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Leah Busque - 2012 Lean Startup Conference


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Leah Busque - 2012 Lean Startup Conference

  1. Lean Marketing:If you had $1 to spend, where would you spend it?
  2. If you only had $1 more to spend, where would youspend it? Email SEM Daily PR Deals Social SEO Direct Media Sales Street Direct Team Mail Bus Ads
  3. The process: Determining where to spend #1 • Develop new channels Build & campaigns #3• Scale effective channels #2 • Traffic Learn Measure • Conversion • CPA • LTV We measure impact of individual channels & campaigns every day
  4. Be Holistic• Test everything, not just channels – It’s brand, design, geo, messaging, value proposition, AND channel testing 5% Conv. 10% Conv. Brand PR Channel
  5. Thank you… @labusque @TaskRabbit