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Janice Fraser Lean Startup SXSW


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Janice Fraser talking about #LeanUX at SXSW Lean Startup track

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Janice Fraser Lean Startup SXSW

  1. FUZZY BUNNIES startups + ux 4evr
  6. 5% (not the real number)
  9. 5% (Proportions are accurate, but metrics on this page are not real values.) 4% 9.75% 30 days * 10,000 views/day * 4.75% increased conversion = 13,500 conversions Say each conversion is worth $2 That works out to $26,000 revenue by not waiting. That’s more than most startups pay for design services, total, prior to launch.
  10. Less risk (and more) The old way The new way ) )
  11. The LEAN principle: reduce INVENTORY, RISK, and WASTE Make a design decision Discover that it wasn’t right Like this... Nobody clicked. 3 MONTHS 3 HOURS ) )
  12. Janice Fraser @clevergirl @luxrco #LeanUX Thank You!