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I wanna be! - Lean Startup Machine NYC


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FInalist presentation for Lean Startup Machine NY on April 03, 2011

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I wanna be! - Lean Startup Machine NYC

  1. I wanna be an LSM Champion! Rob Caucci, Eric Ma, Ben Solari, Alex Topiler and Lisa Zhang
  2. Students and young professionals do not have a way to quickly and effectively vet relevant and qualityresources to identify the right career choices.
  3. Students and young pro:1. Don’t know all the potential options.2. Know what they like to do but don’t know what would fit them best.3. Have inadequate and scattered resources.
  4. Getting out of the building:• Conversations with over 20 students andyoung professionals in and around UnionSquare and Washington Square Park.Results:• Some know what they would like to doand some have no clue – 50/50• People feel like the resources are outthereGenerally, results were all over the map
  5. TimetoSwingDance!
  6. New AssumptionsUpperclassman Students:1. Are burdened with student loan debt, which deters them from pursuing their calling.2. Have other necessities which consume financial resources and prevent them from following their dreams.3. Do not have a way to receive additional support post-graduation for pursuing worthwhile endeavors
  7. “Don’t rely on donors’ altruism.” – LSM Mentor
  8. What’s the one unifying factor?People just LOVE to bitch!
  9. Let’sSwingDanceAgain!
  10. Expansion A whole umbrella of -stapationsSpousetipation Momstipation Popstipation Kidstipation
  11. Thanks and stay classy! -