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I´ll be on stage on the Demo Day!


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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I´ll be on stage on the Demo Day!

  1. 1. Demo Day 2012Entrepreneurs Guide
  2. 2. Scholaroo Scholaroo founder Ben Kaplan ( won two dozen scholarships, attended Harvard for free, and wrote the world’s best-selling book about how to doit. His web and mobile service uses social media profiles to quickly matchstudents with best-fit scholarships. “One click” user feedback improvesscholarship recommendations over time.Looking for investment of: USD $2,000,000Company status: Working prototype. Closed beta launch June 1, 2012. Full launchon August 15, 2012.Contact: bContext bContext is an app for iPad that helps you create new forms of content by adding context to a wide array of file types. With bContext you can record your voice and add hand- made notations to any file.Looking for investment of: USD $200,000Company status: App launches in April 2012Contact: tripku Don’t stay home because you can’t find travel buddies. tripku is an application for social networks that aggregates like-minded travelers to form groups and travel together. We’re focused on adventure travelersand wannabe adventurers because one may go to Paris by himself, but one can’tclimb the Aconcagua alone.Looking for investment of: USD $250,000Company status: First public version live since March 3rd 2012, first sales closedon the first week of April 2012. Currently working on the product-market fit.Contact:
  3. 3. Comenta.TV Comenta.TV is an early stage company that identify, measure and analyze in real time the resonance of Live TV shows in social networks. Comenta.TV’s proprietary algorithm helps TV stakeholders to keep track of theseinteractions in real time and to get insights about the social reach of their shows.Looking for investment of: USD $300,000Company status: Developing core technology, building web and mobile apps.Contact: StrongSteam StrongSteam are giving a pair of ‘eyes’ to smartphones. We have a cloud based API for programmers that uses Artificial Intelligence to recognise words and objects in photos so smartphones can understand and react to the real visual world just like humans do.Looking for investment of: USD $500,000 angel investmentCompany status: Launching alpha to 245 developersContact: UniPlaces UniPlaces is an online platform for university accommodation. It offers students and visitors the largest availability of quality rooms, while givinglandlords targeted and direct access to a vast pool of students who are lookingfor accommodation. We form strategic partnerships with universities thatpromote us as the official student accommodation portal.Looking for investment of: USD $250,000Company status: Alpha site launched in Portugal. Very positive response.Starting operations in Chile, and will launch new platform in Chile and Portugal.Contact:
  4. 4. Presstler Presstler lets businesses and individuals create custom "press about us" pages. We automatically collect online mentions about you, rank them, and present them on your hosted Presstler page. Our long term goal is to provide a suite of tools that help businesses do their PR better and easier, using technology, so they can focus on their core tasks. Looking for investment of: USD $200,000Company status: Closed beta live since May 15th 2012. Acquired initial payingusers and gathering metrics. Going into open beta mid June 2012.Contact: The Social Radio The Social Radio converts Twitter into a radio-like experience. With multi-language voice support,users can listen to their Twitter timelines, lists, TT, funny hashtags and searches,mixed with the music they love on their mobile devices (Android and iOS) or onthe Web.Looking for investment of: USD $2,000,000Company status: 1st public version launched, getting users feedback andmeasuring engagement.Contact: Agent Piggy AgentPiggy is an online piggy bank that lets kids learn to manage their finances, and helps parents teach them the value of money.Looking for investment of: USD $400,000Company status: Fast progression, launching a product with BBVA in early May.Contact:
