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Zach Larson - Sidereel - write on-the_walls_20110511


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Presentation by Zach Larson at Startup Lessons Learned 2011 on May 23, 2011

Published in: Business, Technology
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Zach Larson - Sidereel - write on-the_walls_20110511

  1. We Wrote on the Walls<br />How information radiators made a good team great and helped us exit for a gazillion* dollars.<br />Zach Larson<br />Cofounder & Chief Product Officer, SideReel<br />Acquired by Rovi, March 2011<br />
  2. What’s an “information radiator”?<br />Information up on the walls!<br />Publicly visible<br />In a highly trafficked area<br />= Push instead of pull<br />
  3. What’s a successful information radiator?<br />Information light<br />Cheap to build and maintain<br />Informs discussion so that conversations are richer<br />
  4. This exposed problems…<br />Home base didn’t know what the product team was up to<br />Developers didn’t always know the most recent insights<br />Even when people were physically collaborating, it was hard to define the mechanics of UX<br />
  5. …problems that info radiators could solve<br />Near the rewriters<br />Near the rest of the team<br />
  6. We sketched ideas…<br />
  7. …did user testing & shared the results…<br />
  8. We did it for big-picture stuff, too.<br />
  9. …with just enough detail.<br />
  10. Information Radiators<br />… Orient people quickly around important ideas<br />… Answer basic questions<br />… Make the most important information easiest to access<br />… And therefore make conversations more useful.<br />
  11. When to make an IR<br />When folks keep asking for the same information<br />When there is a core set of information to share<br />When the people who see it will share a context<br />When people find it useful<br />
  12. Thanks!<br /><br />Thanks to: ian, marcy, janice<br />