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I´ll be on stage!

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I´ll be on stage!

  1. 1.           Entrepreneurs Guide DemoDay August 30 th 2012
  2. 2.                                Biletu is a mobile app to pay between friends using your smartphone and avoiding the awkwardness.Contact:, felipemillanassler@gmail.comW ebsite: Www.biletu.comStatus: Launching offitially at the DemoDay, 30th of August Bractlet Bractlet helps hotels decrease energy costs. Coupled with a secondary outlet placed overexisting outlets, our software provides incentives for guests to lower energy usethrough rewards and allows managers to track usage, decrease energy misuse, andremotely control individual outlets.Contact: amanfre89@gmail.comW ebsite: Current pilot with noi hotel vitacura and second pilot set up for mid Augustinstallation with Daytona beach ocean shore resort. Guest portal beta completed withmanager portal in alpha development.  
  3. 3.                                         Biom etry Cloud BiometryCloud is the most simple, fast and robust identity platform on the market. We provide a cloud based facial recognition engine which can identify users, stop fraud and make personal interactions easier with just a picture from their mobile devices. We charge each transaction or a monthly fee per user.Contact:, roberto.rosenthal@biometrycloud.comW ebsite: www.biometrycloud.comStatus: We launched 3 month ago and now we have 6 paying customers from Chile(Prince of Wales Country Club, Arauco, MyWellness, Banco de Chile, Club Buono,Picolla Italia) and 1 from the US (SafeKey Corporation). Weve opened our privatebeta to developers and have signed 85 from all around the world. Chef Surfing Chef Surfing: A new home for chefs on the web. To Chefs: Create your professional profile and find new opportunities. To Guests: Hire a chef the easy way. Get custom proposals from chefs in your city. Now thats what we call catering to your desires!Contact:,, clara@chefsurfing.comW ebsite: www.chefsurfing.comStatus: We are completing our beta, we are reaching product/market fit and we willbegin an intense period of growth over the next year.  
  4. 4.                                         Chu Shu Chu Shu makes SILVER LININGS--shoe liners that extend the life of shoes and keep feet odor-free. We see our business as an opportunity to make a positive change on the environment. We hope to make the world abetter place, one pair of smelly shoes at a time.Contact:, emily@chushuny.comW ebsite: www.silverliningsnewyork.comStatus: Incorporated in US, revenue generating. Content DJ ContentDJ is the Hootsuite for content curators. It fights information overload and lets you curate and publish awesomecontent on social media sites.Contact:, jerry@contentdj.comW ebsite: Public Beta.  
  5. 5.                                         Efizity Efizity is a services platform for residential and commercial sectors, which allows users to better understand their energy and water consumption.By presenting a personalized monthly energy report, which benchmarks the user’senergy consumption against its peers’, efizity aims at generating a significant changein energy consumption behavior, while orienting people with energy efficiencystrategies.Contact:,, ebsite: Finbooq Finbooq™ is a new SaaS Application for SMB, that orchestrate all their finances into one simple dashboard, so they can control their CASH FLOW in real time. The SaaS offer access to potential Loans, because is connected to all the Banks under contract. This allow us to offer it for FREE.Contact:, ( Our CTO ) W ebsite: Status: Testing Beta still in Bootstrap, and seeking now for funds.  
  6. 6.                                         Flipter Flipter lets you create, share and organize opinion polls about the things you find interesting on the web and in real life. Including images, videos and links. Best of all, you canbrowse Flipter and discover the demographic profile of those voting with powerfulcharts and reports.Flipter brings value back to opinion polls by making them social, dynamic andengaging. With Flipter Question Everything!Contact:, monica@flipter.comStatus: We are currently working on partnership with the major web-publishers inLatin America, including major TV Channels, News papers and content providers. Iguana Bee Iguanabee is going to become an industry-leading Entertainment company, focusing on the Mobile Game with Emerging Augmented Reality,which digital information is super imposed or augmented onto live view of the physical ,real world environment. Iguanabee point towards a future in which social aware networks, smart objects,location sensing networks and mobile computing open upnew ways for people to play.Contact:, daniel.winkler@iguanabee.comW ebsite: www.iguanabee.comStatus: Launched in November last year with over 40,000 Download of $66,000revenue,new game Guns&Gunners(Shooting Game, IPAD version) is going to releasein september.  
