US company from Europe?April 2st, 13:00 Creating simple 3d printed objects in TinkercadApril 3st, 13:00 Building your own 3d printer - workshopApril 4st, 13:00 Introduction to Arduino programmingApril 5st, 13:00 Introduction to Bluetooth Low EnergyApril 6st, 13:00 Hardware startups meetupApril 7st, 13:00 Adobe Photoshop classes by WebMuseesApril 8st, 13:00 TEDxKrakow award workshopsApril 9st, 13:00 Facebook API introductionApril 10th, 13:00 Security workshop - Niebezpiecznik
  17. 17. Website structure Zdjęcia / claim Wydarzenia Miejsce i ludzie (mapa + zdjecia + (logotypy + logotypy) kalendarz) Pricing i oferta Program launchu (ilustracja) Stopka + social media