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Hiten Shah the lean-startup-sxsw


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Hiten Shah the lean-startup-sxsw

  1. Learn Faster with Customer DevelopmentKISSinsights Case StudyHiten ShahThe Lean Startup SXSW • March 12th, 2011
  2. Lean Startups are Built to Learn
  3. Customer Development• It’s all about learning and discovery• Outlined by Steve Blank in Four Steps to the EpiphanyCustomer STOP Customer STOP Customer STOP Scale STOPDiscovery Validation Creation Company Pivot
  4. Original Hypothesis for KISSinsights“Our hypothesis is that product manager type people have a problem doing fast/effective/frequent customer research.”
  5. What we wanted to learn...• What are they doing now?• What are other tools leaving on the table?• Who is involved?• How frequent / severe is the pain?• What else are customers complaining about?
  6. How we learned• ~20 phone interviews (15 - 20 minutes each)• 3 in-person user tests with paper prototypes• 2 landing pages• Hacky MVP on• 8 “alpha testers”
  7. What we learned!• People are not doing customer research.• They want private feedback and targeting.• It requires developer involvement.• It is a constant pain.
  8. What we built.• A freemium on-site customer feedback tool• That involves an easy one-time install• Which provides private customer feedback• And easy to understand reporting.
  9. Customer Development Tips
  10. Get out of the building!
  11. Start with a HypothesisOur hypothesis is that product manager typepeople have a problem doing effective customer researchOur hypothesis is that ________________________________people have a problem doing _______________________
  12. Talk about their problems, not your solutions.
  13. Find the severe pain
  14. Test your riskiest assumptions first
  15. Thank You!