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pbWorks case study at #sllconf by David Weekly


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Presentation by David Weekly at on April 23, 2010 in SF

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pbWorks case study at #sllconf by David Weekly

  1. Customer Development<br />Startup Lessons Learned Conference<br />David E. Weekly (@dweekly)<br />April 23, 2010<br />
  2. Quick Note<br />(good thing I like bowling!)<br />
  3. Success is Adaptation<br />Agile: use customer stories to guide product<br />Good: solving specific problems.<br />Bad: presumes specific uses.<br />Lean: okay to be surprised at uses / users.<br />It’s a continuous learning experience!<br />So pivot – adapt to new uses / users.<br />(you heard this earlier!)<br />
  4. Feedback: Breadth + Depth<br />Data<br />User Stories<br />
  5. Collecting User Feedback<br />Support email<br />Monthly sales pings<br />In-product TEXTAREAs<br />Phone calls<br /><br />Onsite usability tests<br />In-person visits<br />
  6. Key Learning<br />Your experiments provide an oracle function.<br />Good for testing hypotheses.<br />But what hypotheses do you test?<br />Study your users for hypothesis + inspiration.<br />
  7. Science or Art?<br />From “What About Design” Panel…<br />Science is an art.<br />(Experiments rarely inform which hypotheses to test!)<br />
  8. Feature Pivot<br />Being rightand $1 gets you on the bus.<br />Make sure customers are empowered to succeed.<br />WYSIWYG: didn’t offer it on purpose!<br />WikiText: performant, robust, easy-to-learn.<br />…but kept people from spreading it.<br />(afraid their coworkers wouldn’t grok it!)<br />Didn’t learn this until talking with them.<br />So I ate my hat and delivered a WYSIWYG editor.<br />
  9. Demographic Pivot<br />Sometimes you’ll be surprised at who actually shows up. So ask who they are!<br />“We loved your presentation in Chicago!”<br />Hunch: 5% educators?<br />Interstitial => 45% educators. Jeebus.<br />Surprise! We had made an educational product.<br />
  10. Pricing Pivot<br />Duh = Align pricing with value.<br />Crappy renewal rates from $/wiki.<br />Accenture call, PeopleMaps interview<br />Whoops, wikis = projects & Projects < year.<br />Ok, so $/user and ∞ wikis = wiser.<br />Didn’t realize this until we talked w/people about why they weren’t renewing.<br />So we changed our pricing and design.<br />
  11. …and many other pivots!<br />Ads = only beer $. Oops.<br />“Wiki” = commodity. Oops.<br />Folders & networks to organize & permission!<br />Talk with your users.<br />What they’re doing and who they are may surprise you.<br />
  12. The Good News<br />Went from ASPs of $50 to $50,000+ by listening to customers and delivering value. We grew the product as customers grew their deploy – coevolution!<br />You can succeed by continuing to better understand your customer.  Go do it!<br />
  13. Customer Development<br />Startup Lessons Learned Conference<br />David E. Weekly (@dweekly)<br />April 23, 2010<br />