Trust Mob presentation @ International Startup Festival 2011


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  • {AA: I’d recommend you remove your name from the cover. I know it’s because you’re making the presentation. But it might deemphasize the team aspect}
  • Team
  • {AA: Nice slide. Show that thought leaders have already been discussing this. What about academia? Is there any research in this area? More proximately, what is the point of this slide? Is it to show “social proof” of the idea / concept?}
  • social & community reputation gamification platform that takes your actions from places you visit every day like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Foursquare, TrustMob and creates a central representation of your value online. Like a credit score for your actions across the web, use your TrustScore to get a date, find a job, or let the community know how awesome you are. Everything you do online matters… TrustMob makes it count! Reap the rewards of everything you already do online Use like a credit score as a way to different users, reduce risk Feed your ego! Turn your social interactions into a game, incenting openness and positive behavior. {AA: I don’t like the word “gamification”. For one, it’s a buzz word. But more importantly, social reputation and trust are not games! They’re serious business. I think better is: A SOCIAL REPUTATION AND TRUST PLATFORM. Really, for one who knows exactly what you’re doing and that it’s real and cool, the word “gamification” makes me cringe. Please just say “no” as nancy reagan used to say.
  • What’s our unfair advantage? Ranking & valuation system for all your actions across the web. Etsy, YouTube, Reddit, StackOverflow, Twitter, LinkedIN, GitHub, Facebook, and Foursquare are initial data sources..more to follow. 9 of the top 100 sites on the web in terms of user base Hundreds of million of potential interactions = data points {AA: I’d recommend staying away from business style buzz phrases like “unfair advantage”. Frankly, at this point there is no “unfair advantage”. Here, describe the solution. Instead of “Technology”, I would either say “Product”, “Platform”, or “Solution”. Describe how will you address the problem described before. You don’t have to get too technical. Heck, you don’t want to because it’s proprietary secret stuff}
  • Need analytic rigoData Service API calls per hit: like Raplead, Qwerly, etc. for... Marketing data. Trust Metric - User Score CRM Integration App Platform Use TrustScore + TrustGraph to build a new class of applications Potential Customers: Rapportive Advertising R {AA: Ok. This slide and the previous three are all inter-connected. So I’ll just provide a discussion here. Basically, following the lean startup methodology and customer development framework, it is way to early to have a concrete business model / target market / customer acquisition process / etc etc. You are better off acknowledging that. Your business is developing a product and seeking to find the right business model at the same time. You know that there is a problem, you’ve talked to people and businesses, and you know that you are going alleviate a pain point. But the specifics of the business model are still being worked out. Talk about that. Then, launch into describing the business model you have in mind. Constantly remind the audience that it is an evolving project in work. Use the following framework. There is a book and an app: You can download the “canvas” and use that:
  • {AA: This is an important slide. Talk about what other people are doing. This slide does two things. It validates that what you’re doing in not crazy. And two, it provides proof that you’ve done your research and know your stuff}
  • {AA: This is an important slide. Talk about what other people are doing. This slide does two things. It validates that what you’re doing in not crazy. And two, it provides proof that you’ve done your research and know your stuff}
  • Trust Mob presentation @ International Startup Festival 2011

    1. 2. Founded March 2011 Dan Barrett -Founder + CEO -Rails Developer -SysAdmin in former life -Too big for his britches Terry Martin -CEO of Semantic Press -Serial Entrepreneur -Expert Mobile Developer - Wants you to get off his lawn Dan Magnuszewski -Senior Developer -CDO at MyFavorites -OpenData Advocate -Last Showered in 1987 Jerry Gabra -Designer -UI at Animotion App -Serial Entrepreneur -Goes for the throat
    2. 3. The Need – A Portable Reputation & Trust Metric
    3. 4. SOCIAL TRUST & REPUTATION PLATFORM TrustMob is a bank for your social capital Link Accounts To Start Earning Points from Positive Actions Across The Web Points increase your TrustScore Your score shows the world how awesome you are
    4. 5. TrustMob Solution Anytime someone retweets your tweet, votes your review as helpful, or recommends you on LinkedIn, you get points added to your TrustMob Score Friends can see what you are doing around the web, who appreciated it, and who you interact with the most. Anyone can see your TrustMob score and key statistics.
    5. 6. Revenue Model API Service – Metered, subscriptions to API services Pay-per-hit is a rapidly growing model. Social CRM Data Provider – HUGE. Business would kill to have this kind of data available. This opens up a whole new range of applications. We're not clear on revenue streams, but here are some thoughts.
    6. 7. Competive Ecosystem Interest Graph Social Graph Location Graph TrustMob = Interactions Graph What are people actually doing?
    7. 8. Development Status & Funding <ul><li>Founded March 2011 </li></ul><ul><li>Received $22,000 in seed funding from friends, family, and supporters </li></ul><ul><li>Seeking additional funding to develop the product and launch as quickly as possible. </li></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Expected Alpha Launch Data – Early Fall 2011 </li></ul></ul></ul></ul></ul>
    8. 9. Signup at Follow us on Twitter! @trustmob Thanks!