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BootHK Launch Presentation


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BootHK is a community with spaces for startups and enthusiasts to come together to work, meet, and hang-out.

This presentation was given at Startup Saturday

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BootHK Launch Presentation

  1. 1. A Home For Startups | twitter: @boothkorg | email:
  2. 2. Why BootHK? We need a place to: Meet up Work Hang-out
  3. 3. What BootHK? Community Space Connect Startups Network of Spaces
  4. 4. Dedicated Desks IndyHall - Philadelphia, USA
  5. 5. Hot Desks The Hub – San Francisco, USA
  6. 6. Meeting Rooms and Space we – New York, USA
  7. 7. Jelly – San Diego
  8. 8. Linux User Group Singapore Hackerspace
  9. 9. Startup Weekend - Tokyo
  10. 10. HKD Next Steps: $200,000 Raise Launch Funds Founding Members Open First Space
  11. 11. BootHK For Startups: Meet Co-founders Startup Support Flexible Workspace
  12. 12. BootHK For Investors: Stronger Startups Open Community Flexible Growth
  13. 13. Memberships: Casual to Coworking Monthly to Lifetime Company Funding: Debentures Sponsors
  14. 14. Find out more at: twitter: @boothkorg email: Kick Some Booty!