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Demo day rockstars!

Here is the list with the awesome teams that will get to share the stage on November 29th!

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Demo day rockstars!

  1. 1. WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 28th ENTREPRENEURS GUIDE DemoDay November 28 th 2012Programa para la internacionalización de la innovación
  2. 2. MI is a social platform to find, collect andshare videos.Contact: roxane@mibuzz.tvWebsite: www.mibuzz.tvStatus: First SalesNIBUAt Nibu we have the vision of creating a free WiFinetwork in Latin America. We do this by aggregatinghotspots and providing them a service that allows themto monetize and have a WiFi connection that works.Contact: jose@nibuwifi.comWebsite: www.nibuwifi.comStatus: Finding best customer acquisition channels.Programa para la internacionalización de la innovación
  3. 3. is an online food deliverywebsite that is looking to revolutionize thefood industry in Latin America. Usesgeolocation technology to link users to theirneighborhood restaurants and, in a few steps,the user can have the food in his home,without calling! More than 1000 restaurantshave choice Sinimanes.comContact: info@sinimanes.comWebsite: www.sinimanes.comStatus: Scaling Sales.MANGA CORTACrowdsourcing ecommerce platform that sells printedT-Shirts with designs made by the community. Anyonecan upload a design and each time it is sold, the ownerwins a commission. We take care of everything else.Production, distribution and customer service.Contact: alan@mangacorta.clWebsite: www.mangacorta.clStatus: Launched.Programa para la internacionalización de la innovación
  4. 4. ADVICE ME COSMETICSAdviceMeCosmetics assists consumers onselection of adequate cosmetics according topersonal characteristics. It’s a virtual tester thatinteracts with social networks and email platform.We use the latest technologies in imageprocessing achieving a realistic application ofproducts.Contact: agustina.sartori@advicemetech.comWebsite: www.advicemetech.comStatus: licenses of product sold to Loreal Paris in Uruguay, developing onlineversion.SUPERMANKETSupermanket is a dating site that works as asupermarket, where women are the clients andmen are the products. Here women have all thecontrol. It has been very viral, with 11,000 usersin 4 months.Contact: takaoka@gmail.comWebsite: supermanket.comStatus: Online. Beta Version.Programa para la internacionalización de la innovación
  5. 5. AENTRÓPICOAentrópico simplifies the workflow to obtainintuition from data empowering managers tosimplify taking informed decisions by answeringparticular business questions with our InsightDigests; pdf or web reports with actionablerecommendations delivered through your browser.By providing intuition, not merely tools, wedemocratize access to data-driven decisionmaking.Contact: info@aentropi.coWebsite: http://aentropi.coStatus: Functional prototype. Tested and sold solutions accross differentindustries. Leads in more than 5 countries. Closed beta of online solution.PHAGE TECHNOLOGIESPhage technologies is a Chilean Biotech companyfocused in the development of biotech productsthat could be used in the livestock industry tocontrol bacteria.Our first product is Milkeeper, a biological basedaditive that prevents in a safe and natural way theocurrence of infectious diarreas in calves.Contact: Twitter: @phagetechWebsite: http://www.pht.clStatus: Milkeeper will be released in november 15 in "SAGOFISUR" expo. para la internacionalización de la innovación
  6. 6. FANTAXICOFantaxico revamps taxi fleets in one day,growing their current business and makingthem part of a bigger virtual fleet forsmartphone users.Contact: federico@fantaxico.clWebsite: www.fantaxico.comStatus: Selling.OTTO CLAVEOttoClave is a low-cost medical instrumentsterilization system that incorporates a pressurecooker and a talking cycle monitor. Designed to workaround the challenges of resource-limited healthclinics, Ottoclave is as effective as autoclaves used intop-tier hospitals. We have pilot programs in SouthAsia and are currently expanding to South America.Contact: otto@ottoclave.comWebsite: http://ottoclave.comStatus: Piloted in Nepal for 1.5 years with two prototypes. Currently inproduction. We will have product in hand at the end of January and arecurrently focused on marketing and securing pre-orders.Programa para la internacionalización de la innovación
