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Suppers go to San Francisco


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Suppers go to San Francisco

  1. 1. THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 13th San Francisco ENTREPRENEURS GUIDE DemoDay September 13th 2012 Programa para la internacionalización de la innovación
  2. 2. San FranciscoCOMENTA.TVComenta.TV is an early stage company thatidentify, measure and analyze in real time theresonance of Live TV shows in social networks.Comenta.TV’s proprietary algorithm helps TVstakeholders to keep track of these interactionsin real time and to get insights about the socialreach of their shows.Contact: juan@comenta.tvWebsite: www.comenta.tvStatus: Developing core technology, building web and mobile apps.THE SOCIAL RADIOThe Social Radio lets you listen to Twitter mixedwith your favorite music, so you don’t have to readthem while driving, running or working. You canlisten to your Twitter Timeline, TT, Lists or searches.You can also mix the tweets with your iPod Music,Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, or any other music provider.It’s available on iPhone, Android and on the Web.With multi-language support, male and femalevoices, it’s a great audio experience.Contact: roberto@thesocialradio.comWebsite: www.thesocialradio.comStatus: 1st public version launched, getting users feedback andmeasuring engagement.Programa para la internacionalización de la innovación
  3. 3. San FranciscoJOGABOJogabo is a community platform for soccerplayers to organise, share and discover uniquegames in their city— online or from a smartphone. It allows fieldowners to engage with their community andpromote field openings while providing new waysfor soccer organizations and brands to interactwith their customers.Contact: : jeremy@jogabo.comWebsite: www.jogabu.comStatus: Launched, with an active community worldwide and key partnerships.ESCAPES WITH is a Social E-Commerceplatform that features happy lifetime experiencesat incredible destinations around the world. Wesolve the problem that online travelers face manydeals, poorly specialized and not personalized.We use a smart system that is able to understandand recognize your preferences from your favoritesocial networks to recommend theperfectexperience for you.Programa para la internacionalización de la innovación
  4. 4. San FranciscoBRACTLETBractlet reduces energy consumption in hotelsthrough a hardware software integrated solutionthat allows guests to earn rewards by using lessenergy than others and allows managers to seea real-time breakdown of energy use, createcustomizable alerts, and reduce energy misuse.Contact: : alec@bractlet.comWebsite: www.bractlet.comStatus: Guest portal Beta in progress with Manager Portal Beta being finishedin < 2-months. Current pilot with an 87-room hotel in Santiago and in talks foradditional pilots with Intercontinental Hotel Group and other hotels in Atlanta,BIOMETRY CLOUDBiometryCloud is the most simple, fast and robustidentity platform on the market. We provide acloud based facial recognition engine which canidentify users, stop fraud and make personalinteractions easier with just a picture from theirmobile devices. We charge each transaction or amonthly fee per user.Contact:, roberto.rosenthal@biometrycloud.comWebsite: www.biometrycloud.comStatus: We launched 3 month ago and now we have 6 paying customers fromChile (Prince of Wales Country Club, Arauco, MyWellness, Banco de Chile, ClubBuono, Picolla Italia) and 1 from the US (SafeKey Corporation). Weve openedour private beta to developers and have signed 85 from all around the world.Programa para la internacionalización de la innovación
  5. 5. San FranciscoCHEF SURFINGChef Surfing: A new home for chefs on the web.To Chefs: Create your professional profile and findnew opportunities.To Guests: Hire a chef the easy way. Get customproposals from chefs in your city.Now thats what we call catering to your desires!Contact:,,clara@chefsurfing.comWebsite: www.chefsurfing.comStatus: We are completing our beta, we are reaching product/market fit and wewill begin an intense period of growth over the next year.CHU SHUChu Shu makes SILVER LININGS--shoe liners thatextend the life of shoes and keep feet odor-free.We see our business as an opportunity to make apositive change on the environment. We hope tomake the world a better place, one pair of smellyshoes at a time.Contact:, emily@chushuny.comWebsite: www.silverliningsnewyork.comStatus: Incorporated in US, revenue generating.Programa para la internacionalización de la innovación
  6. 6. San FranciscoCONTENT DJContentDJ is the Hootsuite for content curators. Itfights information overload and lets you curate andpublish awesome content on social media sites.Contact:, jerry@contentdj.comWebsite: www.contentdj.comStatus: Public Beta.FLIPTERFlipter lets you create, share and organize opinionpolls about the things you find interesting on theweb and in real life. Including images, videos andlinks. Best of all, you can browse Flipter anddiscover the demographic profile of those votingwith powerful charts and reports.Flipter brings value back to opinion polls bymaking them social, dynamic and engaging. WithFlipter Question Everything!Contact:, monica@flipter.comWebsite: www.flipter.comStatus: We are currently working on partnership with the major web-publishersin Latin America, including major TV Channels, News papers and contentproviders.Programa para la internacionalización de la innovación