  7. 7.                                         Infratec For our first line of business we have developed PARKSYS, which is biomedical system able to quantify accurately and objectively the symptoms of certain neurodegenerative diseases. With thismedical support tool, the medical specialists will possess an instrument of diagnosisand analysis for the evolution of each patient’s disease.Contact:, italo@infratecbio.comW ebsite: Infratec Bioingeniería works with the help of 8 entrepreneurs, form differenteareas such as: Industrial Desing, Biomedical Engineering, Industrial Engineering,Electronics engineering, Informatic engineering and Kinesiologist. Kedzoh KEDZOH gives you back the time to manage and to learn, time that’s been lsot to today’s complex tools and systems. KEDZOH is an enterprise tool that makes it easy and fun for managers and employees to create and take, short, 3-5 minute, lessons on their smartphone or tablet.Contact: patrick@boilingice.comW ebsite: www.kedzoh.comStatus: Launched, selling, recruiting, and have traction with customers.  
  8. 8.                                         Kw elia Kwelia is a data analytics platform for real estate. Positioned at the nexus between big data, quantitative analysis, and real estate, we deliver intelligence like dynamic pricing and automated lease term generation to property owners. Join us as we revolutionize how property ownersoptimize their businesses.Contact:, Chris@kwelia.comW ebsite: www.kwelia.comStatus: Private beta testing. Local Guiding LocalGuiding is a peer-to-peer marketplace for unique travel tours offered by local guides. On our website travelers can easily find and instantly book personal toursorganized by locals.Locals can offer their own unique experiences to travelers worldwide; this can be anyactivity from walking tours to rafting or skiing.Contact: blessing.robert@ gm , rb@localguiding.comW ebsite: www.localguiding.comStatus: Core technology built; web site and API launched; 1000+ guides, 2500+tours in 400+ destinations worldwide; generating revenue, launch of the newLocalGuiding (new design, new functions) in September 2012; awarded as Best TravelSite 2012 by Outside Magazine; partnerships with other travel sites.  
  9. 9.                                is a web page where service consumers can get all the information they need to choose the company that providesthe service that better fits for them and hire it. Like is a lot of information to process,we are building a decision-making system that allows consumers to get fast and easyto the best service.Contact: david.alvo@lookup.clW ebsite: www.lookup.clStatus: Founder Institute graduated enterprise, part of the second generation ofNXTP Labs, nominated to Best Web App of Founder Institute. M is the social tool for video lovers, you can discover, collect and share cool videos, organize them into playlists and discover new trends. Professionals can work together on a same project or find freelancers to work with.Contact: ram iro.tenorio@ gm , roxane@mibuzz.tvW ebsite: www.mibuzz.tvStatus: Public Beta  
  10. 10.                                         M iro Analytics Miro Analytics offers a forecasting application that allows decision makers the ability to navigate their companies information. Our application helps ourcustomers easily interpret the effects of external events on their operationsempowering them to make decisions relevant to their internal operations andcommercial strategy.Contact:, claudio@miroanalytics.netW ebsite: www.miroanalytics.netStatus: Currently looking for companies with which to test our product. M otion Displays At Motion Displays we develop the next generation of self-service and guided selling software solutions for the retail industry. Based on large-scale interactive multi-­‐touch screens and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for both customers and salesassociates, weareWhiling to create an interactive environment in stores. Oursolutionswillsolvethemostpressing challenge brick---­‐and---­‐mortar retailers’ face: theirscustomer’s in---­‐store experience.Contact: nicolas@motiondisplays.clW ebsite: www.motiondisplays.clStatus: Working Software with paid Pilots and Working hardware prototype  
  11. 11.                                         PataFoods We are an organic, convenient baby food company from Patagonia, Chile. Our preservation technique allows us to be the first that can make healthy food scalable and accessible.Contact: cbcglobal@ gm ,,christian@patafoods.comW ebsite: www.patafoods.comStatus: Started in Feb. Currently have team, business plan, prototype and our firstround of angel investment committed. StreetInvestor StreetInvestor is the Latin-American version of Bússola do Investidor, a Brazilian online platform to helpindividual investor to invest. We offer our users investing tools and information tohelp them make the best investment decisions. Remaining totally independent untiltoday, StreetInvestor now will help other Latin – American investors.Contact:,tom.bergstein@streetinvestor.comW ebsite: streetinvestor.comStatus: Brazil: Launched; Latam: In Development.  