  7. 7. GARGANI Gargani sell the finest Italian clothing, designed to the client measurements and taste, at reasonable prices. A complimentary Style Advisor visit is offered to the client, at his home or office, to help him achieve the perfect fit and guide him through the offering. Re-orders are then placed directly online. Contact:, Website: Status: Revenue generating. FACE ALERTA Social network monitoring service that scans, analyses and alerts parents about suspicious or concerning activity in their childs social network accounts like contact from strangers & cyberbullying threats. Contact: Website: : (private beta) / (english video) Status: Private & Paid Beta - 40 early adopters. Now starting traction. Meeting Internet providers and antivirus companies looking to improve our sales channel.Programa para la internacionalización de la innovación
  8. 8. GLOVICOGlovico is a Fair Trade language school wherepeople from developing countries teach theirmother tongues via Skype. At the moment weoffer 30+ languages and sell approximately 500lessons per month. Mashable names us one of theeight technologies through which the internet willchange education.Contact: tobias.lorenz@glovico.orgWebsite: www.glovico.orgStatus: Launched.EVENT RAYWeb application and mobile apps forplanning and organizing large globalconferences. This includes onlineregistration, badge and tickets, leadretrieval, and payments.Contact: : http://eventray.comStatus: Private Beta.Programa para la internacionalización de la innovación
  9. 9. EDOOMEEdoome is an educational social network thatconnects techares with their students to let themcommunicate, collaborate and share theireducational content and knowledge. In fewwords, Edoome turns the classroom into anon-line community.Contact: ldelafuente@edoome.comWebsite: www.edoome.comStatus: We launched our product 5 months ago. Edoome have +4500 users sofar and we are about to start a paid pilot with a university here in Chile with25.000 students..REVIEW TRACKERSReview Trackers is an online B2B platformdesigned to help businesses monitor andrespond to reviews from Yelp, Google+ Local,TripAdvisor, Foursquare, and other majorreview sites. It features a Web app thatcollects review data in a dashboard and sendstimely e-mail notifications to users once theirbusiness gets a new review.Contact: : chris@reviewtrackers.comWebsite: www.reviewtrackers.comStatus: Launched public version of web application, acquiring payingcustomers, developing partner API.Programa para la internacionalización de la innovación
  10. 10. COMPAR TEVEComparTeVe is a second-screen app that creates areal-time social network for users who arewatching the same TV programs, while alsoleaving users share messages and commentsduring broadcast. ComparTeVe uses soundrecognition technology to validate the TV programits users are watching.Contact: groizner@comparteve.comWebsite: www.comparteve.comStatus: Launched in Uruguay. Preparing to launch soon in more countries inLatAm. Crowned as the "Hot Company of the Year" by the Festival of MediaLatAm 2012 in Miami.FUNPUNTOSFunPuntos is a mobile-enabled customerloyalty solution for Latin American retailers.Contact: nabil@funpuntos.comWebsite: Pilot stagePrograma para la internacionalización de la innovación
  11. 11. LINCE LABSLince Labs is a Chilean biotechnology company thatdevelops clinically effective biologically activeproducts in order to improve people’s health. Wecreated Amniofilm, a human amniotic membranegraft, with powerful tissue regeneration propertieswhich has been successfully used in reconstructiveeye surgeries.Contact::, angel.lopez@lincelabs.comWebsite: www.lincelabs.comStatus: Patent has been submitted in Chile. It is fully developed and is beingsold. We have over 65 successful cases on eye surgeries.Key opinion leaders validate and recommend Amniofilm.Amniofilm has been exported to Bolivia and Paraguay.OMBU SHOPOmbuShop is the easiest way to set up your onlineshop in Latin America! It’s simple and user-friendlyplatform lets anyone start selling online in just a fewclicks. No software to download, no programmingrequired. OmbuShop helps businesses and webdesigners easily build beautiful online shops thatsimply sell more.Contact: ernesto@ombushop.comWebsite: www.ombushop.comStatus: Scaling sales.Programa para la internacionalización de la innovación
  12. 12. WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 28th Programa para la internacionalización de la innovación