  7. 7. San FranciscoKEDZOHKEDZOH gives you back the time to manage and tolearn, time that’s been lost to today’s complex toolsand systems. KEDZOH is an enterprise tool thatmakes it easy and fun for managers and employeesto create and take, short, 3-5 minute, lessons on theirsmartphone or tablet.Contact: patrick@kedzoh.comWebsite: www.kedzoh.comStatus: Launched, selling, recruiting, and have traction with customers.KWELIAKwelia is a data analytics platform for real estate.Positioned at the nexus between big data,quantitative analysis, and real estate, we deliverintelligence like dynamic pricing and automatedlease term generation to property owners. Joinus as we revolutionize how property ownersoptimize their businesses.Contact:, Chris@kwelia.comWebsite: www.kwelia.comStatus: Private beta testing.Programa para la internacionalización de la innovación
  8. 8. San FranciscoLOCAL GUIDINGLocalGuiding is a peer-to-peer marketplace forunique travel tours offered by local guides. On ourwebsite travelers can easily find and instantly bookpersonal tours organized by locals.Locals can offer their own unique experiences totravelers worldwide; this can be any activity fromwalking tours to rafting or skiing.Contact:, rb@localguiding.comWebsite: www.localguiding.comStatus: Core technology built; web site and API launched; worldwide tour andguide coverage (400+ destinations worldwide); generating revenue, launch ofthe new LocalGuiding (new design, new functions) in September 2012; awardedas Best Travel Site 2012 by Outside Magazine; partnerships with other is a social tool for video people where youcan find, collect and share videos + work + ideas.You can easily discover quality content and share it withyour peers. You can collect videos into playlists that youcan then share on your social networks, with yourfollowers and friends. We created a bookmarklet tomake it really easy to collect while browsing the web.We also created an embedding tool so you can evenintegrate plylists into your site.Contact:, roxane@mibuzz.tvWebsite: www.mibuzz.tvStatus: Public BetaPrograma para la internacionalización de la innovación
  9. 9. San FranciscoMOTION DISPLAYAt Motion Displays we develop the next generationof self-service and guided selling software solutionsfor the retail industry. Based on large-scaleinteractive multi‐touch screens and mobile devicessuch as smartphones and tablets for both customersand sales associates, We are whiling to create aninteractive environment in stores. Our solutions willsolve the most pressing challengeContact: nicolas@motiondisplays.clWebsite: www.motiondisplays.clStatus: Working Software with paid Pilots and Working hardware prototype.STREET INVESTORStreetInvestor is the Latin-American version ofBússola do Investidor, a Brazilian online platformto help individual investor to invest. We offer ourusers investing tools and information to helpthem make the best investment decisions.Remaining totally independent until today,StreetInvestor now will help other Latin –American investors.Contact:,Website: www.streetinvestor.comStatus: Launched; Latam: In Development.Programa para la internacionalización de la innovación
  10. 10. San FranciscoWALLWISHERWallwisher is a family of applications and servicesthat simplify publishing content on the web. Peoplecan use it to create, communicate, and collaboratemore easily, effectively, and imaginatively.Looking for investment: 1,000,000 USDContact:, macarena@wallwisher.comWebsite: www.wallwisher.comStatus: LaunchedYUPIYupi Studios develops apps, games andinnovative solutions for Smartphones, Tablets,Smart TVs and Social Networks. We’re partners ofTapjoy, who helps us marketing freemium gamesfor iOS and Android. Pitch Lessons and MenuCatcher are our innovative solutions underdevelopment. Pitch Lessons was a finalist ofWayra Brazil.Contact:, erisvaldojunior@gmail.comWebsite: www.yupistudios.comStatus: Generating revenue from apps and growing a lot. Huge tractionexpected in a couple of months from mobile/social games (Tapjoy marketingchannels). Innovative Solutions under development!Programa para la internacionalización de la innovación
  11. 11. San FranciscoWE HOSTELSFirst Social Booking site for Hostels, Beds andCouches.We take the beauty of the Social Web and bringit to the Travel Booking Market.Contact: diego@wehostels.comWebsite: www.wehostels.comBABELVERSEBabelverse is the first solution for universal speechtranslation, powered by a global community ofhuman interpreters. Multilinguals and professionalinterpreters alike are able to earn money for theirtime, creating a new source of income for peopleall over the world. Unlike machine translation,which is not reliable, Babelverse relies on people topreserve the quality, context, cultural relevance,tone and emotion of the spoken word. First focusis to disrupt the events and conferences industry,for both attendees and remote viewers. Removingits reliance on expensive specialised equipmentContact: mayel@babelverse.comWebsite: http://babelverse.comPrograma para la internacionalización de la innovación
  12. 12. San FranciscoGYMPACTGymPact conquers workout excuses with $$$ asa motivator. Commit to exercise, and earn cashfor doing it - paid for by non-exercisers. Justcheck-in at the gym with our iPhone app, or trackoutdoor runs, walks and bike rides with ourpartner RunKeeper. Weve had over 50,000signups since our launch in January - join us bydownloading the GymPact app today!Contact: yifan@gym-pact.comWebsite: www.gym-pact.comPrograma para la internacionalización de la innovación