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Dealgol - Lean Startup Machine NYC


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FInalist presentation for Lean Startup Machine NY on April 03, 2011

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Dealgol - Lean Startup Machine NYC

  1. DealGol<br />LeanStartupMachine<br />NYC April 2011<br />ArunRao Sergey NazarovAhmadaliArabshahi<br />Kim Collins Alex Shapiro Lukas Dziekan<br />
  2. DealGol Hypothesis<br />Small Businesses need help to decide on which daily deal site to place their offers.<br />And 100’s of others…<br />
  3. Initial Assumptions<br />
  4. Customer Insights – 10 Small Businesses<br />Merchants care about<br />The credibility of the daily deal site<br />How much of the offer the deal site would take<br />The number of expected customers from an offer<br />The overall marketing & exposure effects<br />The demographics of the deal sites<br />How to craft the best offer<br />Merchants are being inundated by requests from daily deal sites after they do one.<br />Merchants are not being locked into working exclusively with one site.<br />
  5. Customer Insights – Daily Deals Publishers<br />Groupon<br /><ul><li>Lead Generation department with a large budget in place</li></ul>Dealzingo<br /><ul><li> Would be interested in paying for leads from a service
  6. Signed up to be a Beta tester </li></li></ul><li>Revised Assumptions<br />
  7. 29 number of Visitors<br />0 number of Sign Ups<br />
  8. 30 number of Visitors<br />0 number of Sign Ups<br />
  9. Methods of Driving Traffic<br />The following methods were used to drive traffic to the landing pages and consumer survey.<br />Craigslist Ads<br />Google Adwords<br />Facebook Postings<br />LinkedIn Group Postings<br />Twitter Postings<br />Personal email invitations to small businesses<br />59 number of Visitors<br />0 number of Sign Ups<br />
  10. 8 Small Business Beta Testers<br />1 Publisher Beta Tester<br />Minimum Viable Product<br />
  11. Conclusion<br />What have we learned?<br />Our initial hypothesis has been validated<br />Small Business and Deal Site interest is there <br />More research is needed on financial viability<br />Next Steps<br />Show MVP to Beta Testers<br />Define more specific Small Business Pain Points <br />