  12. 12.                                         Tom oClases TomoClases is a marketplace foreducation where people can share their skills by creating offline classes andworkshops. TomoClases empowers educators by giving them the tools to increasetheir outreach and also provides students a reputation-based marketplace withupdated information about educational services.Looking for Investm ent: 300,000 USDContact: guimar@tomoclases.comW ebsite: www.tomoclases.comStatus: Launched in April with over 200 classes created and active paying users. UniPlaces UniPlaces is an online platform for university accommodation. It offers students and visitors the largest availability of quality rooms, while giving landlords targeted and direct access to avast pool of students who are looking for accommodation. We also form strategicpartnerships with universities that promote us as the official student accommodationportal.Contact: mariano@uniplaces.comW ebsite: www.uniplaces.comStatus: Expanding operations internationally, growing user/customer base, andlooking to raise a VC round in a few months.  
  13. 13.                                         W allw isher Wallwisher is a family of applications and services that simplify publishing content on the web. People can use it to create, communicate, and collaborate more easily, effectively, and imaginatively.Contact:, macarena@wallwisher.comW ebsite: www.wallwisher.comStatus: Launched W Williing is a website which helps people to organize and express in images all their interests. By doing this, users will unlock prizes of their favorite brands.Regarding brands, we are the first social network which allows them to perform real-time direct marketing to attract, reward or re-enchant customers, when they aretalking about their products or services.Contact:, gabriela@williing.comW ebsite: www.williing.comStatus: Launched in may. Currently we have 5.500 sign ups and working with 18major brands in Chile.  
  14. 14.                                         Last Seal Last Seal is a new video gaming company, incubated by 3iE Institute and supported by Corfo. We are a team composed of 16 young professional of various areas, including engineers, designers, writers, that are developing a Free to Play role game for social networks called Dark Rises. Go Looking for Investm ent: 223,000 USD Contact:, v.belmar.l@gmail.comW ebsite: www.darkrises.comStatus: Last Seal was created in February 2011. Right now they are developing andpromoting their first video game, Dark Rises, for the Facebook platform, where todate, they have about 800 registrated supporters. They hope to launch the gamewithin a few months in Open Beta in the individual category. Sensication Sensication is a platform which allows you to create your own mobile-web using gamification tools to engageothers. We have closed our first $50.000 for B2B and B2C.Contact:, jcalderon@sensication.comW ebsite: and the access to our dashboardis Our company is up & running, with b2b and b2c customers.  
  15. 15.                                         W itoi Witoi is the first online mall in Latin America which allows any person or company create a custom webstore for free. It includes online payment methods and delivery. We want to be shopify in Latin America, adding acommunity of stores and customers.Contact: juan@witoi.comW ebsite: www.witoi.comStatus: Operating over 3 months and this are our numbers: 300 Approved stores,382 Stores waiting for approval and 15 Daily purchases. YUPI studios Yupi Studios develops apps, games and innovative solutions for Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs and Social Networks. We’re partners of Tapjoy, who helps us marketing freemium games for iOS and Android. Pitch Lessons and Menu Catcher are our innovative solutions under development. Pitch Lessons was a finalist of Wayra Brazil.Contact:, erisvaldojunior@gmail.comW ebsite: www.yupistudios.comStatus: Generating revenue from apps and growing a lot. Huge traction expected in acouple of months from mobile/social games (Tapjoy marketing channels). InnovativeSolutions under development!