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Snapp school lsm nyc presentation 2011 apr 03 - Lean Startup Machine NYC


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FInalist presentation for Lean Startup Machine NY on April 03, 2011

  • Love the idea. A thought - If you're planning on selling licenses to schools, most schools make decisions like this at the district level. Principals will most likely not be the decision maker, but a champion of the cause. Just know this going in so that you may equip them with the tools needed to ambassador the idea internally.
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Snapp school lsm nyc presentation 2011 apr 03 - Lean Startup Machine NYC

  1. #lsmnyc
  2. The PremiseA website for K-12 teachers that allows themto quickly find high quality, relevant onlinecontent for their classrooms.
  3. Out the Building
  4. Learnings.1. Teachers spend $ on classrooms, but not on content2. Teachers search the web for content in support of their lesson plans, to varying degrees3. Searching for content ≠ high pain4. Schools have a role media coordinator / curriculum coordinator who MAY have budget for content
  5. PivotFocus on helping new teachers developlesson plans quickly.
  6. New Assumptions Lesson planning is most painful for new teachers. Younger teachers embrace technology more. These teachers spend >10 hrs each week planning.
  7. Out the Building Again
  8. PivotOur customer is not a teacher.Our customer is the school: principals and administrators.
  9. Roadblock
  10. HackGet teachers to "spend currency" byreaching out to principal.
  11. Wireframe MVP
  12. Mechanical Turk MVP
  13. Mechanical Turk MVPGoal:
  14. Validated Learning Teacher recommendations lead to purchases by Principals Teachers are willing to request this product >40% of teachers are willing to request this product
  15. Next StepsIf we had more time, we would: focus on Principals get an MVP in front of Principals