  5. 5. Nibu At Nibu we have the vision of creating a free WiFi network in Latin America. We do this by aggregating hotspots and providing them a service that makes their WiFi work, but also allows them to attract more customers, know them better and increase sales only by sharing their WiFi.Looking for investment of: USD $150,000Company status: Development/acquiring customersContact: Jogabo Jogabo is a community platform for soccer players to organise, share and discover unique games in their city — online or from a smartphone. It allows field owners to engage with their community and promote field openings while providing new ways for soccerorganizations and brands to interact with their customers.Looking for investment of: USD $250,000Company status: Launched, with an active community worldwide and keypartnershipsContact: Nuovo Wind Nuovo Wind is developing an ultra-low cost wind turbine to empower homeowners and smallbusinesses to save money and the environment with an affordable and accessibleturbine design. Early stage investment has the potential of a 37X or greaterreturn.Looking for investment of: USD $500,000Company status: Product Development/Beta TestingContact:
  6. 6. SmartVineyard QuantisLabs is formed by Csaba Arendas (serial entrepreneur) and David Salamon (former president of Board of European Students of Technology), backed up a team of five inBudapest.The Smartvineyard is their product, providing winemakers professional ITsolutions. Using wireless sensor networks, it provides decision support forprecision viticulture.Looking for investment of: USD $600,000Company status: Launched, prototype ready with customers, minor softwaredevelopment neededContact: Catmoji Catmoji is a place for cat lovers to share and discover interesting cat pictures and videos through emoji. Our mission is to create happiness with the Internet and cats. Looking for investment of: USD $250,000Company status: Under development, open for private beta.Contact: Synergos TED Talks meets Pandora: Imagine learning from the greatest minds of our time via your own personalized inspiration channel. Bite-size inspiration in 20min orless from sources such as, tailored to your interests. A channel that getssmarter every time you use it.Looking for investment of: Strategic investorCompany status: We rigorously apply the lean startup methodology to build ourbusiness. Before starting to build a product, we completed an extensive series offace-to-face interviews (50+ in-depth) as well as two quantitative surveys toensure that we are addressing a problem worth solving. Based on these insights,we are currently in the process of developing a minimum viable version of ourservice.Contact:
  7. 7. PayParrot For our team this will be our third StartUp. The first one: +130 clients, second one: +6000 users. Problem: “How to sell to a wider audience with limited resources”.Solution: “We turn your first users into your first sales force”. Proved results: “Firstexperiment: increase of 650% of conversions”.Looking for investment of: USD $100,000 in experienced, well-connected AngelInvestor to generate first MVP.Company status: We have tested the concept and now we need to build an MVP,test it locally and go to SV to scale the sales and get a 1st round of VC fundingContact: SupportBee Today, customer support is the new marketing. SupportBee is the most efficient support tool that helps businesses across verticals deliver awesomesupport. Our customers love us because SupportBee is simple, snappy and has afully open API that makes customization a cinch!Looking for investment of: USD $1.000.000 for 18%-20% equity.Company status: In private beta, launching public in May, with 20 customers in 3months.Contact: Experience the way television should be: social, tailor- made and on the cloud. We are building the smartest way to access, share and follow video online: a social platform of curated content that unifies all the sources of video and film and integrates them into your open profile, so that users become broadcasters.Looking for investment of: USD $1.500.000Company status: In betaContact:
  8. 8. Regalii Regalii seeks to unlock millions of dollars in support for families in Latin America. It replaces traditional remittances with gift cards via SMS for the same supermarkets and stores where families shop with cash.Looking for investment of: USD $250,000-$500,000Company status: Launching this summerContact: BookBottles BookBottles provides services to nightclub guests and club owners. Guests reserve VIP bottle service online, ensuring a seamless night out. Club owners use BookBottles to manage their reservations, guestlists, and employees. With BookBottles, club owners canconcentrate on creating the guest experience and leave the logistics to theBookBottles platform.Looking for investment of: $300,000 common equity, 10% equity stake, $2.7mpre, $3m postCompany status: Launched, with customers and reservation, expanding.Contact: Fantaxico Fantaxico revamps taxi fleets in one day,  growing their current business and making them part of abigger virtual fleet for smartphone users.Looking for investment of: USD $300,000Company status: SellingContact:
