Startupfest 2012 - why you should share


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  • My name is jeremy\n\n
  • One of the organizers wanted me to do a talk on memes.\n\nOtherwise the only guidance was to be inspiring.\n
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  • Everything is going online.\n\nIt’s the biggest platform for information exchange.\n\nDoing your business online not only gives you leverage but it gives you a wider user base, which makes it easier to change the world.\n\n\n\n
  • Do something socially beneficial\n
  • The best way for me to do that is telling you about the socially beneficial things that companies I’ve worked with\n
  • So who am I and why I am I here?\n\nI’ve never founded a successful startup, but I’ve worked at a few at various stages.\n\nI was an early employee of Sendmail\n\nI was an employee of eBay through a 4x employee growth including the acquisitions of PayPal and Skype\n\nI was the first employee of reddit.\n\nI worked there for 4 years.\n\nAnd now I work at Netflix, which acts like a startup.\n\n\n
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  • My entire work life has been seeking out something that matters.\n
  • My first experience with capitalism.\n
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  • Making a business around open source.\nWasn’t proven at the time (RedHat has proven it now)\n\n
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  • eBay had a foundation. It was established with pre-ipo stock.\nIt was the only one at the time that had done that.\n\nAs the company was more successful, the endowment got larger and larger and more and more had to be given away.\n\nI joined the grant committee one year and it was fascinating to be involved with a charity through work.\n
  • This was what the site looked like on the day it launched.\n\nThe downing street memo was the first submission, and all\nof the users were the founder’s friends, family or their alternate\naccounts.\n\n\n
  • Tell the story of going to startup school, going to the \nparty, giving them a resume.\n
  • \n
  • Tell the story of getting steve to add the feature\n\nThe story of steve’s warcraft guild and how video\ngames are important to reddit’s history\n
  • This was the very first comment on reddit\n\nMost of the others were similar, saying it was\nthe worst thing ever, and then end of reddit.\n\nToday, comments are the main attraction of reddit.\n\nLesson: Your users aren’t always right\n
  • The sale of reddit was basically negotiated over a game of halo\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • reddit loves nerdy humor too.\n
  • \n
  • Sometimes you even get meme crossover.\nAnd now, we go to the art lesson part of the presentation.\nHave you been to an art lesson, where they show you the deep meaning?\nNo deep meanings here, but I’m going to walk you thorugh a bunch of them.\n
  • Traffic for the first year after acquisition.\n
  • The great drinking tour of 2007\n\nSpeaking of interacting with the users.\n\nWe were as excited to meet them as they were to meet us.\n\nWent back to the original apartment in boston,\nalien graffiti was still there\n\nWent “hacking” at MIT.\n
  • In June, 2008, we open sourced the code.\n\nWe figured at that point, our code was not our advantage,\nour community was. So why not share what we learned, and\nmaybe get some contributions?\n\nTell the story of Steve and not switching to git.\n\nIt was our first hard deadline, since a large press event had been\nset up weeks before. We stayed up all night getting ready,\nand then watched the logs with trepidation as people started\ndownloading the code.\n
  • reddit gold not only brought in money, but helped us\nshow management just how many people love reddit.\n
  • A truly humbling experience\nbringing that many people together,\ntotal strangers sharing cars and hotels,\njust because they are “redditors”\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • traffic, all time\n
  • same thing in log scale.\n
  • Open source.\n\nWe feel like sharing our code is more beneficial to both us and everyone else.\n\nAsgard, Cassandra, boto updates\n
  • Here’s a picture of the internet\n
  • I’m hoping that you’ve been inspired to create companies that not only make a profit, but make the world a little better in the process.\n\nThat you do something that moves society forward for better.\n\nAnd that you learn to share.\n\nSharing is good.\n
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  • \n
  • Humanity benefits when knowledge is pooled together,\nbecause then everyone can pull from that knowledge\nPeople can use your data in novel ways\nsharing is a social instinct.\nand if you share your data, other people can add value to it\nimagine how much more valuable that google flu\nprediction would be if anonymized health records were public data?\n
  • Teenagers don’t seem to value privacy, but I think this is good.\nWhey they get older, they’ll live in a society where it is acceptable\nand expected that people share for the good of everyone, but they \naren’t judged on that data.\n\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • You can contact me in one of these ways,\n or ask your question now.\n\nthank you.\n
  • \n
  • Here is a delorian towing a delorian\n
  • Startupfest 2012 - why you should share

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    5. 5. It’s ok to be a capitalist hippie (I don’t know why he has a gun)Tweet @jedberg with feedback!
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    22. 22. Traffic -- Year 1 Uniques PV 15M 11M 8M 4M 0M Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr MayTweet @jedberg with feedback!
    23. 23. How I did them a favorand got a feature added to reddit.Tweet @jedberg with feedback!
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    40. 40. So why did I tell you all of this?Tweet @jedberg with feedback!
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    43. 43. Data Wants to be FreeTweet @jedberg with feedback!
    44. 44. Privacy • That sharing comes at a cost, and that’s privacy. • Some people value privacy vs utility, and some don’t. • Teenagers don’t seem to value privacy at all.Tweet @jedberg with feedback!
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