  9. 9. Yupi Studios Yupi Studios develops apps, games and innovative solutions for Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs and Social Networks. We’re partners of Tapjoy, who helps us marketing freemium games for iOS and Android. Pitch Lessons and Menu Catcher are our innovative solutions under development. Pitch Lessons was a finalist of Wayra Brazil.Looking for investment of: USD $500,000Company status: Generating revenue from apps and growing a lot. Huge tractionexpected in a couple of months from mobile/social games (Tapjoy marketingchannels). Innovative Solutions under development!Contact: StreetInvestor StreetInvestor is a website that offers tools, content and information for individual investors ina community environment. Already an important player in Brazil (localname:  Bússola do Investidor), with nearly 50.000 users, 1.200 paying, we areexpanding operations to other Latin American countries: Chile, Colombia, Peru,Argentina and Mexico. Looking for investment of: USD $250,000-$500,000Company status: Launched and operating. In construction in Latin AmericaContact: Vulevú Daily newsletters for women e-shoppers & food lovers that help them discover secret places, yummies ideas and little luxuries in the big cities of Latin America.Looking for investment of: USD $500,000Company status: LaunchedContact:
  10. 10. ESCAPESwithYOU is a Social E-Commerce platform that features happy lifetime experiences atincredible destinations around the world. We solve the problem that onlinetravelers face many deals, poorly specialized and not personalized. We use asmart system that is able to understand and recognize your preferences fromyour favorite social networks to recommend the perfect experience for you.Looking for investment of: USD $250,000 in Angel InvestmentCompany status: Beta Product Ready - Currently 981 subscribers. Selected toparticipate on (investment Found), Invited to Participate on Geeks on aPlane 2012, winners of Campus Party Ecuador 2011.Contact: Trudev Trudev is a team of MIT and Harvard graduates who have developed a portable and user-friendly water test kit. Trudev sells to organizations with existing distribution channels in developing countries, including international agencies, NGOs and university groups. This spring, Trudev released a beta kit and has customers on three continents.Looking for investment of: USD $200,000 Angel fundingCompany status: Launched, products for general sale.Contact: Fanwards Fanwards  turns likes,comments,tweets and checkins into loyalty currency and enables Fans to get the rewards they deserve from their favorite brands. With multi platform support (Web,IOS,Android and Blackberry), Fanwards helps brands to identify and target their Brand Ambassadors and Community Influencers.Looking for investment of: USD $350,000Company status: Public Version Launched, testing market fit to scale.Contact:
  11. 11. VOZ VOZ is ethical fashion that revolutionizes Fair Trade for indigenous artisans with trend-driven design innovation, luxury quality, and professional production. Seven million people find ¨Ethical clothing very important and availability very poor,¨ while Mapuche artisans have watched Fair Trade fail to provide sustainable aid. VOZ offers FairTrade a new future.Looking for investment of: USD $250,000Company status: Soft-launch sales (April 2012), International brand launch inJune-July 2012.Contact: Kidbox Kidbox’s founders have the mission to keep children safe on the Internet. Kidbox is an application that creates a secure playground where the bestInternet sites, videos, and games are offered to each kid in a personalized wayaccording to his profile and preferences.Looking for investment of: USD $500,000Company status: Free Spanish version launched in December 2011, Premium andPortuguese version will be launched within a month.Contact: MotionDisplays At Motion Displays we will develop the next generation of self-service and guided selling software solutions for the retail industry. Based on large-scale interactive multi-touch screens and integrated with mobile payments, our solutions will solve the most pressing challenge brick-and-mortar retailers face: theirscustomer’s in-store experience.Looking for investment of: USD $500,000Company status: Working hardware prototype and open APIs - currently onSoftware Development Phase.Contact:
  12. 12. Decurate Decurate is an online design site and e-commerce store. We focus on small independent and emerging designers throughout the world.Looking for investment of: USD $350,000Company status: Active and generating revenueContact: